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05-Rachel Ann Garriott
Birth: 1 Jan 1823, New Washington, Clark Co, IN
Death: 18 Sep 1867, Barnard, Nodaway Co, MO- age 44
Burial: Old Jackson Cemetery
Father: Jacob Sr Garriott
     Rachel was a small, beautiful woman with dark brown hair and eyes.

Marriage: 18 Jun 1842, Jackson Co, IN: Bk A&B/205
1st Spouse: Thomas ADAMS

     1ST MARRIAGE: Rachel and Thomas had a daughter:
06----MARY ADAMS [b. about 1843], may have lived with JH and R Robison in 1850 census???

Marriage: 1847, Jackson Co, IN
2nd Spouse: James Harvey ROBISON
Birth: 17 Oct 1816, New Washington, Clark Co, IN
Death: 12 May (or 28 Jan) 1894, Barnard, Nodaway Co, MO- age 77
Burial: Old Jackson Cemetery
     James Harvey was a large man of over 6 feet tall and with blue eyes. He had a jolly and friendly disposition, who loved company, and was known far and wide for his hospitality.

     2ND MARRIAGE: Rachel second married James and had ten children:
06----COLUMBUS ROBISON [b. about 1848, IN], lived with JH and R Robison in 1850 census;
06----SARAH ELIZABETH ROBISON [b. 1850, listed below];
06----PHYLENE JANE ROBISON [b. 7 May 1853- twin, New Washington, Clark Co, IN; d. CA], a dressmaker, m.
Thomas BLAKELY on 4 Jan 1874, had two children:
     07----ELLA F BLAKELY [b. 1873]; and
     07----WALTER BLAKELY [b. 1876];
06----SOLOMAN S ROBISON [b. 7 May 1853- twin, New Washington, Clark Co, IN; d. 22 Jun 1927, Barnard, Nodaway Co, MO- age 74];
06----DANIEL MARION ROBISON [b. 4 Apr 1855, IN; d. 17 Jul 1929, Barnard, Nodaway Co, MO- age 74], m.
Sarah Lavina GOFORTH on 9 Oct 1887, had seven children: (six listed, from 1910 census)
     07----ALVIN L ROBISON [b. about 1889, MO];
     07----LENA B ROBISON [b. about 1891];
     07----DONNA M ROBISON [b. about 1893];
     07----CURTIS M ROBISON [b. about 1895];
     07----VIRGIL D ROBISON [b. about 1899, b. MO];
     07----NOMA B ROBISON [b. about 1904, MO], m. Clyde SAWYER;
06----CORDI ANN (DORRELL) ROBISON [b. 1858, listed below];
06----CHRISTOPHER C "LUM" ROBISON [b. May 1859, MO];
06----WILLIAM ROBISON [b. about 1859, MO; d. 10 Jul 1919, Barnard, Nodaway Co, MO- age 79];
06----ADALINE ROBISON [b. about 1862, MO; d. Feb 1887- age 25], m.
James Arthur GOFORTH on 7 Jan 1885, had daughter:
     07----ANNA BLANCHE GOFORTH [b. 1885], m.
Rev. Horace HINDS [b. 1880], had six children:
          08----ALPHA JAMES HINDS [b. 1905];
          08----IMMANUEL HINDS [b. 1906];
          08----PAUL HINDS [b. 1908];
          08----ARIEL HINDS [b. 1911];
          08----LOIS LOUISE HINDS [b. 1916];
          08----LEILA ANNA HINDS [b. 1917]; and
06----CALLIE ROBISON, m. Thorton RECTOR.

     1850 Jackson Co, IN census: has Jacob "Garret" 71, b. VA, Farmer, w/ $700 RE; his wife Jane Garret 69, b. PA; James H Robertson 32, b. IN, Farmer; his wife Rachel Robertson 28, b. IN; Mary Robertson (Adams?) 7, b. IN; Columbus Robertson 3, b. IN; and Sarah E Robertson 2/12, b. IN. (note Robertson not Robison)
     Daniel Garret 21; and Elizabeth Garrett 19, b. TN; lived next door.
     1870 Grant, Nodaway Co, MO census: has James H Robison 53, b. IN, Farming (w/ $11,000 RE); Gelina Robison 42, b. KY, Keeping House; Sarah Robison 19, b. IN; Sylvester Robison 17, b. IN; Filena Jane Robison 17, b. IN; Danl Marion Robison 15, b. IN; Cordelia A Robison 13, b. MO; William Robison 11, b. MO; Adeline Robison 9, b. MO; Caroline Robison 5, b. MO; Thomas Blakely 21, b. MO; Alice Vic Blakely 19, b. MO; Joseph Wm Blakely 15, b. MO; Felix Blakely 13, b. MO; Gelina A Blakely 10, b. MO; Savanna J Blakely 8, b. MO; and Wm A Quigley 17, b. IL.
     1880 Nodaway Co, MO census: has Harvey Robison 68, b. IN, Farmer; Columbus Robison 32, b. IN, Farmer; Soloman S Robison 27, b. IN, Farmer; Daniel M Robison 25, b. IN, Farmer; William Robison 21, b. MO, Laborer; Adaline Robison 18, b. MO; and Coraline Robison 16, b. MO.
     1910 Vernon Co, MO census: has Columbus Robison 61, b. IN, Farmer-General Farm; Amanda Robison 54, b. IN; George Robison 31, b. MO, Farmer-Home Farm; Mary E Robison 24, b. AR (Daughter-in-Law); and Ethel Robison 7, b. MO (Granddaughter).
     1910 Grant, Nodaway Co, MO census: has (all but Daniel b. MO) Daniel M Robison 55, b. IN, Farmer-Gen'l Farm; Sarah L Robison 50 (7 children-6 living); Alvin L Robison 21, Laborer- Home Farm; Lena B Robison 18, Teacher-Public School; Donna M Robison 17; Curtis M Robison 15; Virgil D Robison 10, and Noma Robison 6.
     1920 Grant, Nodaway Co, MO census: has (all but Daniel b. MO) Daniel M Robison 64, b. IN, Farmer-Farm; Sarah Robison 59; Alvin Robison 30, Farmer-Farm; Virgil Robison 20, Teacher-R School; and Noma Robison 16.

     HIS 1ST? MARRIAGE: James Harvey may have been first married to a Delila DAVIS on 31 Dec 1842.
     HIS 2ND MARRIAGE: James Harvey 2nd married
Rachel Ann GARRIOTT.
     HIS 3RD MARRIAGE: James Harvey 3rd married
Glinia BLAKELY on 7 Apr 1870.