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06-Isaac Barrickman
Birth: 11 Oct 1823, KY [1860, 1870 Henry Co, KY census]
Death: 1 Apr 1885, Henry Co, KY- age 61
Burial: Smithfield Cemetery
Mother: Ann Margaret Wilhoite

1st Spouse: Frances Ann SMITH
Birth: 7 Dec 1830, Henry Co, KY (1860 Henry Co, KY census)
Death: 23 Nov 1853, Henry Co, KY- age 22
Father: James Bourbon Smith (1807-1870)
Mother: Sophia Bryant (1810-1845)

     CHILDREN: Isaac and Frances Ann had a son:
07----ISAAC JORDAN BARRACKMAN [b. 1852, listed below].

Marriage: 6 Mar 1856, Henry Co, KY
2nd Spouse: Catherine Ann SPURGEN
Birth: 21 Apr 1839, Henry Co, KY
Death: 22 Jan 1872, Smithfield, Henry Co, KY- age 32
Burial: Smithfield Cemetery
Father: Benjamin Forman Spurgen (1801-1864)
Mother: Louisa Ewing (1807-1880)

      CHILDREN: Isaac and Catherine had three children:
07----LOUISE ANNA BARRICKMAN [b. 1 Feb 1857, Henry Co, KY; d. 30 Nov 1934, Oldham Co, KY, Vol: 58/28932- age 77, bur. Smithfield Cemetery];
07----ALBIN BENJAMIN BARRICKMAN [b. 1859, listed below].
07----SALLIE B BARRICKMAN [b. 16 Oct 1863, Henry Co, KY; d. 14 Oct 1946, Henry Co, KY- age 83 almost, bur. Smithfield Cemetery], m. Thomas J CARROLL [b. 22 Mar 1856; d. 4 Dec 1900, KY- age 46, bur. Smithfield Cemetery], son of Eliza Carroll, had two children:
     08----JOHN S CARROLL [b. 14 Aug 1889, KY; d. 19 Jan 1859, KY- age 69, bur. Smithfield Cemetery];
     08----MADLYN CARROLL [b. Oct 1892, KY; d. 1977, KY- age 85, bur. Smithfield Cemetery], m. Joseph McCORMICK [b. 1880; d. 1953, KY- age 73, bur. Smithfield Cemetery].

Marriage: 17 Aug 1876, Oldham Co, KY
3rd Spouse: Lucy Elizabeth BUTTON McGhee
Birth: 26 Aug 1846, Oldham Co, KY
Death: 24 Mar 1931, Oldham Co, KY- age 84, of Miocarditis Chronic
Burial: Valley of Rest Cemetery
Father: George Washington Button (1808-1894)
Mother: Mary Elizabeth Rodman (1816-1896)
Lucy first married John William McGhee on 25 Feb 1863, Oldham Co, KY

     CHILDREN: Isaac and Lucy had two children:
07----MARVIN SCOTT BARRACKMAN [b.Aug 1878, Henry Co, KY; d. 20 May 1954, Humbolt, Allen Co, KS- age76, bur. Mount Hope Cemetery], m. Grace M ENGLISH [b. 24 Jan 1883, Allen Co, KS; d. 26 Jan 1965, Emporia, Lyon Co, KS- age 82, bur. Mount Hope Cemetery], had 2 daughters:
     08----VIVA L BARRACKMAN b. 30 Aug 1903, KS; d. Apr 1983, Orlando, Orange Co, FL- age 79], SSN: 263-03-8529/FL, m. Stanford E COMSTOCK [b. 13 Aug 1884, Lake View, Cook Co, IL], son of EF Comstock; and
     08----NORVA BARRACKMAN [b. about 1904, KS];
07----BLAND BALLARD BARRICKMAN [b. 3 Dec 1880, KY; d. 1 Jul 1929, Palm Beach Co, FL- age 49, bur. Valley of Rest Cemetery], a Carpenter, registered for draft, WW1 at age 37, from Delray, Palm Beach Co, FL, with nearest relative Mrs Lucy E Barrackman, Westport, Oldham Co, KY, tall/slender/blue/brown.

     1860 Subdivision 1, Henry Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Isaac Barrackman 36, Farmer w/ $6,000 RE; Francis Ann Barrackman 21 (most other information indicates Isaac's wife to be Catherine, Frances would have been deceased); Isaac J Barrackman 8; Louisiana Barrackman 3; and Benjamin A Barrackman 1.
     1860 LaGrange, Oldham Co, KY census: has (all but George b. KY) George Button 50, b. VA, Farmer w/ $5,400 RE; Mary Button 43; William Button 20; Bland Button 19; Richd Button 16; Lucy Button 14; Margaret Button 9; and Thomas Button
     1900 Brownsboro, Oldham Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Tom J Carroll 44, Farmer; Sallie F Carroll 36 (2 children-2 living); John Carroll 10; Mattie L Carroll 7; Lulie L Carroll 43 (Son-in-Law); and Bland Barrickman 19 (B-in-Law).
     1900 Bellrose, Oldham Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Joel Button 53, Farmer; Margaret Button 50 (5 children-4 living); Bland Button 27, Farm Laborer; Lulie Button 15; Viola Button 14; Amelia Barrickman 43 (S-in-Law?)(4 children-4 living); and Marvin Barrickman 21, Farmer (Son).
     1910 Humboldt Ward 1, Allen Co, KS census: has (all but Marvin b. KS) Marvin S Barrackman 32, b. KY, Teamster-Cement Plant; Grace M Barrackman 27 (2 children-2 living); Vivinna L Barrackman 7; and Norva L Barrackman 6.
     1910 District 7, Oldham Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Sally Carroll 46, Farmer-General Farm (Widow); John C Carroll 26, Lawyer; Madlin Carroll 17; and Louise Barrickman 52 (Sister).
     1920 Allen Co, KS census: has (all but Marvin b. KS) Marvin S Barrackman 42, b. KY, Laborer-Teamster; Grace M Barrackman 36 (2 children-2 living); Viva L Barrackman 17; and Norva Barrackman 16.
     1920 La Grange Twp, Oldham Co, KY census: has (both b. KY) Sallie Carroll 56 (Widow); and Madlyn Carroll 27.
     1930 La Grange Twp, Oldham Co, KY census: has Louise Barrickman 73, b. KY.
     1930 Allen Co, KS census: has (all but Marvin b. KS) Marvin S Barrackman 51, b. KY, Suprentendent-Oil and Gas Drill; Grace M Barrackman 47; and Norva L Barrackman 26.
     1930 La Grange Twp, Oldham Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Sallie Carroll w/ $6,000 RE (Widow); Joe McCormick 49, Manager-Law Office; and Madlyn McCormick 37.
     1940 Humboldt, Allen Co, KS census: has (all but Marvin b. KS) Marvin S Barrackman 62, b. KY, Brldge Builder Foreman-WPA Road Work; Grace M Barrackman 57, b. KS.
     1940 Orlando, Orange Co, FL census: has Stanford E Comstock 55, b. IL, Broker-Stocks Bonds; and Viva B Comstock 37, b. KS, Stenographer-Bond Co.