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06-Loving Garriott "Love" Sr Abbott
Birth: 21 Feb 1834, Henry Co, KY
Home: Bedford, Trimble Co, KY
Death: 22 Apr 1927, Trimble Co, KY: Vol.25/12007- @ daughter Nettie's home- age 93
Burial: IOOF-Bedford Cemetery
Occupation: Farmer, Ferryman (1860 census)
Mother: Mildred R "Millie" Garriott

Marriage: 21 Oct 1858, near Middle Creek Church, Trimble Co, KY, by Rev Smith
Spouse: Mary Ellenor (Elizabeth) GILL
Birth: 11 Feb 1839, Jefferson or Shelby Co, KY
Death: 30 Oct 1924, Trimble Co, KY: Vol.59/29128- age 85
Burial: IOOF-Bedford Cemetery
Father: James Powell Gill (1809-1878)
Mother: Nancy Shirley (1808-1882)

     CHILDREN: 33 [pg 314*] Loving and Mary had the following children, not all of which are listed in Garr's genealogy book:
07----EUGENE A ABBOTT [b. 1858, Trimble Co, KY; bur. Craig-Onstott-Gill Cemetery];
07----LEWIS ABBOTT [b. 1 Aug 1859; d. 20 Aug 1863- age 4];
07----*NANCY MILDRED "NANNIE" ABBOTT [b. 30 Oct 1860, KY; d. 28 Oct 1902- age 41, bur. IOOF-Bedford Cemetery], m. William P THOMASSON [b. Mar 1858, KY] on 12 Oct 1881, Trimble Co, KY, at bride's home by LG Abbott;
07----JAMES "Jimmie" L ABBOTT [b. 8 Jul 1862; d. 20 Aug 1863- age 1, Trimble Co, KY, bur. Craig-Onstott-Gill Cemetery];
07---*LOVING GARRIOTT JR ABBOTT [b. 1864, listed below];
07---*HENRY WALLER ABBOTT [b. 1866, listed below];
07----LILIA ABBOTT [b. 8 Jan 1868, Trimble Co, KY; d. 22 Mar 1873- age 5, bur. Craig-Onstott-Gill Cemetery];
07---*ELIZABETH JANE "BETTIE" ABBOTT [b. 1871, listed below];
07---*NETTIE [or Nellie] MILLER ABBOTT [b. 17 Jun 1875; d. 11 Feb 1961, Trimble Co, KY: Vol.9/4023- age 84?, bur. IOOF-Bedford Cemetery], m. Colman "Cole" Z BARRICKMAN about 1894;
07----PEARL ABBOTT [b. 5 Mar 1879; d. 24 Dec 1882, Trimble Co, KY- age 3, bur. Craig-Onstott-Gill Cemetery].

     1960 Milton, Trimble Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Loving G Abbott 27, Ferryman; Ellen Abbott 22; and Ugene Abbott 1.
     Next door is John Abbott 57, Tavernkeeper & Ferryman; Milly R Abbott 50; and their 5 children.
     1870 Bedford, Trimble Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Loving G Abbott 36, Farmer w/ $1,500 RE; Elanor Abbott 29, Keeping House; Nancy M Abbott 9; Loving Abbott 6; Henry Abbott 5; and Lilly Abbott 2.
     Next door is James Gill 59; and Nancy Gill 63.
     1880 Bedford, Trimble Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Loving T Abbott 46, Farming; Mary E Abbott 39, Keeping House; Nannie M Abbott 19; Loving G Abbott 16; Henry Abbott 14 Elizabeth Abbott 9; Nettie M Abbott 3; Pearl Abbott 1; and Nancy Gill 74, (Widow, Mother-in-Law).
     1900 Bedford, Trimble Co, KY census: has Loving G Abbott 66, b. KY, Farmer; and Mary E Abbott 61, b. KY (9 children-5 living).
     1910 Bedford, Trimble Co, KY census: has Loving G Abbott Sr 76, b. KY, Farmer-General Farm; and Mary E Abbott 71, b. KY (10 children-4 living).
     1920 Barebone, Trimble Co, KY census: has Loving G Abbott 86, b. KY, Farmer-General Farm; and Mary E Abbott 81.
     This same census page: has (all b. KY) Robert L Garriott 53, Farmer-General Farm; Sarah T Garriott 54; and Thelma B Garriott 19.

     1885 INDENTURE: 34 Mrs Cobb states that the second term of education was held in a log cabin on Love Abbotts' farm. An indenture was made 9-7-1885, "By and between LG Abbott and his wife, ME Abbott of the one part; and DM Averitt, LC Brown, and Jacob Varble, trustees of the school district #21 of the second part." This deed stated that, "In consideration of the right and free of other charges and also as a donation, the aforesaid do hereby sell, convey and donate to the said trustees and their successors a tract of real estate with the provision that said property is to revert to said Abbott or assigns whenever same should cease to be used for school purposes."
     School was discontinued on the 1/4-acre property in 1936 and the land reverted to the Abbott heirs.