​​​​​​​​Garriott Family Genealogy

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​​​​06-Emmett Walter Garriott
Birth: 24 Mar 1873, Little York, Wash Co, IN
Death: 23 Oct 1957, at son Lotus' home in Salem, Wash Co, IN- age 84
Burial: Mt Carmel Cemetery
Military: Registered for WW1 draft on 12 Sep 1918 @ 45 years old
Father: William Woodford Garriott

Marriage: 5 Sep 1897, Wash Co, IN: Bk L/211
Spouse: Tina JENKINS
Birth: 18 Dec 1875
Death: 11 Oct 1957- age 81
Burial: Mt Carmel Cemetery
Father: Alrudes Jenkins (1821-)?
Mother: Mary M ___ (1823-)

     CHILDREN: Emmett and Tina had five children:
07----CLYDE NEWTON GARRIOTT [b. 14 Aug 1898, Little York, Wash Co, IN [marr appl]; d. Dec 1981, Richmond, Macomb Co, MI- age 83], a Machinist, Road Supt.[marr appl], SSN: 308-01-5190/IN, m.
Gladys Eilene HOUSE [b. 20 Mar 1901, Scottsburg, Scott Co, IN; d. Nov 1982, Connersville, Fayette Co, IN- age 81], a School Teacher, SSN: 307-54-4000/IN, daughter of Alonzo House and Rebecca Scifers in 1921, Wash Co, IN: Bk Q/423, lived in Connersville, Fayette Co, IN, had two children: 11
      08----GENE ARTHUR GARRIOTT [b. 28 May 1924, Wash Co, IN], married
Editha R SCHUMANN [b. 8 Jan 1926, Fayette Co, IN] on 25 Jan 1946, Fayette Co, IN: Bk 12/310, she the daughter of Raymond Schumann and Jessie Jackson. They had four children:
     08----PHYLLIS ANN GARRIOTT [b. 4 Nov 1926, Fayette Co, IN], a teacher, married
Louis Fort BARNARD [b. 6 Aug 1926, Rush Co, IN], a Teacher, on 23 Jun 1952, Fayette Co, IN: Bk 15/247, he the son of Joseph F Barnard [1895-1934] and Rua Fort [1896-1934]. They had three daughters:
07----LEE VERNER GARRIOTT [b. 11 Feb 1901, Wash Co, IN: Bk H5/3; d. 22 Sep 1918, Wash Co, IN: Bk H31/32- age 17, 7 bur. Mt Carmel Cemetery], Little York HS, class of 1918;
     Lee Verner Garriott graduated with the first High School graduating class from Little York School for the class year of 1917-1918 when the school first became a four-year High School. The two other class members were Nellie Mitchell and Fannie Williams. 7
07----ALICE EDNA GARRIOTT [b. 15 Apr 1903, Little York, Wash Co, IN: Bk H25/28 (w/ twin girl?), a Cashier @ Telephone Co. (marr appl); d. 2002], m.
Edward H BEIKMAN [b. 12 Jan 1902, Jackson Co, IN; d. 16 Jul 1969- age 67, bur. Lutheran Cemetery], a Lineman (marr appl), son of John C Beikman (-1924) and Sophia Hartman, lived in Bloomington, Monroe Co, IN, on 23 Aug 1924, Jackson Co, IN: Bk T/435, had two sons:
     08----DONALD BEIKMAN [b. 29 Dec 1925], married
Elizabeth HERNER [b. about 1930] and had seven children:
     08----RICHARD BEIKMAN [b. 5 Jun 1935], married
Sharon KLATTE [b. about 1940] on 10 Jun 1967, had one daughter;      
07----RAY ELMER GARRIOTT [b. 4 Dec 1908, Little York, Wash Co, IN: Bk H22/2; d. 22 Oct 1986, Austin, Scott Co, IN- age 77, bur. Mt Carmel Cemetery], Teacher, Coach, Borg Electronics QC, SSN: 314-05-9021/IN, 11 educated at Hanover College, AB degree, 1930, m.
Olga ANDERSON [b. about 1910, Viroqua], m. about 1936, lived in Michigan, had three daughters: 11
     08----GINA GARRIOTT [b. May 1938], graduated from the University of Wisconsin, 7 married
___ GUNDERSON [b. about 1935] in about 1955, lived in Phoenix, Maricopa Co, AZ and Fontana, San Bernardino Co, CA, and had three children:
     08----JULIA ANN GARRIOTT [b. 29 May 1943, Ripley Co, IN; d. 27 May 2011, Yucca Valley, San Bernardino Co, CA- age 68], lived in New York City, was editor of St. Martin's Press; and
     08----ANITA RAE GARRIOTT, attended the University of Wisconsin for three years; Julliard School of Music graduate; Masters of Musicology, Villa Schifinoia, Florence, Italy, 1973. 7 She was a professor of Music History, University of Siena, Siena, Italy. She married
___ TOCI about 1975.
     Ray Elmer Garriott second married
Audra BLUNT [b. 1908; d. 2001].
07----LOTUS DAVIDSON [b. 16 Sep 1912, Wash Co, IN: Bk H10/9; d. 20 Mar 1991- age 78] a Salem Fire Chief, IN Tax Admin, SSN: 317-05-1908/IN 11 Hanover College, 2 years, m.
Helen Kathryn MEAD [b. 16 Oct 1912, Canton, Wash Co, IN; d. 26 Sep 1958, Salem, Wash Co, IN- age 45], the daughter of Harry Alonzo Mead (1891-1957) and Mazo P. Gresham (1894-1986), lived in Salem, Wash Co, IN, had three children:
     08----JAY DAVIDSON GARRIOTT [b. 2 Sep 1934, d. 13 Jun 1938- age 3];
     08----KAREN REE GARRIOTT [b. 10 Jun 1939, Canton, Wash Co, IN], married
Charles B GATER [b. about 1923] on 30 Jun 1958. Moved to Louisville, KY in 1967, had two daughters:
     08----MICHAEL BLAINE GARRIOTT [b. 28 Jul 1948, died in infancy].
    Lotus second married
Geneva Eileen HEAD [b. 3 Dec 1916] on 6 Oct 1961, Wash Co, IN-- no issue. She was a member of the Canton Methodist Church, the Fireman's Auxiliary, and was employed by Public Service Indiana, Salem, IN for 35 years. 7 Geneva was the daughter of William Head [b. 29 Sep 1887] and Edna G Hottell [b. 31 May 1891].

     1900 Wash Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) Emiet Garriott 25, Farmer; Tina F Garriott 24; Clyde Garriott 1; and Mary Jenkens 77 (Grandmother?, Widow).
     1910 Wash Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) Emmet Garriott 37, Farmer-General Farm; Tina Garriott 34 (4 children-4 living); Clyde Garriott 11; Verner Garriott 9; Alice Garriott 7; and Ray Garriott 1-9/12.
     Moses B Thompson 68; Amanda Thompson 57; and Noble H Thompson 15; lived next door.
     1920 Wash Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) Emmet Garriott 45, Superintendent-Public Roads; Tina Garriott 43; Clyde N Garriott 21, Laborer-***; Alice E Garriott 16; Ray E Garriott 11; and Lotus D Garriott 7.
     1940 Wash Co, IN census: has Emmet Garriott 67, Farmer; and Tina Garriott 64, Home Work.

     Emmett was a member of the Masonic Lodge for more than 50 years.