05-Loving "Love" Garriott

Birth: about 1810, Jefferson Co, KY

​Death: 1867, Vernon Twp, Jackson Co, IN- age 57

​Occupation: Farmer

Father: Jacob Sr. Garriott

Marriage: 3 Sep 1829, Wash Co, IN: Bk B/18 [IN Historical Society Publication];

Spouse: Sarah "Sallie" Hartman 
Birth: about 1808, Wash Co, IN

Death: about 1850 

     CHILDREN: Loving and Sallie had a daughter:
06----SUSAN GARRETT/GARRIOTT [b. 15 Oct 1839, Wash Co, IN; d. 8 Dec 1921, Crothersville, Jackson Co, IN- age 82, bur. Crothersville Cemetery], m.
Lawrence Bishop EASUM b. 16 Oct 1829, KY; d. 19 Jul 1910, Crothersville, Jackson Co, IN- age 80, bur. Crothersville Cemetery], son of Angelo Easum, had 10 children:

     07----FRANKIE EASUM [b. & d Unknown, Jackson Co, IN- age 2, bur. Jonesville Cemetery]:

     07----WILLIAM  "Willie" EASUM [b. & d. Unknown, Bur. Jonesville Cemetery];
     07----ARGUS J EASUM [b. 1859, IN; d. 1 Jan 1931, Colfax, Whitman Co, WA- age 71, bur. Colfax Cemetery], m.
Ida May RHIMER [b. 12 May 1873, OH; d. 16 Feb 1959, Santa Clara Co, CA- age 86, bur. Colfax Cemetery], had (3 of 5-census) children:
          08----GLADYS ELAINE EASUM [b. 24 Jul 1895, Colfax, Whitman Co, WA; d. 13 Mar 1989, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara Co, CA- age 93, bur. Colfax Cemetery], SSN: 538-16-7290/WA, m.
Rex JEFFORDS on 1 Aug 1954, Multnomah Co, OR;
          08----ARGUS SANFORD EASUM [b. 24 Feb 1899, WA; d. 23 Aug 1977, Riverside Co, CA- age 78], SSN: 560-14-9710/CA, m.
Dorothy H KASBISINE on 15 Apr 1930, Seattle, King Co, WA;
          08----SUSAN ELIZABETH EASUM [b. 30 May 1901, Colfax, Whitman Co, WA; d. 13 Oct 1980, Santa Clara Co, CA- age 79], m. 1st
Frank Orville CLARK [b. about 1889, PA; d. 8 Oct 1956, Seattle, King Co, WA- age 67], son of Albert Clark and Susan Berkey, had son:
               09----WILLIAM SANFORD CLARK [b. & d. 4 Sep 1923, Colfax, Whitman Co, WA];
               Susan 2nd m.
___ LEEDY;

​     07----SARAH E EASUM [b. 11 Aug 1861, Jackson Co, IN; d. 31 Aug 1864, Jackson Co, IN- age 3, bur. Jonesville Cemetery];
     07----MILBURN WALTER SR EASUM [b. 31 Aug 1863, IN; d. 29 Apr 1945, Amarillo, Potter Co, TX- age 81, bur. Llano Cemetery], m.
Georgia Susan DAVIS [b. 1870; d. 1953- age 83, bur. Llano Cemetery], daughter of Sene Williams in (1830-) in 1884, had 6 children:​
          08----MABEL SUSAN EASUM [b. 14 Sep 1887, Colorado City, TX; d. 16 May 1976, Midland Co, TX- age 88, bur. Llano Cemetery], Music Teacher, SSN: 453-52-5836/??, m.
Howard Frank LAUDER [b. 17 Apr 1885;d. 4 Jul 1934- age 49, bur. Llano Cemetery];
          08----RUBY EASUM [b. 5 Apr 1891, Clarendon Do, TX; d. 16 Aug 1969, Potter Co, TX- age 74], SSN: 709-16-3539/RR, m.
Thomas F POINDEXTER [b. 13 Oct 1884; d. 10 Feb 1915- age 30, bur. Llano Cemetery];
          08----LARANCE G EASUM [b. 11 Dec 1893, TX;d. 11 Oct 1901, TX- age 7, bur. Odd Fellows Cemetery];
          08----MYRTLE EASUM [b. Nov 1899, TX], SSN: 459-36-3031/TX, m.
James EASON [b. 8 Feb 1893, Orange Co, TX; d. 29 Mar 1962, Kerr Co, TX- age 69, bur. Forest Lawn Cemetery], Guard-Law Enforcement, SSN: 452-58-5959/??;
          08----IRENE EASUM [b. about 1901, TX];
          08----MILBURN WALTER JR EASUM [b. 5 Aug 1908; d. 8 Jan 1980, Austin, Travis Co, TX- age 71], Contractor, SSN: 452-07-1382/TX?
     07----CHARLES SANFORD EASUM [b. 1866, IN; d. 20 Aug 1923, Colfax, Whitman Co, WA- age 55, bur. Colfax Cemetery];
     07----NORAH A EASUM [b. 6 Mar 1870, Jackson Co, IN; d. 14 Mar 1942, Crothersville, Jackson Co, IN- age 72, bur. Crothersville Cemetery], Single;​

     07----CLAUDE LAWRENCE EASUM [b. 21 Feb 1872, IN; d. 7 Feb 1945, IN- age 72, bur. Crothersville Cemetery];
     07----CLYDE ORBAN EASUM [b. 9 Dec 1876, Crothersville, Jackson Co, IN; d. 29 Oct 1935, Los Angeles Co, CA- age 58, bur. Los Angeles National Cemetery], m.
Melva Alma TAYLOR [b. 3 Aug 1885, Venice, Los Angeles, CA; d. Jul 1966- age 80, bur. Woodlawn Cemetery], SSN: 573-05-0637/CA, on 31 Jul 1903, Woods Co, OK, had 4 children:
          08----Infant EASUM [d. 1905, Whitman Co, WA, bur. Colfax Cemetery];

          08----CLYDE ORBAN Jr EASUM [b. 9 May 1904, WA; d. 19 Nov 1961, Los Angeles Co, CA- age 57, bur. Woodlawn Cemetery], m. Bessie ___ [b. 1902; d. 18 Dec 1970- age 67, bur. Woodlawn Cemetery];​​
          08---- LUREL BISHOP EASUM [b. 22 Sep 1906, Crothersville ,Jackson Co,  IN; d. 21 Nov 1964, Bellflower, Los Angeles Co, CA- age 58, bur. Woodlawn Cemetery], CM1, USNR, WW2, m.
Margaret Helen JONES [b. 30 Dec 1920, KS; d. 15 Mar 1978, Venice, Los Angeles Co, CA- age 57, bur. Woodlawn Cemetery], one of her 5 marriages;
          08---- KENNETH TAYLOR EASUM [b. 4 Mar 1916, Clarendon, Donley Co, TX; d. 18 May 1972, Venice, Los Angeles Co, CA- age 56, bur. Woodlawn Cemetery], m.
Margaret Helen Jones HIETT [b. 30 Dec 1920, KS; d. 15 Mar 1978, Venice, Los Angeles Co, CA- age 57, bur. Woodlawn Cemetery], one of her 5 marriages, daughter of Myrtle Iva Jones Aduddell (1901-1981);
     07----ALTON "Altie" EASUM [b. 1879, Jackson Co, IN; d. 1882, Jackson Co, IN- age 3, bur. Jonesville Cemetery].

     1830 Wash Co, IN census: 
has Loving Garriott: 1 Male [20-30]; and 1 Female [15-20].
     1840 Jackson Co, IN census: has Jacob Garrett with a family of five: 3 Males: two [15-20], one [50-60]; 2 Females: one [15-20], and one [50-60].
     Next door on this census page is Loving Garrett, with a family of six: 2 Males: one [5-9], one [30-39]; 4 Females: two [< 5], one [5-9], and one [20-29].
     On this same census page is Loving G Densford, with a family of nine: 5 Males: two [< 5], one [5-10], one [15-20], and one [20-30]; 4 Females: three [5-10], and one [20-30].
     1860 Vernon Twp, Jackson Co, IN census:
 has Loving Garrett 40, b. KY, Farmer; Lawrence Esum 30, b. KY, Farmer; Susan Esum 20, b. IN; Argus J Esum 1, b. IN; and  Albert Baich 5, b. IN.
     1880 Crothersville, Jackson Co, IN census: 
has (all but Lawrence b. IN) Laurence Easum 50, b. KY, Plasterer; Susan Easum 40; Argus J. Easum 21, Plasterer; Melburn W. Easum 16; Charles I. Easum 14, Works in Stave Factory; Nora A. Easum 10; Claudie L. Easum 8; Clidy O. Easum 4; and Alton Easum 1. 
     1900 Justice Precinct 2, Donley Co, TX census: 
has Milburn Easum 36, b. IN; Georgia Easum 30, b. TX (4 children-4 living); Mabel Easum 12, b. TX; Rubie Easum 9, b. TX; Lawrence Easum 5, b. TX; Myrtle Easum 6, b. TX; Sena Davis 69, b. AL (7 children-2 living)(Mother-in-Law); Eugene Everett 33, b. IN, Coal Heaver (Cousin); and  Lizzie Everett 11, b. IN (Cousin).​​ 
     1910 Crothersville Ward 1, Jackson Co, IN census: 
has (all but Lawrence b. IN) Lawrence B Easum 80, b. KY, Own Income; Susan Easum 70 (6 children-6 living); Nora Easum 40, Dressmaker-At Home; and Claude Easum 37, Plasterer-House​.
     1910 Colfax Ward 1, Whitman Co, WA census:
 has Argus J Easum 51, b. IN, Contractor-Brickyard; Ida M Easum 36, b. OH (5 children 3 living); Gladys E Easum 14, b. WA; Argus S Easum 11, b. WA; Susie E Easum 8, b. WA; and Charles S Easum, b. IN, Mason-Brickyard. 
     1910 Amarilla, Potter Co, TX census:
 has (all but Milburn b. TX) Milburn W Easum 48, b. IN, Contractor-Masonry; Biagia Easum 40 (7 children-4 living); Ruby Easum 19; Irene Easum 8; and Milburn W Easum Jr 1.​
     1920 Colfax, Whitman Co, WA census: 
has Angus J Easum 59, b. IN, Ameral Car-Brick Plasterer; Ida M Easum 46, b. OH; Argus S Easum 20, b. WA; Sara E Easum 18, b. WA; and Charles S Easum 53, b. IN, Genl Contract-Brick Plasterer (Brother).
     1920 Amarillo, Potter Co, TX census:
 has (all but 2 b. TX) Milburn H Easum 55, b. IN, Plasterer-House; Georgie Easum 49; Milburn Easum 11; Ruby Poindexter 27, Bookkeeper-Steam Railway (Daughter, Widow); Charles O Carl 19, b. CO, Clerk-Steam Railway (Boarder); and Irene Carl 18 (Boarder).

     1930 Spokane Ward 2, WA census: has Argus J Easum 71, b. IN; and Ida M Easum 56, b. OH, Manager-Apartment H.​
     1930 Amarillo, Potter co, TX census:
 has Milburn W Easum 67, b. IN, Contractor, Building; Georgia Easum 60, b. TX, Dist Mgr-Woodman Cirds; Ruby Poindexter 38, b. TX, Clerk-Santa Fe RR (Daughter, Widow); and Gladys Witten 33, b. OK, Bookkeeper-Oil Co (Lodger).

     1942 OBITUARY: Miss Nora A Easum, age seventy-two, a life-long resident of Crothersville, died at 3:30 o'clock this morning at the home in Crothersville. Miss Easum was born near Crothersville on March 6, 1870, the daughter of Lawrence B and Susan Garriott Easum. She made many friends in that vicinity who mourn her death. She was a member of the Presbyterian Church.

​     Two brothers, Milburn W Easum of Amarillo, Texas, and Claude I Easum, of Crothersville, and several nieces and nephews survive.
[courtesy of The Tribune (Seymour, Indiana) & pg12707]

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