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06-Nancy McKnight
Birth: 1 Jan 1834, Wash Co, IN
Death: 12 Dec 1923, Seattle, King Co, WA- age 89
Burial: Mount Pleasant Cemetery, as Nancy McNight Foster
Mother: Jane A Garriott
Nancy 2nd married John Foster in 1894

Marriage: 14 Feb 1855, Wash Co, IN
Spouse: George Franklin McNAUGHT
Birth: 3 Aug 1822, Owen Co, IN
Death: 4 Apr 1891, Thompson, Pike Co, AR- age 68
Father: John McNaught (1788-1836)
Mother: Jane McKnight (1795-1850)

    CHILDREN: Nancy and George had eight children:
07----LILLIAN A "Lulu" McNAUGHT [b. 10 Jan 1857, Creston, Union Co, IA], m. Ralph Waldo EMERSON [b. about 1853, Johnstown, Licking Co, OH; d. before 1895, Lincoln, Union Co, IA] on 4 Feb 1873, IA, had 8 children:
     08----MAUD EMERSON;
     08----DAISY G EMERSON [b. May 1877, IA], m. Gilbert T FARRAR on 21 Sep 1897, Creston, Union Co, IA:
     08----NELLIE EMERSON [b. about 1881, Union Co, IA];
     08----JESSIE PEARL EMERSON [b. about 1883, Lincoln, Union Co, IA];
     08----LEARF EMERSON [b. Aug 1887];
     08----RALPH LAFAYETTE EMERSON [b. 2 Apr 1889, Creston, Union Co, IA; d. Sep 1935, Pomeroy, Garfield Co, WA- age 46], Registered for WW1 Draft at 26, single;
     08----HAZEL M EMERSON [b. 2 Apr 1892, Lincoln, Union Co, IA];
07----LEWIS AUGUSTUS McNAUGHT [b. about 1859, Green Co, IA; d. 5 Aug 1931, Walla Walla Co, WA- age 72];
07----JULETTA ELLIS McNAUGHT [b. 1860, listed below];
07----THERESSA McNAUGHT [b. 1862, listed below];
07----OLIVER McNAUGHT [b. 1865, IA];
07----WILLIAM FRANKLIN McNAUGHT [b. 31 Aug 1867, IA; d. 12 Feb 1934, Douglas, WA- age 67], 1st m. Phidona "Dona" COOK [b. Dec 1876, Rabun Co, GA; d. 27 Jul 1921, Bend, Dechutes Co, OR- age 44, bur. Pilot Butte Cemetery], daughter of Thomas Cook (1847-1909) and Sarah Smith (1847-1885) on 13 Mar 1895, Wash Co, AR;
     William 2nd m. Alcia MILLER [b. about 1904, WA], daughter of Henry Miller and Janetta Wade, on 17 Jan 1926, Payette Co, ID;
     Alcia 2nd m. John C Smith on 24 Mar 1934, Waterville, WA;
07----JOHN B McNAUGHT [b. 1870, IA]; and
07----SUSAN McNAUGHT [b. Nov 1871. IA]; and
07----ERSULA McNAUGHT [b. about 1873, IA].

     1850 Wash Co, IN census: has George McNought 28, b. IN, in the household of John W Huston 44, Farmer; and Mary E Huston 36.
     1856 Jefferson Co, IA census: has (all b. IN) George F McNaught 33, Farmer; Nancy McNaught 22; Elizabeth J McNaught 3; and Samuel McNaught 23, Farmer.
     1960 Van Buren Co, IA census: has GF McNaught 35, b. IN, Farmer; Nancey McNaught 26, b. IN; Elizabeth J McNaught 7, b. IN; Lillian A McNaught 3, b. IA; and Lewis A McNaught 1, b. IA.
     1870 Union Co, IA census: has Geo McNaught 47, b. IN, Farmer w/ $1,000 RE; Nancy McNaught 37, b. IN, Keeping House; Lillian McNaught 13, b. IA; Louis McNaught 11, b. IA; Julietta McNaught 9, b. IA; Thersa McNaught 7, b. IA; Oliver McNaught 5, b. IA; Wm F McNaught 3, b. IA; and John McNaught 5/12, b. IA.
     Next door on this census page is William and Jane McKnight.
     1870 Lincoln, Union Co, OH census: has Ralph Emerson 16, b. OH; with Stephen Emerson 40, b. OH; and Mary Emerson 39, b. VT; and several children.
     1880 Clay Co, TX census: has George McNaught 57, b. IN, Farmer; Nancy McNaught 46, b. IN, Keeping House; Juliettes McNaught 19, b. IA; Oliver McNaught 15, b. IA; William McNaught 12, b. IA; Ersula McNaught 7, b. IA; Wal C Merchant 25, b. TX, Stock Raiser (Boarder); and Mary H Merchant 18, b. MO (Boarder).
     1880 Lincoln Twp, Union Co, IA census: has RW Emerson 26, b. OH, Insurance Agent; Lillie L Emerson 23, b. IA; and Daisy G Emerson 3, b. IA.
     1900 Grand Coulee Precinct, Douglas Co, WA census: has L*li McNaught 41, b. IA, Farmer; William G McNaught 32, b. IA, Farm Laborer (Brother); Dona McNaught 23, b. GA (Sister-in-Law)(No children); Roy Cook 8,  b. AR (Nephew); Daisy G Farrar 23, b. IA (Niece)(No children); Jessie P Emerson 16, b. IA (Niece); Luther E Taylor 23, b. OR, Farm Laborer (Servant); Lee Smith 21, b. MO, Farm Laborer (Servant); and Charles Hoech 21, b. MO, Farm Laborer (Servant).
     1910 West Pomeroy, Garfield Co, WA census: has Lewis A McNaught 51, b. IA, Farmer-Own Farm; Nancy Foster 76, b. IN (Mother, Widow)(8 children-7 living); Lillian McNaught (Emerson) 53, b. IA (Sister)(7 children-6 living); Ralph L Emerson 21, b. IA, Farm Hand-Working Out (Half Brother); Hazel Emerson 18, b. IA (Niece); Harry Pendel 14, b. WA, Servant, Farm Hand-Working Out; and DP Watkins 39, b. CA, Machinist-Harvesting Machine.
     1910 Deschutes Precinct, Crook Co, OR census: has William F McNaught 42, b. IA, Farmer-Own Farm; Dana McNaught 33, b. WA (1 child-1 living); May McNaught 8, b. WA; and Floyd Surtson 16, b. MO, Laborer-Working Out.
     1920 Hazelton, Lincoln Co, WA census: has Ralph Emerson 30, b. IA, Teamster-Farm, with several Roomers.;
     1920 Pomeroy Preinct No 2, Garfield Co, WA census: has Hazel Emerson 28, b. IA, Steno-Real Estate; a Lodger in the household of John Casselman 59; and Josephine Cassellma 54.
     1920 School District 2, Custer Co, MT census: has Lewis A McNaught 61, b. IA, Farmer-General Farm; Nancy Foster 85, b. IN (Mother, Widow), and Robert B Huffey 66, b. Sweden, Carpenter-House.
     1920 Ontario, Malheur Co, OR census: has William McNaught 52, b. IA, Agent-Real Estate; Ona McNaught 43, b. GA; and Mary McNaught 17, b. WA.
     1930 Pomeroy Precinct No 2, Garfield Co, WA census: has (both b. IA) Lillian Emerson 73 (Widow); and Hazel M Emerson 38, Stenographer-Abstract Ins.
     1930 Moscow, Lincoln Co, WA census: has Ralph L Emerson 41, Laborer-Farm (Lodger) in the household of Elmer E Lambirth 62, b. KY, Farmer; and Laura Lambirth 60, b. MA.
     1930 Mold Precinct, Douglas Co, OR census: has William F McNaught 62, b. IA, Farmer; Alcia McNaught 26, b. WA (Wife); and Lewis A McNaught 71, b. IA (Brother).
     1940 Pomeroy Precinct No 2, Garfield Co, WA census: has Hazel M Emerson 48, b. IA, Stenographer-Title & Abstract Office; and Lillian Emerson 83, b. IA (Mother, Widow).