05-Nathan Shirley
Birth: 5 Dec 1791, Frederick Co, VA
Death: 26 Aug 1871, Junction, Pauding Co, OH- age 79
Burial: Potter & Klein Cemetery
Occupation: Farmer
Father: Robert Shirley

Marriage: 15 Apr 1819, Ross Co, OH
Spouse: Mary Farmer MINEAR
Birth: 9 Jan 1800, Bucks Co, PA
Death: 12 Oct 1844- age 44
Burial: Potter & Klein Cemetery
Father: Philip Minear (1763-1846)
Mother: Winnie Farmer (1767-1802)

     CHILDREN: Nathan and Mary had 11 children: [census]
06----PHILIP Z SHIRLEY [b. 1820, listed below];
06----RACHEL S SHIRLEY [b. May 1821; d. 3 Dec 1843- age 22, bur. Potter & Klein Cemetery],
06----WILLIAM BARTON SHIRLEY [b. 23 Feb 1825, Huron Co, OH; d. 31 Dec 1887, Huron Co, OH- age 62, bur. Scott Union Cemetery], m. Rhoda MARTIN [b. 14 Nov 1828, Canada; d. 27 Mar 1908- age 79, bur. Scott Union Cemetery], had 9 children: [census]
     07----CHARLES SHIRLEY [b. about 1850, OH], Fisherman;
     07----ABIATHER SHIRLEY [b. about 1852, OH], Fisherman;
     07----FRANK SHIRLEY [b. about 1853, OH], Fisherman;
     07----HENRY SHIRLEY [b. about 1857, OH], Fisherman;
     07----OLIVER SHIRLEY [b. about 1858, OH], Fisherman;
     07----GEORGE SHIRLEY [b. about 1861, OH], Fisherman;
     07----ORLEY SHIRLEY [b. about 1863, OH];
     07----WARREN SHIRLEY [b. about 1866, OH]; and
     07----WARREN SHIRLEY [b. about 1870, OH];
06----WINNIFRED "Winney" A SHIRLEY [b. about 1829, OH];
06----RUTH SHIRLEY [b. about 1831, OH];
06----GILBERT SHIRLEY [b. about 1833, OH];
06----CLARK D SHIRLEY [b. about 1834, OH], m. Emma L BENNETT [b. about 1848, OH] on 24 Dec 1965, Putnam Co, OH, had 5 children: [census]
     07----EDWARD E SHIRLEY [b. about 1868, OH];
     07----STEPHEN SHIRLEY [b. about 1870, OH];
     07----PHEBE G SHIRLEY [b. about 1873, OH];
     07----ZELDA M SHIRLEY [b. 29 Jul 1876, Brown, Pauling Co, OH];
     07----KATE E SHIRLEY [b. about 1878, OH];
06----ELITHA ANN SHIRLEY [b. about 1836, Defiance Co, OH];
06----JOHN WESTLY SHIRLEY [b. Dec 1839, OH; d. 27 Dec 1908, Warsaw, IN- age ], m. Rachel A FRYMAN [b. Oct 1851, OH; d. 1921, Mishawaka, St Joseph Co, IN- age 70], daughter of Jacob Fryman (1816-1864) and Rachel Gallant (1817-1890), had five children:
     07----ADRIAN SHIRLEY [b. Sep 1873, OH], m. Mary A FELL on 1 Feb 1895, had 2 children:
          08----ADRIAN A SHIRLEY [b. Aug 1899, OH];
     07----WINNIE A SHIRLEY [b. about 1877, Brown, Pauling Co, OH; d. 1 May 1935, Toledo, Lucas Co, OH- age 58];
     07----RACHEL M SHIRLEY [b. 19 Dec 1880, OH; d. 4 Feb1977, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, FL- age 96], m. Orvis L STUFF [b. about 1885, IN];
     07----ELLA GRACE SHIRLEY [b. about 1885, OH];
     07----JOHN W SHIRLEY [b. about 1892, OH];
06----MARY SHIRLEY [b. about 1840, OH];
06----NANCY SHIRLEY [b. about 1842, OH];
06----STEPHEN M SHIRLEY [b. 3 Oct 1844, Defiance Co, OH; d, 10 Sep 1913, Defiance Co, OH- age 68, bur. Cromley Cemetery], m. Estella E NEWTON [b. 25 Jan 1851, Hopkinton, St Lawrence Co, NY; d. 9 Nov 1899, Defiance Co, OH- age 48, bur. Cromley Cemetery], daughter of William Newton (1822-1872) and Martha Lobdell (1825-1899), had children: [census]
     07----MATTIE SHIRLEY [b. about 1873, OH];
     07----LAURENCE SHIRLEY [b. about 1878, OH];
     07----LESTER L SHIRLEY b. 12 Mar 1889, Defiance Co, OH; d. Jul 1943, Defiance Co, OH- age 54, bur. Sherwood Cemetery], m. Marvel Belle REYFF [b. 24 Feb 1889, Defiance Co, OH; d. 23 Feb 1986, Auburn, De Kalb Co, IN- age 96, bur. Sherwood Cemetery], daughter of Eucibus Reyff (1844-1925) and Mary Elizabeth Rock (1852-1949), had 5 children:
          08----MAVIS BELLE SHIRLEY [b. 1919, Defiance Co, OH; d. 1922, Defiance Co, OH- age 3, bur. Sherwood Cemetery];
          08----LYNN SHIRLEY,
          08----LESTER REYFF SHIRLEY [b. 14 Feb 1918; d. 15 Oct 1983, Jackson Co, MI- age 65, bur. Maumee Cemetery], m. Martha H McCALLUA [b. 21 Jul 1917; d. 12 Sep 1983- age 65, bur. Maumee Cemetery];
          08----MARY SHIRLEY, m. Richard REUTER;
          08----JUNE SHIRLEY, m. Robert SKINNER.

     1850 Defiance Co, OH census: has (all but Nathan b. OH) Nathan Shirley 58, b. VA, Farming w/ $14,300 RE; William Shirley 25, Farming w/ $300 RE; Winney Shirley 21; Ruth Shirley 19; Gilbert Shirley 17, Farming; Clark Shirley 16, Farming; Elitha Shirley 14; John W Shirley 12; Mary Shirley 10; Nancy Shirley 8; and Stephen M Shirley 6.
     1860 Defiance Co, OH census: has Nathan Shirley 68, b. VA, Farmer w/ 6,000 RE; Ann P Shirley 53, b. NJ; Nancy Shirley 18, b. OH, Domestic; Stephen Shirley 15, b. OH, Laborer; George Hankins 14, b. OH; Jane Hankins 11, b. OH; Charles G Shirley 8, b. OH; Rebecca Lewis 21, b. NJ, Domestic; James Wayburn 22, b. OH, Laborer; and Charles McColler 21, b. OH, Laborer.
     1860 Lancaster, Nebraska Territory census: has William Shirley 35, b. OH, Farmer w/ $1,500 RE; Jane Shirley 27, b. OH; Alfred B Shirley 13, b. IA; Elizabeth Shirley 11, b. IA; John Shirley 8, b. IA; Emerson Shirley 6, b. IA; and Charles W Shirley 2, b. NE.
     1870 Perry Twp, Putnam Co, OH census: has (all b. OH) Philip Shirley 50, Farmer; Elizabeth Shirley 41, Keeping House; Mary C Shirley 19; Clara M Shirley 12; Elizabeth A Shirley 10; Nathan C Shirley 7; Nancy R Shirley 5; and Dora A Shirley 1.
     Four doors down has: (all b. OH) Clark D Shirley 35, Farmer; Lydia E Shirley 21, Keeping House; Ebel E Shirley 2; and Stephen B Shirley 6/12.
     1870 Lincoln, Lancaster Co, NE census: has William Shirley 46, b. VA, Keeping Liquor Saloon; Jane Shirley 37, b. OH, Keeping House; Mary Shirley 20, b. WI; Emerson Shirley 14, b. IA; Charles Shirley 10, b. NE; and George Shirley 6, b. NE.
     1870 Defiance Co, OH census: has Stephen Shirley 25, b. OH, Farm Laborer, in the household of Andrew Dils 32, b. Canada, Farmer; Nancy Dills 28, b. OH, Keeping House; and their 2 children.
     1880 Perry Twp, Putnam Co, OH census: has (all b. OH) Philip Shirley 60, Farmer; Elizabeth Shirley 51, Keeping House; Mary C Shirley 28; Annie E Shirley 19; Nathan C Shirley 17, Teaching School; Nancy R Shirley 14; Dora A Shirley 11; and Jennie C Shirley 8.
     1880 Huron Twp, Erie Co, OH census: has (all but Rhode b. OH) Wm B Shirley 55, Fisherman; Rhode Shirley 52, b. CAN; Charles Shirley 30 Abiather Shirley 28, Fisherman; Frank Shirley 27, Fisherman; Henry Shirley 23, Fisherman; Oliver Shirley 22, Fisherman; George Shirley 19, Fisherman; Orley Shirley 17; Arthur Shirley 14; and Warren Shirley 10.
     1880 Defiance Co, OH census: has Stephen Shirley 35, b. OH, Farmer; Estella Shirley 29, b. OH; Mattie Shirley 7, b. OH; Laurence Shirley 2, b. OH; Martha Newton 53, b. NY (Widow)(Mother-in-Law); and George Newton 18, b. NY (Brother-in-Law).
     1880 Washington, Clark Co, IN census: has (all b. OH) Clark D Shirley 46, Railroading; Emma L Shirley 32, Keeps House; Edward E Shirley 12; Stephen Shirley 10; Phebe G Shirley 7; Zelda M Shirley 4; and Kate E Shirley 2.
     1880 Brown, Paulding Co, OH census: has (all b. OH) John W Shirley 41, b. OH, Farmer; Rachel A Shirley 28, Keeping House; Adrian Shirley 8; and Winnie Shirley 3.
     1900 Monroe Twp, Putnam Co, OH census: has (all b. OH) Nathan C Shirley 37, Farmer; Emma I Shirley 36 (5 children-5 living); Ashley R Shirley 11; Hoyea I Shirley 8; Ross R Shirley 7; Mary E Shirley 5; and Lee L Shirley 1.
     1900 Huron, Erie Co, OH census: has Abiathar Shirley 42, b. OH; Ada R Shirley 30, b. England (1 child-1 living); Francis  L Shirley 10, b. OH; and Rhoda Shirley 72, b. Canada (Mother, Widow).
     Next door has : Elizabeth Shirley 75, b. OH (1 child-1 living)(Widow).
     1900 Lima Ward 1, Allen Co, OH census: has (all b. OH) George F Cochrun 44, Refinery Laborer; Jennie C Cochrun 27 (2 children-2 living); Gilbert G Cochrun 6; Paul F Cochrun 2; and Orzantha E Cochrun 14 (Servant).
     1900 Emerald, Paulding Co, OH census: has (all b. OH) John W Shirley 61; Rachel A Shirley 48 (5 children-5 living); Rachel M Shirley 19; Ella G Shirley 15; John W Shirley 8; Adrian A Shirley 27; Mary A Shirley 27 (D-in-Law)(2 children-1 living); and Adrian A Shirley 7/12 (Grandson).
     1900 Defiance Co, OH census: has Stephen M Shirley 54, b. OH, Farmer; Lester L Shirley 11, b. OH; and Elizibeth Hill 50, b. OH (Servant).
     Next door has Charles H Newton 43, b. OH and his family.
     1920 Monroe Twp, Putnam Co, OH census: has (all b. OH) NC Shirley 57, Farmer-Gen Farm; Emma Shirley 57; Ross R Shirley 26, Farmer-Gen Farm; Lena L Shirley 21; and Claud L Shirley 14.
     1930 Monroe Twp, Putnam Co, OH census: has (both b. OH) Nathan Shirley 67, Farm Laborer-Gen Farming; and Emma Shirley 67.
     Next door is Claude Shirley 24, b. OH, Farmer-Gen Farm; Emma Shirley 24, b. GA; and William B Shirley 1-5/12, b. OH.
     1940 Monroe Twp, Putnam Co, OH census: has (both b. OH) Nathan Shirley 77; and Emma Shirley 77.

     1986 OBITUARY: M Belle Shirley, 96, died Saturday, February 23, 1986, at 6 am in DeKalb Memorial Hospital, Auburn. She had lived in the Wesley Park Apartments of Auburn for seven years. Mrs Shirley was born February 24, 1889 to Eucibus and Mary Elizabeth (Rock) Reyff in Sherwood, OH. She married Lester Shirley January 4, 1911 in Defiance, OH. He preceded her in death in 1943. Surviving are two sons, Lynn of Cullman, AL and Lester of Jackson, MI; two daughters, Mrs Richard (Mary) Reuter of Auburn and Mrs Robert (June) Skinner of Angola; eight grandchildren; four step grandchildren; 15 great grandchildren; 13 great step grandchildren; on one great, great grandchild.
     Services were held Tuesday, February 25, at 1 pm in Dilgard, Cline and Southern Funeral Home, Auburn. The Rev Gary Evans, associate pastor of Auburn First United Methodist Church, officiated. Burial was in the Sherwood cemetery. 

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