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05-Martha "Patsy" Garriott
Birth: 2 Apr 1802, Jefferson Co, KY 26
Death: 30 Nov 1881, Jackson Co, IN- age 79
Burial: Grassy Cemetery
Father: Jacob Sr Garriott

Marriage: 22 Nov 1827, Wash Co, IN: Bk A/218
Loving Garriott DENSFORD
Birth: 10 May 1808, Louisville, Jefferson Co, KY 26
Death: 25 Jun 1866, Scott or Jackson Co, IN- age 58
Burial: Grassy Cemetery
Father: John Densford (~1786-1875)
Mother: Rhoda Betsy Garriott (1791-~1839)
     Proof that Martha is daughter of Jacob, Sr: Wash Co, IN Probate Record, June term, 1861. Loving Garriott Densford is the son of Rhoda Betsy Garriott and John Densford. Rhoda is Martha's aunt, her father's sister.

     CHILDREN: Martha and Loving had the following seven children:
06----JOHN DENSFORD [b. 1828, Scott Co, IN; d. 1880- age 52];
06----WILLIAM DENSFORD [b. 1829, listed below];
06----ELIZA JANE DENSFORD [b. 1831, listed below];
06----RHODA ANN DENSFORD [b. 30 Nov 1831, IN; d. 16 Oct 1915, Jackson Co, IN- age 83, bur. Crothersville Cemetery], m. David COLLINGS (COLLINS) [b. 15 Mar 1833, Jackson Co, IN; d. 24 Aug 1885, Jackson Co, IN- age 52, bur. Crothersville Cemetery] on 17 Nov 1854, Jackson Co, IN: Bk C/106, had five children:
     07----COLUMBUS COLLINS [b. 11 Aug 1856, IN; d. 17 Aug 1897, Dudleytown, Jackson Co, IN- age 41, bur. Crothersville Cemetery], m. Sarah YOUNG;
     07----THOMAS COLLINS [b. May 1859, Jackson Co, IN; d. 3 Oct 1918, Seymour, Jackson Co, IN- age 59, bur. Russell Chapel Cemetery], m. Viola Terlisa THOMPSON [b. 11 Apr 1865, Jackson Co, IN; d. 31 Jul 1933, Jackson Co, IN- age 68, bur. Russell Chapel Cemetery], daughter of Isaac Thompson (1821-1888) and Mariah Louisa ___ , in 1881, had children:​

          08----PAULINE COLLINS [b. 25 Mar 1889, IN; d. 11 Nov 1918, Vermillion Co, IN- age 29, bur. Russell Chapel Cemetery];

          08----CURTIS GLEN COLLINS [b. 28 Jun 1896, Jackson Co, IN; d. 30 Mar 1953, Jackson Co, IN- age 56, bur. Russell Chapel Cemetery], SSN: 312-20-9061/IN, m. Mary Pearl Garriott, daughter of Samuel Leonidas Garriott and Ora Mae DeMunbrun, had son:

​               09----RICHARD GLENN COLLINS [b. 22 Sep 1926; d. 4 Apr 1997- age 70], SSN: 305-26-8543/IN, CSC, US Navy, WW2, Korea, m. Lorma J FOX [b. 14 Nov 1928, Marion Co, IN; d. 21 Jul 2011, Delaware Co, IN- age 79, bur. Elm Ridge Memorial Park], daughter of Lorenz G Fox and Thelma Isaacs, had son:

​                    10----DAVID GLENN COLLINS [b. 20 Apr 1950, Great Lake, IL; d. 26 Jan 1979, VA- age 28, bur. Elm Ridge Memorial Park], died of wounds sustained as operator of vehicle driving in wrong direction on divided highway (I-95) and hit by truck, Staff Sergeant at Fort Lee, Petersburg, VA, SSN: 312-41-1599/IN;

          08----BERTHA M COLLINS [b. 24 Oct 1884, Jackson Co, IN; d. 8 Aug 1945, Benton Co, IN- age 60, bur. Montmorenci Cemetery], m. Hezekiah PRINCE [b. 6 Jan 1878, Jackson Co, IN; d. 1960- age 82, bur. Montmorenci Cemetery], son of Hezekiah Stover Prince (1842-1913) and Amelia Jane BOAS (1849-1936), had children:

               09----GEORGIA A PRINCE [b. 8 May 1909, in; d. 17 Aug 1996, Lakeland, Polk Co, FL- age 87, bur. Montmorenci Cemetery], m. Francis Lorin KIGER [b. 27 May 1905, IN; d. 27 Nov 1972, Benton Co, IN- age 67, bur. Montmorenci Cemetery], SSN: 306-34-8848/IN, son of Elmer Ray Kiger and Carrie Ann Passler, on 5 Mar 1927, Tippecanoe Co, IN;

               09----MARY JUANITA PRINCE [b. 26 Feb 1906, IN; d. 4 Nov 1989, Tippecanoe Co, IN- age 83, bur. Montmorenci Cemetery, m. Floyd Henderson KOLB [b. 2 Jun 1903, IN; d. 10 Jun 1979, West Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co, IN- age 76, bur. Montmorenci Cemetery], had son:

​                    10----GORDON PRINCE KOLB [b. 6 Mar 1931, Russiaville, Howard Co, IN; d. 8 Dec 2011, West Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co, IN- age 80], m. Carolyn H ___;

               09----ROBERT H PRINCE [b. 27 Sep 1910, IN; d. 30 Nov 1976, Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co, IN- age 66, bur. Montmorenci Cemetery];
     07----LOVING COLLINS [b. 17 Dec 1860, IN; d. 22 Oct 1929, Indianapolis, Marion Co, IN- age 68], m. Dora R HINTON [b. 5 Oct 1864, Clarksville, IN; d. 19 May 1960, Marion Co, IN- age 95], daughter of James Hinton and Harriett Smith, had daughter:

           08----IDA E COLLINS [b. 1 Apr 1884; d. 27 Jan 1970, Indianapolis, Marion Co, IN- age 85, m. Edward John KELLER [b. 28 Nov 1885, Madison, IN; d. 10 Jun 1961- age 75], son of George Keller and Catherine Cook;​
     07----JESSE COLLINS [b. about 1864];
     07----JOHN COLLINS [b. about 1869];
SARAH DENSFORD [b. 1833, listed below];
06----WESLEY DENSFORD [b. 1835; d. 22 Mar 1882- age 47, bur. Chestnut Ridge Cemetery], m. Elizabeth FULLBRIGHT on 13 Mar 1858, IN, had children:

     07----DELLA DENSFORD [b. 16 Dec 1859, Jackson Co, IN; d. 17 Feb 1944- age 84, bur. Riverview Cemetery], m. SPEAR ;

     07----JAMES O DENSFORD [b. 21 Oct 1862, Seymour, Jackson Co, IN; d. 17 Jul 1933, Henderson Co, NC- age 70, bur. Riverside Cemetery], m. Ellen Emaline LOVE [b. Aug 1862; d. 22 Jun 1926- age 64, bur. Riverside Cemetery] on 12 May 1887, IN

     07----MYRTA M DENSFORD [b. about 1872, IN];

     07----OTIS DENSFORD [b. 1880, Jackson Co, IN; d. 8 Nov 1918, Alton, Madison Co, IL- age 38, bur. Riverview Cemetery];
MARY CATHERINE DENSFORD [b. 1836; listed below].

     1850 Jackson Co, IN census: has Loving G Densford 43, b. KY, Farmer w/ $800 RE; Martha Densford 49, b. KY; William Densford 21, b. IN, Farmer; Eliza J Densford 19, b. IN; Rhoda A Densford 17, b. IN; Wesley Densford 15, b. IN; and Mary Densford 7, b. IN.
     1860 Jackson Co, IN census: has LG Densford 53, b. KY, Farmer w/ $1,000 RE; Martha Densford 59, b. KY; Mary ensford 16, b. IN; John Morgan 11, b. IN; and Gabriel Wagoner 26, Farmer, b. IN.

     1860 Grassy Fork Twp, Jackson Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) David Collins 26, Farmer; Rhoda A Collins 29; Columbus Collins 5; Thomas Collins 1; and Rachel Brines 14.
     1870 Jackson Co, IN census: has David Collins 37, b. IN, Farmer w/ $3,000 RE; Rhoda Ann Collins 38, b. IN, Keeps House; Columbus Collins 14, b. IN; Thomas Collins 11, b. IN; Loving Collins 9, b. IN; Jesse Collins 6, b. IN; John Collins 10/12, b. IN; and Martha Densford 68, b. KY, Keeps House.
     This same census page has: (all b. IN) Thomas Densford 20, Farmer w/ $1,200 RE; Elizabeth Densford 22, Keeps House; and William Densford 1.

     1870 Wash Twp, Jackson Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) Wesley Densford 35, Farmer; Elizabeth Densford 27; Dilly Ann Densford 12; and James Densford 8.
     1880 Vernon, Jackson Co, IN census: has Martha Densford 77 living with her widowed daughter Sarah.

     1880 Grassy Fork Twp, Jackson Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) David Collins 47, Farmer; Rhoda A. Collins 48; Columbus Collins 24; Thomas Collins 21; Loriny B Collins 19; Jesse M Collins 16; and John W Collins 10.

     1880 Wash Twp, Jackson Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) Wesley Densford 43, Farmer; Elizabeth Densford 37; Della Densford 21; James O Densford 18, Farm Laborer; and Myrta M Densford 8.

     1900 Van Buren Twp, Pulaski Co, IN census: has (all but Daniel b. IN) Daniel Collins 40, b. Unknown, Farmer; Mary S Collins 33 (5 Children-4 living); George H Collins 11; James D Collins 9; Rosa E Collins 4; and Glen Collins 2.

​     1910 Fort Meade, Polk Co, FL census: has (all but 2 b. IN) James O Densford 47, Crate Factory-Mill; Ella E Densford 47 (1 child-1 living); Bradley L Keen 25, b. FL, Druggist-Drugs; Ruby E Keen 22 (1 child-1 living); and Harrison D Keen 1, b. FL.
​     1920 Otterbein, Bolivar Twp, Benton Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) Hez Prince 42, Policeman-Town; Bertha Prince 36; Beulah Prince 15; Mary Prince 13; Georgia Prince 10; and Robert Prince 9.

​     1920 Fort Meade, Polk Co, FL census: has (all but Bradley b. IN) James O Densford 57; Ellen E Densford 57; Bradley L Keese 36, Asst Cashier-Bank (Son-in-Law); and Ruby E Keese 32.

​     1930 Jackson Twp, Jackson Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) Glen Collins 33, Salesman-Flour Mill; Pearl Collins 31; and Richard V Collins 3.

     1930 Otterbein, Bolivar Twp, Benton Co, IN census: (all b. IN) Heg Prince 52, Town Marshall-City; Bertha Prince 46; Robert Prince 19; Beulah Prince 25; Robert Prince 3 (Grandson); and Edwin Prince 1 (Grandson).

     1940 Grassy Fork, Jackson Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) Glen Collins 43, Manager-Grocery Store; Pearl Collins 41; Richard Collins 13; Don Robert Collins 9; Phil Thomas Collins 5; and Ferne Garriott 25 (Cousin).

     1940 Honey Creek Twp, Howard Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) Floyd H Kolb 27, Baker-Bakery; Mary Kolb 24; Donald Kolb 4; and Joan Kolb 2.

     1940 Otterbein, Bolivar Twp, Benton Co, IN census: (all b. IN) Hezekiah Prince 62, Laborer; Bertha Prince 56; Beulah Loman 35, Waitress-Mike's Cafe (Daughter); Robert Loman 13 (Grandson); and Edwin Loman 11 (Grandson).

     1940 Indianapolis, Marion Co, IN census: has Edward J Keller 54, b. IN, Statistician-CC Camp; Ida E Keller 55; and Dora R Collins 75, b. IN (Mother-in-Law).

     1835 LAND PURCHASE: 25 [Government Land Office Doc# 4652, dated 9 Sep 1835, Jeffersonville IN] Loving Garrett Densford, a resident of Wash Co, IN purchased 50 acres [NW4 NW4 Section 35 T3N R5E] in Wash Co, IN from the government, by President Andrew Jackson.

     1881 OBITUARY: Martha (Garriott) Densford-- Langdon News-- Mrs Martha Densford, mother of Wesley and William Densford, d. at the residence of her dau E J Keller, Nov 29 and was buried at Grassy Fork graveyard. She must have been at least 75 yrs old. [Thurs, Dec 8--D, Seymour Weekly Democrat]