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06-Samuel McKnight
Birth: 11 Nov 1832, Wash Co, IN
Death: 18 Sep 1906- age 74
Burial: Alva Municipal Cemetery
Military: Civil War Veteran
Mother: Jane A Garriott

Marriage: 11 Oct 1856
Spouse: Juletta Esther "Julia" RODGERS
Birth: 29 May 1837, Hancock Co, TN
Death: 21 Oct 1905, Woods Co, OK- age 68
Burial: Alva Municipal Cemetery
Father: Riley Rogers (1805-1850)
Mother: Jane Lockhart (1811-1881)

    CHILDREN: Samuel and Juletta had seven children:
07----WALTER DENNIS McKNIGHT [b. 10 Jul 1858, Birmingham, IA; d. 30 May 1917- age 59, bur. Elmhurst Cemetery], m. Martha Cordelia "Mattie" SKIRVIN [b. 1861, IA; d. 1907, Blackwell, Kay Co, OK- age 46, bur. Blackwell Cemetery], had son:
     08----SAMUEL WALTER McKNIGHT [b. 12 Jan 1893; d. 27 Dec 1970- age 77, bur. Los Angeles National Cemetery;
07----GEORGE FRANK McKNIGHT [b. 2 Jul 1859, Ringgold Co, IA; d. 1942, Westville, Adair Co, OK- age 83, bur. Westville Cemetery], m. Mary B CARRINGTON [b. 1855, IN; d. 1912, Alva, Woods Co, OK- age 57, bur. Alva Municipal Cemetery] in Aug 1879, Enid, Garfield Co, OK, had three children;
     08----IVA MAUDE McKNIGHT [b. 9 Jul 1881];
     08----SUSAN EDNA McKNIGHT [b. 3 Apr 1884; d. 28 Nov 1889- age 5];
     08----HOBART McKNIGHT [b. 12 Sep 1888];
07----EMIL TRUMAN McKNIGHT [b. 1 Mar 1861, Ringgold Co, IA; d. 3 Dec 1933, Caney, Montgomery Co, KS- age 72, bur. Black Jack Cemetery], m. Jamie FAVVOR, had children;
     08----FIDELIA H McKNIGHT [b. Jul 1889, IL];
     08----ADRA McKNIGHT; 
     08----JULIA McKNIGHT; 
     08----FRED McKNIGHT; 
     08----CHAUNCY HESS McKNIGHT [b. 13 Mar 1892, Benton Twp, Ringgold Co, IA; d. Apr 1973, OK- age 80, bur. Memorial Park Cemetery], SSN: 442-05-0534/OK, m. Alice SEARS [b. 28 May 1901, OK Territory; d. 10 Jun 2000, TX- age 99, bur. Memorial Park Cemetery], daughter of William David Sears (1866-1947) and Sarah Anna Eliza Payne (1868-1941);
     Emil 2nd m. Daisy ___ [b. about 1869, IL], had son:
     08----BENJAMIN F CEDRIC McKNIGHT [b. 25 Jul 1899, IA; d. Dec 1979- age 80], SSN: 500-50-0838/MO;
07----IDA JANE McKNIGHT [b. 15 Feb 1863, Ringgold Co, IA; d. 25 Sep 1929, Seattle, King Co, WA- age 67, bur. Lake View Cemetery], m. Charles Higgins CARRINGTON [b. Jul 1858, Putnam Co, IN; d. 2 Mar 1934, Seattle, King Co, WA- age 74, bur. Lake View Cemetery], son of William Smith Carrington (1816-1906) and Jemima M Allen (1824-1905) on 4 Jul 1880, had 4 children;
     08----ADRA BELLE CARRINGTON [b. 29 Sep 1882, McPherson Co, KS; d. 18 Feb 1955- age 72, bur. Lake View Cemetery], m. ___ HALSTED;
     08----JULETTA CARRINGTON [b. 7 Oct 1884, Clay Co, KS; d. 14 Feb 1981, Alhambra, Los Angeles Co, CA- age 96] SSN: 532-24-6352/WA, m. Albert BARLOW PINKHAM [b. 18 Feb 1879, Seattle, King Co, WA; D. 14 Feb 1964- age 81, bur. Fort Worden Military Cemetery], son of Albert Stone Pinkham and Ida Maye Barlow, had 2 daughters:
          09----ANITA B PINKHAM [b. about 1906, WA]; and
          09----LUCILE L PINKHAM [b. about 1910, WA], m. 1st Byrne N SHERWOOD [b. about 1910] on 9 Apr 1955, Alameda, Los Angeles Co, CA; m. 2nd Arthur ERICKSON [b. about 1890, OR], his 2nd marriage, had son:
               10----GLEN ERICKSON [b. about 1935, WA];
     08----FREDDIE CARRINGTON [b. 1887; d. 16 Aug 1898- age 11, bur. Lake View Cemetery]; and
     08----GLENN B CARRINGTON [b. 3 Jun 1891, Clay Center, Clay Co, KS; d. 4 Jan 1979, Seattle, King Co, WA- age 87, bur. Acadia Memorial Park and Funeral Home], m. Mollie Lydia "Maude" EBLE [b. 24 Oct 1889; d. 26 Dec1960- age71, bur. Acadia Memorial Park and Funeral Home];
07----WILLIAM R McKNIGHT [b. 12 Jan 1865, Wash Co, IN; d. 12 Nov 1895- age 30, bur. Alva Municipal Cemetery];
07----ETNA NAGG McKNIGHT [b. 10 Sep 1867, Ringgold Co, IA];
07----ELNORA VASTI McKNIGHT [b.14 Jul 1871, Union Co, IA; d. 18 Nov 1939, Trego Co,KS- age 67, bur. Union Cemetery], m. Otis B KESSLER [d. 1937, Trego Co, KS, bur. Union Cemetery] on 3 Feb 1891.

     1870 Union Co, IA census: has Saml McKnight 37, b. IN, Farmer w/ $1,500 RE; Julia McKnight 33, b. TN, Keeping House; Walters McKnight 13, b. IA, Works on Farm; Geo F McKnight 11, b. IA, Works on Farm; Emma McKnight 9, b. IA; Ida J McKnight 7, b. IA; Wm McKnight 5, b. IN; and Etna McKnight 3, b. IA.
     1880 Clay Co, KS census: has Samuel McKnight 46, b. IN, Farmer; Julietta McKnight 43, b. TN, Housekeeping; Ida McKnight 17, b. IA, School Teacher; William R McKnight 15, b. IN, Farm Laborer; Etna M McKnight 12, b. IA; Elvira V McKnight 9, b. IA.
     1900 Woods Co, OK census: has Samuel McKnight 67, b. IN, Farmer; and Juletta McKnight 61, b. TN (had 6 children-4 living).
     1900 Village of Benton, Ringgold Co, IA census: has Emil T McKnight 39, b. IA, Real Estate Agent; Daisy S McKnight 31, b. IL (1 child-1 living); Fidelia K McKnight 10, b. IL; Chauncy DH McKnight 8, b. IA; and Benjamin FC McKnight 10/12, b. IA.
     1900 Blackwell, Kay Co, OK census: has Walter D McKnight 41, b. IN, Real Estate-Agt; Mattie McKnight 39, b. IA; and Samuel McKnight 7, b. WA.
     1900 Columbia, King Co, WA census: has Charles H Carrington 41, b. IN, Paper Hanger; Ida J Carrington 37, b. IA; Juletta Carrington 15, b. KS; Glenn Carrington 8, b. WA; John Rae 31, b. Scotland, Freight Agent (Boarder); and Hiram H Fletcher 51, b. PA, Laborer-RR (Boarder).
     1910 Logan, Beaver Co, OK census: has Walter D McKnight 52, b. IA, Farmer-General Farm (Widow); and Samuel W McKnight 17, b. WA.
     1910 Seattle Ward 12, King Co, WA census: has Charles H Carrington 50, b. IN, Paper Hanger-House; Ida J Carrington 47, b. IA (4 children-3 living); and Glen B Carrington 19, b. WA, Clerk-Store.
     1910 Alva Twp, Woods Co, IA census: has Emit F McKnight 49, b. IA, Agent-Real Estate; Daisy A McKnight 42, b. IL (1 child-1 living); Hazel F McKnight 20, b. IL; Hess McKnight 18, b. IA; and Cedric McKnight 10, b. IA.
     1910 Seattle Ward 10, King Co, WA census: has (all but Juletta b. WA) Albert Pinkham 32, Marine Engineer- Revenue Service; Juletta Pinkham 25, b. KS (2 children-2 living); Anita Pinkham 4; Lucille Pinkham 11/12; and Emmett Pinkham 23 (Brother).
     1920 Tulsa Co, OK census: has C Hess McKnight 28, b. IA, Bookkeeper-Oil Co; Leone McKnight 28, b. PA; and Leina J McKnight 3-7/12, b. OK.
     1920 Everett City, Snohomish Co, WA census: has (all but Juletta b. WA) Albert B Pinkham 42, Embalmer Mason-At Sea; Julette C Pinkham 30; Anita B Pinkham 14; and Lucile Pinkham L Pinkham.
     1920 Seattle, King Co, WA census: has Charles Carrington 60, b. IN, Paper Hanger-House; Ida J Carrington 55, b. IA; and Lucy Allensby 16, b. WA (Ward).    
     1930 Tulsa Co, OK census: has Chauncy H McKnight 38, b. IA, Auditor-Oil and Gas Co, Alice S McKnight 28, b. OK; Lorraine H McKnight 1-11/12, b. OK; and Anna Sears 32, b. OK, Stenographer-Insurance Co (Sister-in-Law).
     1930 Elk River Twp, McDonald Co, MO census: has Daisy A Crook 61, b. IL, Nurse-Private Home (Divorced); and Cedric F McKnight 30, b. IA (Son)(No Occupation-Demented).
     1930 San Diego, San Diego Co, CA census: has Albert Pinkham 52, b. WA; Juletta Pinkham 45, b. KS; Anita Pinkham 24, b. WA,Teacher-School Public; Lucille Pinkham 20, b. WA, Bookkeeper-Hospital; and Charles Carrington 70, b. IN (Widow, Father-in-Law).
     1940 Seattle, King Co, WA census: has Arthur Erickson 50, b. OR, Broker-Manufacturer Brokerage.; Lucille Erickson 30, b. WA; Arthur Erickson 20, b. AK, Laborer-Gold Mine; Glen Erickson 5, b. WA; and Juletta Pinkham 55, b. KS (Mother-in-Law).
     1940 Lynn Lane Twp, Tulsa Co, OK census: has Chauncey H McKnight 48, b. IA, Accountant-Crude Oil Producer; Alice McKnight 38, b. OK, Bookkeeper; and Lorraine McKnight 12, b. OK.

     2000 OBITUARY: Alice Sears McKnight passed away June 10, 2000 in Kaufman, TX. Alice was the widow of Chauncey Hess McKnight of Tulsa, OK. Alice was a member of The First Families of the Twin Territories as an original pioneer in her own right, being born May 28, 1901 before Oklahoma became a state. Her pioneer parents were William David and Lida Payne Sears. Alice had been a member of The First Baptist Church of Tulsa, OK for over 60 years before transferring her membership to First Baptist Church of Kaufman in 1988. Alice was a survivor, having had cancer in 1963 and a massive heart attack in 1993. Alice had lived longer than any of her ancestors including Sarah Frazier Payne, her great-grandmother of Northwest Georgia and Arkansas.
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