05-Mildred R "Millie" Garriott
Birth: 17 Jan 1811, Henry Co, KY
Home: Trimble Co, KY
Death: 17 Oct 1875, Trimble Co, KY- age 64
Burial: Abbott Cemetery
Father: Loven "Loving" Garriott

Marriage: 15 Jul 1826, Henry Co, KY
Spouse: John Morgan ABBOTT
Birth: 11 Sep 1803, Culpeper Co, VA
Death: 9 Jan 1891- age 87
Burial: Abbott Cemetery
Occupation: Tavern Keeper w/ $20,000 Real Estate [1850 Trimble Co, KY census]
Father: Joseph Abbott
Mother: Sarah Dodd

      CHILDREN: Margaret and John had the following 11 children:
06----ELIZABETH JANE ABBOTT [b. 1828, listed below];
06----WILLIAM TRIGG ABBOTT [b. 24 Jun 1829; d. 27 Jul 1835, Henry Co, KY- age 6];
06----MARGARET ANN ABBOTT [b. 29 Dec 1831, Henry Co, KY; d. 22 Mar 1925- age 94, bur. Detroit Cemetery], m. William T JR VOIERS [b. 30 Aug 1824, New Castle, Henry Co, KY; d. 22 Mar 1895, Texarkana, Bowie Co, TX- age 71, bur. Detroit Cemetery], a School Teacher, son of William Thomas Sr Voiers (1798-1865) and Nancy Moxley (1806-1880) about 1851, had four children:
     07----GEORGE WARREN VOIERS [b. 8 Oct 1852, Trimble Co, KY; d. 5 Jun 1930, Kaufman Co, TX-age 78, bur. Kaufman Cemetery]; m. Mary Rebecca ELLIOTT [b. 19 Oct 1858, TX; d. 19 Jun 1932, Kaufman Co, TX, bur. Kaufman Cemetery]; and
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     07----MINNIE J VOIERS [b. 1858, Trimble Co, KY], m. James B WHITFIELD [b. 1850] on 15 Feb 1877, Red River Co, TX;
     07----CLARENCE VOIERS [b. about 1864, KY]; and
     07----CHARLES H VOIERS [b. Jan 1868, MO], m. Minnie B ___ [b. Dec 1869, TX], had three daughters:
          08----MARGRETT A VOIERS [b. Apr 1893, TX];
          08----ERMA (EMMA?) G VOIERS [b. Dec 1898, TX]; and
          08----JANETTE VORIES [b. about 1906, TX];
06----LOVING GARRIOTT ABBOTT [b. 1834, listed below];
06----HENRY ABBOTT [b. 5 Sep 1836, Henry Co, KY]-- not in 1850 Trimble Co census;
06----JAMES HENRY ABBOTT [b. 15 Feb 1839, Henry Co, KY];
06----JOHN MORGAN JR ABBOTT [b. 2 Nov 1842, Henry Co, KY; d. 3 Nov 1930, Sulphur, Henry Co, KY: Vol.61/30336- age 88, bur. Sulphur Cemetery], m. about 1863 Anna E MORRIS [b. 1840, KY; d. 29 May 1929, Henry Co, KY- age 89, bur. Sulphur Cemetery] on 25 Feb 1867, Henry Co, KY, he a Farmer. They had three children:
     07----WILLIAM "WILLIE" H ABBOTT [b. 5 Jan 1869, KY; d. 6 Dec 1945, Henry Co, KY- age 76, bur. Sulphur Cemetery], m. Willie VIOLETT [b. 7 May 1873, Henry Co, KY; d. 19 Jun 1937, Sulphur, Henry Co, KY- age 64, bur. Sulphur Cemetery], daughter of William Violett and Martha Tuckett on 20 Nov 1890, Henry Co, KY;
     07----MAMIE ABBOTT;
     07----GILBERT L ABBOTT;
06----MILDRED HELEN ABBOTT [b. 11 Jul 1845, Henry Co, KY; d. 9 Mar 1848, Henry Co, KY- age 2];
06----MARY HELEN ABBOTT [b. 16 Feb 1848, Henry Co, KY];
06----JOSEPH CAMPBELL ABBOTT [b. 5 Jun 1850, Henry Co, KY; d. 7 Mar 1895, Madison, Jefferson Co, IN- age 44, bur. Springdale Cemetery], m. Elizabeth Frost WILLIAMS [b. 21 Feb 1849, Madison, Jefferson Co, IN; d. 1927, Madison, Jefferson Co, IN- age 78, bur Springdale Cemetery] on 29 Mar 1876, Jefferson Co, IN, came to Milton, KY at 5 years of age with his parents, went to college at Carrollton, KY, and, after college, signed on as clerk on the Steamboat 'Lenora'; and
06----ABSOLUM WILLIS [or Waller] ABBOTT [b. 11 Oct 1854, Grant ( or Trimble) Co, KY; d. 12 Mar 1928, Louisville, Jefferson Co, KY- age 74], m. Belle E GILLUM [b. 1861, Trimble Co, KY] on 17 Dec 1889, Trimble Co, KY, he a Steamboatsman.

     1850 District 1, Trimble Co, KY census: has (all but John b. KY) John M Abbott 43, b. VA, Tavernkeeper with $20,000 RE; Milly Abbott 38; Elizabeth Abbott 20; Margaret Abbott 18; Loving G Abbott 14; Henry Abbott 12; Jno Abbott 7; and Mary H Abbott 2.
     1860 Milton, Trimble Co, KY census: has (all but John b. KY) John Abbott 57, b. VA, Tavernkeeper and Ferryman w/ $8,000 RE and personal wealth of $27,026; Milly R Abbott 50; James H Abbott 22; John M Abbott 19; Helen Abbott 12; Joseph C Abbott10; Absolem W Abbott 6; and John James 24.
     Next door on this census page has: Loving G Abbott 27, b. KY, Ferryman; Ellen Abbott 22, b. KY; and Eugene Abbott 1, b. KY.
     Next door on this census page has: William Voiers 34, b, S Teacher; Margaret A Voiers 27; George W Voiers 8; and Minnie J Voiers 2.
     1870 Milton, Trimble Co, KY census: John M Abbott 66, b. VA, Hotelkeeper w/$7,000 RE; Milly R Abbott 59, b. KY, Keeping House; Joseph C Abbott 19, b. KY, Farm Hand; Willie Abbott 15, b. KY; William Hisle 25, b. KY, Hotel Keeper; Catherine Hisle 21, b. KY, Housekeeper; James Hisle 2, b. KY; Lilly J Hisle 11/12, b. KY; Annie King 25 (M), b. KY, Cook; Bettie King 5 (M), b. KY; Robert Abbott 24 (B), House Servant; Tom W Abbott 16 (B), b. KY, Astler; Keziah Mulliken 26 (M), b. KY, House Servant; Perry Mulliken 10 (M), b. KY, House Servant; Charles Mulliken 5 (M), b. KY; Ella Mulliken 2 (M), b. KY; Kitty Blakemore 25 (M), b. KY, Wash Woman; Thomas Blakemore 4 (M), b. KY; Soloman Hampton 33, b. VA, Physician; William Ray 55, b. VA, Saddler; Peter Abbott 23 (B), b. VA, Farm Hand; and Mathew Blakemore 23 (M), b. VA, Farm Hand.
     1870 Columbus, Johnson Co, MO census: has (all but Charles b. KY) William Voires 47, Farmer w/ $2,800 RE; Margaret Voires 38, Keeping House; George Voires 18, Wks on Farm; Minnie Voires 12; Clarence Voires 6; and Charles Voires 2.
     1880 Milton, Trimble Co, KY census: has John M Abbott 76, b. VA, Boarder in the household of Mart Mosby 47, b. KY, Hotel Keeper; Sallie Mosby 33, b. KY; their children and other boarders, servants, Walter Abbott 24, b. KY, and (Mother-in-Law).
     1880 Madison, Jefferson Co, IN census: has Joseph C Abbott 29, b. KY, Engineer; Elizabeth Abbott 29, b. IN, Keeping House; Anna Kaak 18, b. IN (Servant); and M Stottlbower 21, b. KY, Engineer (Boarder).
     1880 Precinct 4, Red River Co, TX census: had JB Whitfield 30, b. TN, Dry Goods Mercht; Minnie J Whitfield 22, b. KY; and Clarance Voiers 16, b. KY, Clerks in Store (Brother-in-Law).
     1900 Justice Precinct 4, Red River Co, TX census: has (all b. KY) AJ Pittman 73, Capitalist; Margaret Pittman 69 (5 children-4 living); and Clarence Voiers 36, Cotton Buyer (Step-Son).
     1900 Justice Precinct 2, Kaufman Co, TX census: has (all but Charlie b. TX) Charlie H Voiers 32, Clerk-Merchantile; Minnie C Voiers 30 (3 children-2 living); Margrett A Voiers 7; and Erma G Voiers 2.
     1910 Justice Precinct 4, Red River Co, TX census: has James B Whitfield 60, b. TN, Cotton Buyer; Minnie Whitfield 51, b. KY; and Margaret Pittman 78, b. KY (4 children-4 living)(Widow, Mother-in-Law).
     1910 Sulphur, Henry Co, KY census: has (both b. KY) JM Abbott 66, Farmer-General Farm; and Annie Abbott 67 (1 child-1 living).
     1920 Oklahoma City Ward 3, OK census: has Clarence C Voiers 56, b. KY, Salesman-Adding Machines (Single); Margaret Pittman 90, b. KY (Widow, Mother); Minnie Whitfield 61, b. KY (Widow, Sister); Sam A Stewart 37, b. OH, Serviceman-Garage (Lodger); and Forest Wildman 19, b. OK, Laborer-Garage (Lodger).
     1920 Oklahoma City Ward 2, OK census: has (all but CH b. TX) CH Voiers 52, Agent-Adding Machine; Minnie Voiers 47; Margaret Voiers 26; and Erma Voiers 22.
     1920 New Castle, Henry Co, KY census: has (both b. KY) John M Abbott 77, Farmer-Farm; and Anna Abbott 78.
     1920 New Castle, Henry Co, KY census: has (both b. KY) William H Abbott 50, Merchant-Store; and Willie V Abbott 46.
     On this same census page is (all b. KY) Edmonia Garriott 70 (Boarder, Widow) in the household of Orville Yager 36, Farmer-Farm; Anna Yager 46; and Kate Groves (Mother-in-Law, Widow).
     1930 Houston, Harris Co, TX census: has (all but Charles b. TX) Charles H Voiers 62, Merchant-Automobiles; Minnie B Voiers 60; Margaret Voiers 36, Musician??; and Erma Voiers 32.
     1940 Houston, Harris Co, TX census: has Charles Vories 72, b. MO, Realtor-Real Estate; Minnie Vories 70, b. TX; Margaret Voeirs 45, b. TX, Saleswoman-General Insurance; Emma Vories 39, Music Teacher-at Home; Janette Vories 34, b. TX; Ella Mae Hammerback 29, b. MN, Domestic-Private Family (Servant); and Mamie Laski 27, b. TX, Domestic-Private Family (Servant).


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