04-Jacob Sr Garriott 
Birth: 9 Oct 1778, Culpeper Co, VA [Hebron Church register]
Death: 6 Jun 1859, Vernon Twp, Jackson Co, IN- age 80
Home: Wash Co, IN & Jackson Co, IN
Burial: Grassy Cemetery
Occupation: Farmer
Military: US Army, War of 1812: Private, Captain Prather's Company, 2nd Infantry Regiment
Father: Ambrose S Garriott
[DG photo-- These tombstones were busted up and strewn about, I assembled the pieces for pictures, other pictures, less damaged, are on findagrave.com]

Married: 18 Aug 1801, Jefferson Co, KY: Bk I/39- by Gabriel Woodfell
Spouse: Jane "Jennie" RODMAN
Birth: 9 Nov 1780, Northumberland Co, PA
Death: 19 Nov 1859, Jackson Co, IN- age 79
Burial: Grassy Cemetery
Father: William Rodman (1721-1782)
Mother: Martha Ferrier (about 1723-1801)

     CHILDREN: Jacob and Jane had ten children:
05----MARTHA "Patsy" GARRIOTT [b. 1802, listed below];
05----DANIEL GARRIOTT [b. 1806, listed below];
05----LOVING "Love" GARRIOTT [b. about 1808, listed below],
05----JANE A GARRIOTT [b. 1811, listed below];
05----ELIJAH GARRIOTT [b. 1812, listed below];

05----JAMES MADISON GARRIOTT [b. 1814, listed below];

05----ELIZABETH GARRIOTT [b. 1816, KY], m. 1st
___ McGILL, m. 2nd John ANDERSON [b. 1823, VA] on 1 Jan 1828, Wash Co, IN: Bk A/222, had five children:
     06----FRANCIS M ANDERSON [b. about 1845];
     06----SALLIE D ANDERSON [b. about 1850];
     06----MARTHA F ANDERSON [b. about 1857];
     06----JOHN G ANDERSON [b. about 1860]; and
     06----MARY L ANDERSON [b. about 1860];

05----SARAH "SALLIE" GARRIOTT [b. about 1819; d. 1880- age 61], m. 1st 
William THOMAS [b. 1819] on 22 Jun 1839, Jackson Co, IN, m. 2nd Joseph ARNOLD [b. 1819; d. 1880- age 61] on 26 Apr 1845, Wash Co, IN, had five children:
     06----JACOB "Jake" H ARNOLD [b. 4 Feb 1847, IN; d. 17 May 1898, Gandy, Logan Co, NE- age 50], m.
Myrah Ann ALLEN [b. 8 May 1848; d. 20 Jan 1896- age 48, bur. McCain Cemetery] on 29 Jul 1870, Martin Co, IN, had children:

          07----LILLIE ARNOLD (b. Apr 1874, IN), m. Arthur POTTER [b. May 1866, MN], had children:

               08----HINLEY McKINLEY POTTER [b. 22 Aug 1896, Gandy Co, NE], registered for WWII draft, a resident of Silverton, Marion Co, OR, age 45, re... Mrs Eva H Potter;

               08----DALE POTTER [b. Aug 1898, NE];

               08----GLEN POTTER [b. about 1902, IL];

               08----ROWENA POTTER [b. about 1904, IL];

               08----ALVA T POTTER (SEELEY) [b. 18 May 1905, IL; d. Jan 1975- age 69], SSN: 335-03-8086/IL;

          Lillie 2nd m. Charles S SEELEY on 16 Jun 1913, St Joseph, Berrien Co, MI, had children:

​               08----EDNA SEELEY [b. about 1915, IL];

               08----MARIE SEELEY [b. about 1920, IL];

          07----JOSEPH ARNOLD (1875, IN);

          07----DELLA MAY ARNOLD [b. 7 Jun 1882, Pike Co, IN; d. 11 Oct 1954, San Bernardino Co, CA- age 72, bur. North Platte Cemetery], SSN: 506-28-4828/??, m. John P MANG [b. 27 Mar 1879; d. 17 Oct 1936- age 57, bur. North Platte Cemetery] on 28 Oct 1908, Buffalo Co, NE, son of Siegmund Mang (1838-1911) and Anne Sophia Markey (1846-1920);​ and

          07----ROY/ROBERT ARNOLD (b. May 1886, NE);
     06----ELIZABETH ARNOLD [b. about 1848, IN];
     06----SARAH E ARNOLD [b. about 1848, IN]; (see 1870 census below)
     06----JAMES H ARNOLD [b. about 1850, Wash Co, IN]; and
     06----JOSEPH J ARNOLD [b. about 1853, Wash Co, IN];​

05----JACOB JR GARRIOTT [b. 1822, listed below]; and
05----RACHEL ANN GARRIOTT [b. 1823, listed below].

     Arkansas Death Certificate for: Andrew Jackson Robertson, b. 7 Sep 1845, AR; d. 22 Oct 1926; wife Manerva Garrett, b. KY.
     Marriage of Sarah Garriott, b. 1858, father Elijah Garriott, b. 1812; mother Minerva Garriott, b. 1818; To James B Owens, on 21 (or 24) Mar 1889, Washington Co, IN.
     Death of Edgar Garrett Owens 52, b. about 1903;d. 16 Dec 1955, Seattle, King Co, WA; father: James E Owens; mother Sarah Garrett.
FHL Film No: 2033576, Ref ID 23021.
       Death certificate of Ralph Garriott Jeude, 15, b. St Louis, MO, at Jefferson High School, Clackamas Co, OR, of spinal meningitis following accidental gunshot wound; Father Walter G Jeude, Mother Emma L Robbin.


     1777 BAPTISM: Ambrose Garriott first appeared in Virginia's Hebron Parish Register of the Germanna church as, "Ambrosius Gerret, wife Elisabetha, Jacob born 09 October 1777, baptized 17 November 1777, sponsors; John Dearet, wife Maria, Samuel Blankbucher, Elisabetha Garr.3 (Dearet may have also been a Garriott, record translated from German).

     MILITARY:16 Jacob Garrett (sic) is listed as a private in Captain John Prather's Company, 2nd Infantry Regiment Indiana Militia [Col. Robertson & Col. Bartholomew], in the War of 1812. He is listed on the Company muster roll for 10 Apr to 9 May 1813, roll dated Charlestown. Commencement of service on 18 Apr, and expiration of service on 9 May 1813-- term of service 22 days. He was paid at a rate of $8 per month for a total amount of $5.78.

     1813? MOVE TO INDIANA: Jacob came to Indiana with his father and two of his brothers, William and Simeon. They settled in Washington County, IN, and Jacob later moved to Jackson County, IN after 1820.

     1809 LAND PURCHASE:25 [Government Land Office Doc#  546, dated 7 Nov 1809, Jeffersonville IN] Jacob Garret, a resident of Shelby Co, IN purchased 160 acres [NE4 Section 19 T2N R5E] in Franklin Twp, Wash Co, IN from the government.
     1815 PURCHASE OF PROPERTY:25 [Wash Co, IN Deed Bk A/116, dated 28 Mar 1815] John DePauw, Lawful agent of Town of Salem, Washington County, Indiana, to Jacob Garriott of Co tyy [?] aforesaid $48, Lot No. 26.    
     1838 LAND PURCHASE:25 [Government Land Office Doc# ___, dated 6 Aug 1838, probably Jeffersonville, IN] Jacob Garriott purchased 40 acres [SW4 SE4 Section 9 T4N R6E] Jackson Co, IN from the government.25 Jacob Sr would have been 60; Jacob Jr would have been 16 years old.
     1839 LAND PURCHASE:25 [Government Land Office Doc# 13860, pg 319, dated 1 Aug 1839, Jeffersonville, IN] Jacob Garriott purchased 40 acres [NE4 SW4 Section 29 T4N R6E] in Jackson Co, IN from the government.25        1843 LAND PURCHASE:25 [Government Land Office Doc# 16739, pg 193, dated 16 Apr 1843, Jeffersonville, IN] Jacob Garriott purchased 40 acres [NW4 NW4 Section 15 T4N R6E] in Jackson Co, IN from the government.

     1861 PROBATE: [Wash Co, IN Deed Bk J/414-416, dated 13 Sep 1835 (?). Probate Record, June term 1861] 
     1863 ESTATE SETTLEMENT:  Jackson County Court of Common Pleas:
     In the matter of the Estate of Jacob Garriott, deceased..... Willis C Owens, Administrator; said Administrator presents to final exhibits account to the said estate, to wit:
     To amount of Inventory-- ($524.47); To Sale of Property above appraisement-- ($37.51)..... Total: ($562.08).
     CREDITS: By cash Paid as per settlement made at June term 1861-- ($68.05).
     Credit of claim on inventory by LG Densford, he having a set off credit on account of claim vs Samuel Applegate and Andrew Anderson for-- ($7.50).
     There having been a trial of said claim before a Justice and decided in favor of defendant-- ($46.00).
     By cash tax 1861: No. 1-- ($5.64);
     By Administrator allowance: No. 2-- ($30.00).
     By Marshall & Patrick: No. 3-- ($5.00).
     The debts and expenses of Administrator are all paid-- and there is left for distribution the sum of $399.89-- among 10 heirs as follows, to wit:
----Martha Densford and husband, Loving G Densford;
----Elizabeth Anderson and husband, John Anderson;
----Jane McNight and husband, William McNight;
----Sarah Arnold and husband, Joseph Arnold;
----Loving Garriott;
----Elijah Garriott;
----James Garriott;
----Jacob Garriott; and
----Daniel Garriott.
     Part of these heirs have received their distributive shares in full, their receipts are herewith filed-- as follows, to wit:
----By cash to Jacob Garriott assignee of Martha Densford-- ($39.98);
----By cash to Jacob Garriott assignee of Elizabeth Anderson-- ($39.98);
----By cash to Jane McNight, per Daniel Garriott her assignee-- ($39.98);
----By cash to Sarah and Joseph Arnold-- ($39.98);
----By cash to Daniel Garriott assignee of Loving Garriott-- ($39.98);
----(this item crossed out) By cash to Rachael and Harvey Robinson ($39.98);
----(this item crossed out) James Garriott ($39.98); and
----(this item crossed out) Elijah Garriott ($39.98).
----TOTAL = ($399.89)
     The distributive shares belonging to Rachael Robinson, wife of Harvey Robinson, and Elijah Garriott, and James Garriott, are $39.98 each. Administrator asks further time to make final settlement. Willis C Owens, Administrator
     Subscribed and sworn to before me this 19th day of May 1863. (signed) Daniel H Long, Clerk 

     1866 ESTATE SETTLEMENT: [Jackson County Court of Common Pleas, dated 30 May 1866] The distribution of the estate of Jacob Garriott, deceased, has been completed..... Willis C Owens, Administrator.​

     1942 OBITUARY: Miss Nora A Easum, age seventy-two, a life-long resident of Crothersville, died at 3:30 o'clock this morning at the home in Crothersville. Miss Easum was born near Crothersville on March 6, 1870, the daughter of Lawrence B and Susan Garriott Easum. She made many friends in that vicinity who mourn her death. She was a member of the Presbyterian Church.

​     Two brothers, Milburn W Easum of Amarillo, Texas, and Claude I Easum, of Crothersville, and several nieces and nephews survive.
[courtesy of The Tribune (Seymour, Indiana) & pg12707]

​​​​​​​​Garriott Family Genealogy

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     1800 Jefferson Co, KY census: 
has Jacob Garriott is listed with his father, Ambrose Garriott, and his brother Elijah Garriott.
     1820 Wash Co, IN census: 
lists Jacob Garrett, with 4 Males: 2 [under 10], one [10-16]-- although James Madison, Daniel, and Loving would have been in this category, and one [26-44]; and 5 Females: 3 [under 10], one [10-16], one [16-25], one [26-44], and one [45 upwards]. However, it does list one female from 10-16, although there are no females in this category. Perhaps "Loving" is interpreted as a female. Were Jacob's parents living with him in 1820?
     1830 Wash Co, IN census:
 has Jacob Garrett with a family of ten: 6 Males: two [5-10], one [10-15], two [15-20], one [40-50]; 4 Females: one [5-10],  one [10-15], one [15-20], and one [40-50].
     On the same page is Febee Turpin with a family of three: 1 Male [20-30], two Females: one [15-20], and one [60-70].​
     1840 Jackson Co, IN census: has Jacob Garrett with a family of five: 3 Males: two [15-20], one [50-60]; 2 Females: one [15-20], and one [50-60].
     Next door on this census page is Loving Garrett, with a family of six: 2 Males: one [5-9], one [30-39]; 4 Females: two [< 5], one [5-9], and one [20-29].
     On this same census page is Loving G Densford, with a family of nine: 5 Males: two [< 5], one [5-10], one [15-20], and one [20-30]; 4 Females: three [5-10], and one [20-30].
     1850 Jackson Co, IN census: has Jacob "Garret" 71, b. VA, Farmer, w/ $700 RE; Jane Garret 69, b. PA; James H Robertson 32, b. IN, Farmer; his wife Rachel Robertson 28, b. IN; Mary Robertson (Adams?) 7, b. IN; Columbus Robertson 3, b. IN; and Sarah E Robertson 2/12, b. IN. (note Robertson not Robison)
     Next door is Daniel Garret 21; and Elizabeth Garrett 19, b. TN.
     1850 Gibson Twp, Wash Co, IN census: 
has (all b. IN) Joseph Arnold 31, Farmer; Sarah Arnold 32; William Arnold 9; Jane Arnold 7; Jacob Arnold 4; and Sarah Arnold 2.
     1850 New Madrid Co, MO census:
 has Elijah Barrett (Elijah Garriot- I looked at the document and the last name looks like Garrott) 38, b. 1812, a Farmer, KY; wife Minnea Barrett, 32 b. TN; Jano Barrett, 13, b. MO; Susan Barrett, 1, b. MO; Mary Peters, 38, b. TN; and Jno Ribbins, 12, b. TN.
     1860 Gibson, Wash Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) Joseph Arnold 40, Farmer w/ $2,000 RE; Sarah Arnold 43; Jacob H Arnold 14; Elizabeth Arnold 12; James H Arnold 10; Joseph J Arnold 7; and William H Thomas 20, Farm Laborer.
     1860 Pemiscot Co, MO census:
 has Elijah Garriott 47, a Wood Merchant b. KY; wife Minerva Garriott 39, Housewife, b. KY; with Susan, 11, b. MO; Sarah 2, b. MO; James More 40, Farm Laborer, b. Ireland; and JB Kelly 36, Silversmith, b. KY.
     1870 Wash Co, IN census:
 has (all b. IN) Joseph Arnold 50, Farmer w/ $500 RE; Sarah Arnold 53, Keeping House; James K Arnold 19, Farm Laborer; Joseph J Arnold 17, Farm Laborer; William Helton 22, Day Laborer; Sarah E Helton 22; and Ellen Helton 2.
     1870 Pemiscot Co, MO census: 
has Elijah Garrett 58, b. KY, a Farmer; Joe Garrett 48, b. IN, a Farmer; RA Garrett 22, b. IN, Housewife; James Moore 43, b. IN, a Farmer;
Lewis Henson 22, Farmer, b. Germany.​
     1880 Wash Co, IN census:
 has (all b. IN) Joseph Arnold 60, Farm Laborer; Sarah Arnold 62, Keeping House; and Adaline Wolfe 12 (Granddaughter).
     1885 NE State census: 
has (all but Roy B. IN) Jacob Arnold 38, Farmer; Myra Arnold 37; Lillie Arnold 10; Joseph Arnold 7; Della Arnold 3; and Roy Arnold 1/12, b. NE.
     1900 North Platte, Lincoln Co, NE census: 
has Arthur Patten 34, b. MN, Butcher; Lillie Patten 25, b. IN (2 children-2 living); Hinley Patten 3, b. NE; Dale Patten 1, b. NE; Della Arnold 17, b. IN (Sister-in-Law); and Robert Arnold 14, b. NE (Brother-in-Law), Day Laborer.
     1920 Manhattan Twp, Will Co, IL census: 
has (all but parents b. IL) Charles Seeley 45, b. KS, Grainer-Manager Lumber Yard; Lilly Seeley 43, b. IN; Edna Seeley 5; Marie Seeley 8/12; Glen Potter 18; Rowena Potter 16; and Alva Potter 14.
     1930 Chicago, Cook Co, IL census: has Charles S Seeley 57, b. KS, Salesman-Lumber; Lillian Seeley 55, b. IN; Alec Seeley 24, b. NE (Stepson), Shipping Clerk; Blanche Seeley 23, b. IL (Daughter-in-Law), Proprietor-Grocery Store; Edna Seeley 15, b. IL; Marie Seeley 11, b. IL; Rowena Cramer 26, b. NE.
     1930 Portland, Multnomah, OR census: 
has Walter G Jeude 55,Head; Emma L Jeude 51,Wife; Garland R Jeude 25, Son; Maurine L Jeude 18, Daughter; and Ralph G Jeude 14, Son.
     1940 Chicago, Cook Co, IL census:
 has Chas Seeley 66, b. KS; Lilly Seeley 64, b. IN; Marie Seeley 20, b. IL; Dale Potter 11, b. NE (Grandson); and Della Mang 57, b. IN (Sister-in-Law).