05-Jacob Jr Garriott
Birth: 3 Mar 1821, IN
Death: 18 Sep 1895, Wash Co, IN- age 74
Burial: 19 Sep 1895, New Hope Cemetery
[this tombstone spells surname Garrett, although military and pension records clearly have Garriott spelling]
Military: Union Army, Civil War: Private, Co.K, 140th Regiment IN Infantry 15
Father: Jacob Sr Garriott

Marriage: 30 Mar 1842, Wash Co,, IN: Bk D/101
1st Spouse: Margaret Elizabeth WILLIAMS
Birth: 3 May 1824, Gibson Twp, Wash Co, IN
Death: 12 Apr 1883, IN- age 58
Burial: New Hope Cemetery
Father: William Williams (1795-1853)
Mother: Elizabeth Weathers (1799-1881)

     1ST MARRIAGE: Jacob first married Margaret Elizabeth WILLIAMS (called Margaret Esther Williams on Wash Co. marriage records). Her name was Elizabeth according to James B Beckey, who provided a pension application affidavit. According to cemetery records Margaret E Huckleberry died 12 Apr 1883, wife of Jacob. This marriage lasted 39 years.
     A Margaret Elizabeth Garriott is listed as a daughter to Elizabeth Overman, whose will was probated on 20 Jun 1881, Will Record E/356-7, Gibson Twp, Wash Co, IN. She had a sister, Eliza J Bishop and four William's brothers: James R Williams, Eli R Williams, Thomas J Williams, and Jacob W Williams.

     CHILDREN: Cemetery and census records cite the following 7 children born to Jacob and "Elizabeth":
06----ELIZABETH JANE GARRIOTT [b. about 1842, IN], m. Newton NOWLING [b. about 1841, IN; d. 1870], son of David Nowland (1816-) and Margaret ___ (1814-), had son:
     07----PARVIN G NOWLING [b. about 1864, IN];
06----Infant GARRIOTT [b. & d. 12 May 1844, IN];
06----EMILY GARRIOTT [b. 1847, listed below];
06----RACHEL GARRIOTT [b. about 1851, IN];
06----JOHN C GARRIOTT [b. 18 Aug 1851, IN; d. 16 Nov 1855- age 4, bur. New Hope Cemetery];
06----ANNA E GARRIOTT [b. about 1859, IN]; and
06----JOSEPHINE GARRIOTT [b. 1862, listed below].

Marriage: 15 Jul 1886, Wash Co, IN: Bk J/384
2nd Spouse: Margaret McSTUDEN (or McSlayden according to her son-in-law), (or Margaret M Huckleberry).
     They lived together eight years until May of 1894, when they "disagreed." She left him that September. Jacob filed for divorce, and she did not appear against him in court. A divorce (certainly a quick one) was granted 4 Oct 1894, Washington County Circuit Court, IN: Bk 3/168.

Marriage: 25 Oct 1894, Wash Co, IN: Bk K/528, less than a month after his divorce-- less than a year before his death. She was 47-- he was 72.
3rd Spouse: Mary Ellen BAKER Trueblood (widow of Henry Trueblood)
Birth: 18 Apr 1847, IN
Death: 12 Jun 1928, Finley Twp, Scott Co, IN- age 81
Burial: 14 Jun 1928 Beech Grove Cemetery
Father: David Baker (1812-)
Mother: Catherine Pryor (1812-)

     1850 Gibson, Wash Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) Jacob Garriott 29, Farmer w/ $600 RE; Margaret E Garriott 27; Elizabeth J Garriott 7; Emily Garriott 4; and Rachael A Garriott 2.
     1860 Gibson, Wash Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) Jacob Garriott 38, Farmer w/ $1,400 RE; Elizabeth Garriott 36; Elizabeth Jane Garriott 18; Emily Garriott 13; Rachel Garriott 9; Amanda Garriott 7; and Anna E Garriott 1.
     1870 Gibson, Wash Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) Jacob Garriott 49, Farmer w/ $250 RE; Elizabeth Garriott 46, Keeping House; Ann E Garriott 10; Josephine Garriott 8; Elizabeth J Nowling 27; and Parvin G Nowling 6.
     1880 Jackson Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) Jacob Garriott 57, Farmer; Margret E Garriott 55, Keeping House; Josephine Garriott 18; Gresham Skinner 13 (Grandson); Margret Sciphers 10 (Granddaughter); and John D Nichols 27,(Son-in-Law).
     1900 Gibson, Wash Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) Mary E Garriott 53, Widow (8 children-2 living), Farmer; Edward G Trueblood 22 (Son), Farm Laborer; Pearl J Trueblood 18 (Daughter); and Augustus Starks 21 (Nephew), Day Laborer.

     1838 LAND PURCHASE:25 [Government Land Office Doc# ___, dated 6 Aug 1838, probably Jeffersonville, IN] Jacob Garriott purchased 40 acres [SW4 SE4 Section 9 T4N R4E] Jackson Co, IN from the government. Jacob Sr would have been 61, Jacob Jr would have been 14 years old.
     1839 LAND PURCHASE:25 [Government Land Office Doc# 13860, pg 319, dated 1 Aug 1839, Jeffersonville, IN]  Jacob Garriott purchased 40 acres [NE4 SW4 Section 29 T4N R6E] in Jackson Co, IN from the government, by Martin Van Buren, President
     1843 LAND PURCHASE:25 [Government Land Office Doc# 16739, pg 193, dated 16 Apr 1843, Jeffersonville, IN] Jacob Garriott purchased 40 acres [NW4 NW4  Section 15 T4N R6E] in Jackson Co, IN from the government, by John Tyler, President.

    MILITARY:16 Jacob, Jr enlisted in the US Army on 23 Sep 1864 in Clear Springs, IN for a period of one year, by William Miller. He claimed to be a farmer, born in Washington County, residing in 3 District, Vernon Twp, Jackson Co, Indiana, age 42 (other sources claim he was born in 1810). He was described with dark eyes, dark hair, and 6 feet tall.
     Jacob was a private in Co. K (Capt. Miller's Company), 140th Regiment, IN Infantry Volunteers. He mustered in on 24 Oct 1864 in Indianapolis [or Columbus], IN and mustered out in Greensborough, NC on 11 Jul 1865. He was absent [sick] in March and April of 1865 in Goldsboro, NC and returned for May and Jun 1865. He was mustered out of the service with company on 11 July 1865. He was paid $55.40 in clothing allowance and was due $6.00 for arms, equipment, etc. The US was due $2.33 for ordnance lost. Jacob was entitled to a bounty and a bounty of $33.33 was paid.

    PENSION:16 Jacob, applying for a disability pension [appl 492.168, cert 284.353] on 6 Jul 1883, claimed to be 42 years old (now his birth year is 1841), 6 feet, dark complexion, dark hair, and black eyes. "In the line of duty at Buford, North Carolina, about the month of April 1864, he contracted rheumatism and is disabled for manual labor a great part of the time thereby, and he claimed pension on account of the aforesaid disability." The Regimental Surgeon treated him.
     1883 General Affidavit: Nathan Trueblood, 62, of New Philadelphia, Wash Co, IN, stated on 6 Dec 1883 that, "He was formerly acquainted with the claimant and has known him for about 45 years." He also stated that Jacob, that, "Prior to his enlistment was a man of strong bodily health, and has seen him every year since his discharge and knows that on or about this 1st day of April AD 1865, that he saw the said claimant at Goldsboro, NC and wanted him to go the camp of the 66th Regiment..... that the claimant was suffering so severely from Rheumatism that he could not accompany him.... and other said comrades to said camp. Trueblood later married Jacob's daughter Emily.
     1883 General Affidavit: Andrew Nowling, 45, of Wash Co, IN, added that on or about 1 Apr 1865 he met the claimant at Goldsboro, NC, and that the, "Said claimant was so badly disabled with Rheumatism as to be unfit for military duty."
     1885 Pension Increase: On 5 Sep 1885 Jacob (now 63 years old) claims he is entitled to an increase in his pension (of $8 per month) on account of "Said disability increasing and believes he was rated too low. We claim for rheumatism and results it affects his joints, back and heart, and veins of legs ruptured, and arms."

    WIDOW'S PENSION:16 Mary E Garriott (3rd wife) was granted a pension [appl 662.964, cert 435.290] based on service of her husband, Jacob. She was dropped from the roll on 11 Jul 1928, having been paid at the rate of $30 per month. Her son, (Jacob's stepson) Edward Trueblood, 50, filed on 10 Jul 1928, an application for reimbursement after her death to pay the bills of her last illness: doctor ($6.50), nursing care ($150), and undertaker [$10].
     1895 General Affidavit: William H Lemons, 44, of Franklin Twp, Wash Co, IN, stated in an affidavit on 29 Oct 1895, that Mary's first husband Henry Trueblood died in Jun 1891.
     1895 General Affidavit: William E Stout, 48, of Wash Co, IN, stated in an affidavit on 11 Nov 1895 that Mary E Garriott was the widow of Jacob Garriott and she was first married to Henry Trueblood, who died some 45 years ago.

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