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05-Ambrose Jr Garriott
Birth: 1804, Jefferson Co, KY [1830 Clark Co, IN census]
Home: Clark Co, IN
Death: 8 Nov 1833, St Louis, MO (refer to steamboat explosion)- age 29
Occupation: Steamboat Engineer
Father: Elijah L Sr Garriott

Marriage: 6 Jul 1825, Clark Co, IN, or Jefferson Co, KY
Spouse: Lucinda CARSON
Birth: 1810, Clark Co, IN
Death: 1846, Clark Co, IN (or Independence, IA?)- age 36

    CHILDREN: Ambrose and Lucinda had four children:
06----ELIJAH L JR GARRIOTT [b. 1826, listed below];
06----ZERILDA A GARRIOTT [d. 1829, Clark Co, IN, d.1854, Henry Co?, IA- age 25], m.
Samuel McGINTY [b. 1825, KY; d. 1860, Mercer Co, MO- age 35] about 1849/1853, moved to KS (according to Hattie Mildred Garriott). They had a son:
     07----JOHN E McGINTY [b. 1854, Keokuk Co, IA],
06----JOHN WASHINGTON GARRIOTT [b. 1831, listed below]; and
06----AMBROSE NEWTON "NEWT" GARRIOTT [b. 1832, listed below].

Marriage: 4 Dep 1836, Wash Co, IN: Bk C/64
Her 2nd Spouse: Eli Weddle
Birth: about 1820 (census)
     In 1840 Lucinda was living next door to William Garriott, uncle of her deceased first husband, Ambrose Jr Garriott. In 1840 John Thompson is appointed guardian of the four minor children. (refer to John C Thompson)

    1840 Wash Co, IN census:
has Eli Weddle with a seven person household in this 1840 census. He 2nd married Mary Dietz on 3 Jan 1847, Clark Co, IN.
    1850 Clark Co, IN census:
has Eli Weddle 30, b. VA, Marketer; Mary Weddle 40, b. NY; James Weddle 13, b. IN; Taulina Weddle 12, b. IN; Jane Weddle 10, b. IN; George D Weddle 9, b. IN; and Oscar Weddle 2, b. IN.(all these children, except the youngest, are too old to be from the marriage to Mary Dietz. The others should be Lucindas)

13 [Missouri Republican, Tuesday, 12 Nov 1833, page 3/col 1, copied from the Missouri Historical Society records, provided by Donald Eugene Garriott]
    "The steamboat Banner arrived at this port last evening from Louisville. To Mr Walsh, clerk of the boat we are indebted for the following particulars of the explosion of a boiler of the Steamboat Illinois, from this port for Louisville."
    "This accident occurred on Friday last, about 1 o'clock in the afternoon, while the boat was lying to, waiting for the return of the yawl, which had been sent ashore, and about four miles above the mouth of the Ohio. In the act of starting the engine after the small boat has been made fast, the flue of the starboard boiler collapsed at the after end of the boiler- and, there being no bulkhead to obstruct its passage, swept the whole after-deck. The whole contents of the boilers were thrown aft among the deck passengers, (she being an upper cabin boat)- some of the cabin passengers and the sailors. The destruction was most awful. Of four families on board, numbering ten or twelve persons, but one or two escaped death. Seven or eight children were shockingly mangled and disfigured, and one blown overboard. We annex a complete list of the killed and wounded, prepared by the clerk of the Illinois. Fortunately, the Banner was but a few hundred yards astern. She immediately closed with the boat, and towed her to the mouth of the Ohio- where she remained until the next morning, the captain, crew and passengers engaged in administering relief to the sufferers; and in repairing the engine so as to enable the boat to take them where medical aid could be obtained."
    "It is clear to us that this accident was the result of negligence, for which the engineer paid the forfeit of his life. The engine of the boat had been stopped, and she was floating in the water. She remained in this state about 20 minutes, and the moment the engine was started, the boiler exploded."

     List of Passengers Scalded and Lost:

----C CHRISMAN, IL, slightly scalded, deck
----JAMES McKNIGHT, Beardstown, IL, slightly scalded, cabin
----LD GARRISON, OH, slightly scalded, deck
----L McCRAY, a boy, OH, slightly scalded, deck
----PETER HENDRICKSON, IL, slightly scalded, deck
----WILLIAM HENDRICKSON, slightly scalded, deck
----AD FULLERTON, St Joseph County, IN, slightly scalded, deck
----WILLIAM HARRINGTON, Lawrenceburg, IN, slight, deck
----MRS WOLFORD, MO, slight, deck
----THOMAS ORCHARD, Chicago, slight, deck
----THOMAS ALEXANDER, near Louisville, slight, deck
----JT JONES, Jacksonville, slight, deck
----a Fireman, J GIBSON, Cook Co, TN, badly scalded, deck
----MRS HARRINGTON, Lawrenceburg, IN, bad, deck
----H PETERSON, Louisville, bad, deck
----S SUMMERVILLE, IN, bad, deck
----3 children of MRS HENDRICKSON, dead, deck
----one child of MRS HARRINGTON, dead, deck
----3 children, names not known, parents are supposed to be lost, dead
----JAMES EMERSON, 2d stewart, dead
----JAMES TUTT, near Frankfort, KY, dead, cabin
----AMBROSE GARRETT, 2nd engineer, killed by the explosion
----DOROTHY DAKERS, girl, St Louis, lost overboard
----MRS HENDRICKSON, IL, lost overboard
----Two men, names not known, lost overboard

    Ambrose Jr Garrett was killed on 11 November, 1833, about 1 PM on board the steamboat "Illinois, about four miles above the Ohio River from St Louis, MO when the boiler exploded while the boat was 'lying to,' waiting for the yawl, which had been sent ashore. In the act of starting the engine after the small boat had been made fast, the flue of the starboard boiler collapsed and swept the whole afterdeck, with the boiler contents thrown aft amongst the deck passengers.
    Sixteen lives were lost and as many injured. Although Ambrose Garrett (sic) was listed as the 2d engineer, no first engineer was listed. Consequently, Ambrose was blamed for the explosion.

[Clark Co, IN Probate Records, Vol.B, 1826-1835, pg 234] Ambrose, Jr's brothers, John Garriott and Jacob Garriott were appointed administrators of his estate on 26 May 1834.
    1840 GUARDIANSHIP FOR MINOR CHILDREN: [Wash Co, IN Probate Court Minute Book C, pg 220, dated 11 Feb 1840] John C Thompson (first cousin Amanda's husband) was appointed guardian of Ambrose Jr's minor children. Two of Ambrose's sons, John Washington and Ambrose Newton, fought in the Civil War.
    1841 LAND SOLD:
William Garriott purchased from Ambrose A Garriott (or his heirs) a tract of land [SW4 S24 T2S R4E] for $3,000, signed and sealed by William Garriott; signed, sealed, and in the presence of Eli Weddle and John Thompson.
    1845 ESTATE SALE: [Clark Co, IN, Deed Bk 37/166, dated 14 Nov 1845] Heirs of Ambrose sold 100 acres of Grant No. 60 to Richard Long.
    1845 ESTATE SALE:
[Clark Co, IN, Deed Bk 38/350, dated 14 Nov 1845] Heirs of Ambrose sold 100 acres of Grant No. 60 to John M Pound.