05-Jane A Garriott
Birth: 11 Oct 1814, Jefferson Co, KY
Home: Moved from Indiana to Iowa in 1866
Death: 29 Aug 1892, Union Co, IA- age 80
Burial: Old Jeruselam Cemetery
Father: Jacob Sr Garriott

Marriage: 14 Dec 1831, Wash Co, IN: Bk B/54 by Henry Davis
Spouse: William Robert McKnight
Birth: 19 Jan 1807, Mercer Co, KY
Death: 6 Apr 1875, Lincoln, Tama/Union Co, IA- age 68
Burial: Old Jeruselam Cemetery
Father: William B McKnight (1765-1825)
Mother: Nancy Agnes Robertson (1776-1849)

     CHILDREN: Jane and William had the following fourteen children:
06----SAMUEL McKNIGHT [b. 1832, listed below];
06----NANCY McKNIGHT [b. 1834, listed below];
06----JACOB McKNIGHT [b. 1835, listed below];
06----WILLIAM G McKNIGHT [b. 1838, listed below];
06----ELIJAH McKNIGHT [b. 1839, listed below];
06----JANE MATILDA McKNIGHT [b. 1840, listed below];
06----JAMES R McKNIGHT [b. 5 Nov 1842; d. 16 Feb 1867- age 24], was in Union Army: Private, Company B, 16th Regiment, IN Infantry Volunteers;15
06----ROBERT MARTIN McKNIGHT [b. 1844, listed below];
06----JOHN McKNIGHT [b. 3 Oct 1846, Wash Co, IN; d. 8 Feb 1927, Wash Co, IN- age 80], m.
Eliza RODGERS in Iowa;
06----DANIEL McKNIGHT [b. 19 Sep 1848, Wash Co, IN; d. 8 Feb 1927- age 79], m.
Lennie MILLER, had two children;
     07----CLYDE McKNIGHT;
     07----BLANCHE McKNIGHT;
06----RACHEL ANNE McKNIGHT [b. 21 Oct 1850; d. 2 Mar 1922- age 71], a nurse (pension affidavit for brother Robert), m.
Reuben H DILLOW [b. Jun 1849, IN; d. before 1920], had two sons;
     07----FREDDIE DILLOW [b. 1873; d. 20 Aug 1873];
     07----CLAUDE DILLOW [b. 31 Oct 1874]; and twins
     (Rachel A Dillow, widow of Reuben H, was listed in the 1920 Oklahoma City Directory, furn rms, 401 W California av)
06----MARGARET McKNIGHT [b. 18 Apr 1852, Wash Co, IN; d. 6 Sep 1852, Wash Co, IN- age 5 mo];
06----SARAH ELIZABETH [or A] McKNIGHT [b. 18 Apr 1852, Wash Co, IN; d. 9 May 1852, Wash Co, IN- age 2 wks], pension records state she was alive at the time of her brother Elijah's death in 1863; and
06----ISAAC MARION McKNIGHT [b. 20 Sep 1855, Wash Co, IN; d. 28 May 1927- age 72 (or 71), bur. Pilot Butte Cemetery], m.
Mary C THARP on 20 Jul 1883, Adair Co, IA, had two children:
     07----SOAS McKNIGHT; and
     07----WILLIAM McKNIGHT.

     1850 Wash Co, IN census: has (all but 1 b. IN) William Mcknight 42, b. KY, Farmer, w/ $2500 RE; Jane Mcknight 37; Samuel Mcknight 17, Farmer; Nancy Mcknight 16; Jacob Mcknight 15, Farmer; William Mcknight 13; Elijah Mcknight 11; Jane Mcknight 10; James Mcknight 8; Robert Mcknight 6; John Mcknight 4; and Daniel Mcknight 2.
     1860 Wash Co, IN census: has (all but 1 b. IN) Wm Mcknight 53, b. KY, Farmer, w/ $4000 RE; Jane Mcknight 47; William Mcknight 28, FL (Farm Laborer); Elijah Mcknight 21, FL (Farm Laborer); Jane M Mcknight 19, FL (Farm Laborer); James R Mcknight 17, FL (Farm Laborer); Robert M Mcknight 15, FL (Farm Laborer); John Mcknight 13; Daniel Mcknight 11; Rachel A Mcknight 9; and Isaac M Mcknight 4.
     1870 Union Co, IA census: has (all but 1 b. IN) Wm Mcnight 63, b. KY, Farmer w/ $4,000 RE; Jane Mcnight 56, b. IN, Keeping House; Daniel Mcnight 21, b. IN, Works on Farm; Rachel Mcnight 19, b. IN; and Isaac Mcnight 14, b. IN, Works on Farm.
     Reuben Dillow 21, b. IN; is in the home of Fred Dillow 60 and Jane Dillow 55, both b. OH, with their four other children, all born IL.
     1880 Union Co, IA census: has RH Dillow 31, b. IN, Farmer; Rachel A Dillow 30, b. IN, Keeping House; and Orin C Dillow 5, b. IA.
     1900 Union Co, IA census: has Ruben Dillow 50, b. IN, Day Laborer; is a Lodger in the home of Charles Muller 46, Day Laborer (RR); and Fred Muller 47, his wife, both b. Germany.
     1910 Mold Twp, Douglas Co, WA census: has Isaac M McKnight 54, b. IN, Farmer-General Farm (Divorced).
     1920 Tumalo Twp, Deschutes Co, OR census: has Isic M McKnight 64, b. IN, Farmer-New Ranch (Widow).

     Settlement of Franklin Township and William B McKnight Family
     Samuel Blankenbaker became a resident in 1815. Before him were Zachariah McAlister, Mr McGill, Thomas Hodges, Enoch Parr, Tart Fordyce, Robert Sellers, John Hartley, James Hartley, Samuel Hartley, a  blacksmith and others. [http://www.us-data.org/in/washington/history/chapter31884.txt]
     It is probable that William McKnight was the fist settler in this township. He was a native of the Emerald Isle and came from Mercer County KY, in March 1809, and located on Section 8. A small crop of corn was planted on cleared land the following autumn the family was brought out. The old house is yet standing. A man named Hensley was in the township in the fall of 1809, and settled on Section 7. Charles Blythe located on Section 8 late in 1809. Daniel Gray settled on Section 9 in 1810, and about this time came James Rodman, Jacob Garriott, and soon afterward Alexander Huston, Samuel Huston, David Fouts, Solomon Bowers and many others. The settlement of the township was slow until after the war of 1812, except in the northeastern part. By 1815 there were probably twenty families in the township, living of course in rude log-cabins. Samuel Taylor built on Section 26 about 1816 and John Robinson located near him.
     James Rodman bought a farm on Section 18 about 1815. His son Thomas was born there. The later was precocious and was sent to West Point, from which institution he graduated with high honors. He afterward became the inventor of the famous Rodman gun. Samuel Blankenbaker became a resident in 1815. Before him were Zachariah McAlister, Mr. McGill, Thomas Hodges, Enoch Parr, Tart Fordyce, Robert Sellers, John Hartley, James Hartley, Samuel Hartley, a blacksmith and others. William McKnight was born Mar. 1, 1765 in the Co. Drown (County Down) Ireland and came to America with his father when he was nine years old. On 28 Jan 1788, he married Nancy Agnes Robertson of Wash Co. PA. They lived in Brooks Co. VA for almost two years, when together with his brother-in-law Robertson and other neighbors they emigrated to Mercer Co. Ky. This was then a long journey first by raft then down the Ohio River then up the KY river to that which has become the very heart of the bluegrass region. At the time that this trip was made his only child was about six months old. After a few years he moved to Henry Co, KY. and in 1808 he with his son John then 19, years old went to IN Territory to seek a new home from the influence of slavery. After a search through the unbroken forests of IN they selected a home near where New Philadelphia has since been established.
    They opened up a small farm. Built a cabin in 1809 removed the family from Ky. to this new home, at that time there was probably not more than half doz. families in what is now Wash Co. IN. He died on this farm 8 Aug 1825 age 61 years. His wife Nancy Agnes Robertson was born 3 Apr 1766 and was therefore one year his junior. She was born in York PA. and after the was removed with her family to Wash Co, PA. It was here she met and married William McKnight, Both families the McKnights and the Robertsons were Covenanters and their families, the children were brought up in that faith and with two exceptions all the children became members of the Presbyterians Church. Nancy McKnight outlived her husband by almost a quarter of a century and died 22 Jul 1849. She was laid to rest by the side of her husband in the family burying ground on the farm where they had first settled in Indiana.

     BIOGRAPHY: Jane and William McKnight had three sons serving in the Civil War at the same time: Elijah was killed in action at the age of 23, James R died shortly after the war ended at the age of 26, Robert Martin McKnight lived to a ripe old age of 92.

     PENSION: William McKnight, at the time of his son Elijah's death in 1863, was 56 years old, and had a 100 acre farm in Wash Co, IN, the products of which did not more than meet the expenses of cultivation of said land. This land was entirely insufficient to support the family of six then at home, and that said support was furnished from the money sent home by Elijah and his two soldier brothers, and by Elijah's $100 enlistment bounty, and by the sale of a span? of Elijah's mules left at home after his enlistment.16
     1885 ESTATE SETTLEMENT:16 On 29 Jul 1885, BF Dix, the county clerk Union County, Iowa, certified that, "The records of this office show that the total amount of the proceeds from the sale of personal property belonging to the Estate of William McKnight deceased and reported by the administrator SF Redman, & said count, was Seven hundred fifteen & 88/100 ($715.88) Dollars."

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