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06-James Knox Garriott
Birth: 29 Dec 1844, Clark or Jackson Co, IN
Home: Jackson Co, IN & Jasper Co, IN in 1875
Death: 25 Feb 1923, Jasper Co, IN: Bk D-10/204- age 78
Burial: 1 Mar 1923, Weston Cemetery: Bk 3/65
Occupation: Farmer-- owned 40-60 acres 4 miles NW of Aix, IN
Military: Union Army, Civil War: Private, Company L, 9th Regiment, IN Legion Volunteers
Father: James Madison Garriott
[portrait courtesy of Douglas Dale Sr Garriott]

Marriage: 25 Jun 1865 in Jackson Co, IN: Bk E/137
Divorce: 25 Mar 1882, Jasper Co, IN: Civil Order 10/141, Case 2232
1st Spouse: Mary Jane TAULMAN
Birth: 15 Sep 1849, Jackson Co, IN
Death: 1918- age 69
Father: Cornelius B Taulman (1823-)
Mother: Elizabeth ___ (1831)

     1ST MARRIAGE: James Knox and Mary Jane had three children:
07----JESSE LEE GARRIOTT [b. 1875, listed below];
07----ASA GARRIOTT [b. about 1877; d. 1883??]-- listed only in 1880, Union Twp, Jasper Co, IN census;
07----MARGARET MAE "Maggie" GARRIOTT [b. 19 Dec 1878, Jasper Co, IN; d. Dec 1968- age 90], married Joseph A NORMAN [b. May 1872, OH], had four children: (census)
     08----ELDON O NORMAN [b. Jul 1898, IN];
     08----HALE NORMAN [b. Oct 1899, IN];
     08----MARY C NORMAN [b. about 1902, IN]; and
     08----LOUISE NORMAN [b. about 1916, IN], married Harvey WARNE, lived in Rensselaer, Jasper Co, IN, played organ and piano at the Jackson Funeral Home.

     HER 2ND MARRIAGE: Mary Jane Taulman 2nd married Malachi P "Mac" COMER [b. 1841; d. 1919- age 78] on 3 Apr 1882, Jasper Co, IN: Bk 2/64. He was the son of William Comer and Phoebe DeWitt and the father of Malisa Belle Comer, James Knox's second wife.

Marriage: 10 Apr 1882, Newton Co, IN: Bk 2/151
2nd Spouse: Malisa Belle COMER
Birth: 14 Aug 1865, White Co, IN
Death: 7 Jan 1913, Jasper Co, IN: Bk CH-15/38- age 47
Burial: 7 Jan 1913, Weston Cemetery: Bk 3/65
Father: Malachi Prevo Comer (1841-1919)
Mother: Elizabeth Swaim (1844-1879)

     2ND MARRIAGE: James Knox second married Malisa Belle COMER, had three children:
07----CHARLES GROVER GARRIOTT [b. 30 Oct 1884, Jasper Co, IN: Bk H1/98; d. 11 Apr 1939, Jasper Co, IN: Bk CD5/8-- [Chicago?]- age 54, bur. 13 May 1939, Weston Cemetery: Bk 3/65- age 54] (tombstone differs from county records, has b. 31 Oct 1885; d. 12 Apr 1939), m. Irma THOMPSON [b. 1885; d. 1931- age 46], in 1915, Sterling, IL.
     Charles spent his early life on his parent's farm in Union Twp, Jasper Co, IN. At 20 he went to Wisconsin with a railroad signal crew, and later moved to Sterling, IL where he married Irma Thompson in 1915. They had no children. He later lived in Oak Park, IL where he engaged in landscape gardening;
07----CLARA BELL GARRIOTT [b. 27 Jun 1888, Jasper Co, IN: Bk 18/226 Bk H2/87?; d. Jul 1978, Downer's Grove, Du Page Co, IL- age 90], lived in Downer's Grove, Du Page Co, IL, SSN: 348-24-0121/IL, m. Robert Allen SHEETS [b. 5 Sep 1885, Attica, Fountain Co, IN; d. 16 Oct 1937- age 52], a Signal Man, Rock Island, Rensselaer HS class of 1904, football star, son of John Robert SHEETS and Lillie Belle KISER on 30 Jun 1907, Jasper Co, IN: Bk 4/412, by WN Sherrill, had four children:
     08----LULU BELLE SHEETS [b. 21 Aug 1908; d. 14 Oct 1979, Downer's Grove, Du Page Co, IL- age 71], m. Russell O'NEILL, had daughter:
          09----NANCY O'NEILL, m. Harold ANSON;
     08----DOROTHY SHEETS [b. 24 Nov 1917; d. 21 Nov 1993, La Mesa, San Diego Co, CA- age 75], SSN: 330-07-0042/IL, m. Harry O HOELTER [b. 23 Jun 1917, Chicago, Cook Co, IL; d. Nov 1980, La Mesa, San Diego Co, CA- age 63], SSN: 335-07-1463/IL, son of Herman Christian Louis Hoelter (1889-1959) and Anna Lucille Pederson Hjarsen (1892-1969), had son:
          09----JAMES HOELTER;
     08----JACK SHEETS [b. 1921, IL]; and
     08----ROBERT SHEETS;
07----EDNA MADELINE GARRIOTT [b. 11 Nov 1897, Jasper Co, IN; d. 22 May 1982, San Diego Co, CA- age 84], SSN: 360-18-5629/IN?, m. 1st J Ray ROWLEY, 1958, Mesa, AZ, m. 2nd George THURSTON.

     1870 Jasper Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) James K Garriott 23, Farmer w/ $300 RE; Mary Garriott 20; and Asox Garriott 2.    
     1880 Jasper Co, IN census, Family 32: has (all b. IN) James K Garriott 35, Farmer; Mary Garriott 28, wife, Keeping House; Jesse L Garriott 5, son; and Maggie Garriott 1, daughter. This family lived next door to Family 33, Albert Garriott 29, Farm Hand; and Phoebe Garriott 25, Keeping House.
     In this same census, Family 31 was Malachi P Comer 39, Farmer; Malicia B Comer 14, daughter, Keeping House; Lillie M Comer 13, daughter @ school; and James M Comer 8, son @ home. He was listed as widowed/divorced.
     1900 Marion Twp, Jasper Co, IN census: has Joseph Q Norman 27, b. OH, Stone Mason; Maggie Norman 20, b. IN (2 children-2 living); Eldon O Norman 1, b. IN; Hale Norman 7/12, b. IN; Joshawa C Norman 72, b. OH, Farmer (father); and Rachael H Norman 61, b. Canada (wife).
     1910 Jasper Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) James K Garriott 65; Mellissa B Garriott 45; Charles G Garriott 24, Farmer-General Farm; and Edna M Garriott 12.
     1920 Jasper Co, IN census: has Charley Garriott 35, b. IN, Electronics-Utility Co; and Irma Garriott 25, b. IL.
     1920 Union Twp, Jasper Co, IN census: has (all but 1 b. IN) Joseph Norman 48, Farmer-General Farm; Maggie M Norman 41; Eldon Norman 21, Farmer-General Farm; Hale Norman 20; Mary C Norman 18; Louise Norman 5; and Joseph Comer 8 (adopted son).
     Also on this census page is: Clyde Garriott 38; Elsie Garriott 30; and Melvin Garriott 65 (father).
     1925 Boone, Boone Co, IA census: has Robert A Sheets 39; Clara B Sheets 36; Lulubelle L Sheets 16; Robert J Sheets 13; Dorothy J Sheets 7; and Jack R Sheets 4.
     1930 Marion Twp, Jasper Co, IN census: has (all but 1 b, IN) Joseph A Norman 57, b. OH, Farmer-General Farm; Maggie M Norman 48; Eldow Norman 30, Farmer-General Farm; and Louise A Norman 14.
     1930 Oak Park Twp, Cook Co, IL census: has Robert A Sheets 44, b. IN, Signal Engineer-Railroad Steam; Clarabelle Sheets 41, b. IN; J Robert Sheets 18, b. IL, Salesman-Dry Goods Store; Dorothy Sheets 12, b. IL; and Jack R Sheets 10, b. IL.
     1940 Oak Park, Cook Co, IL census: has Clara B Sheets 51, b. IN (Widow), Operator-Rooming House, with 17 residents, including Jack Sheets 19, b. IL, Office Boy-Paper & Specialties Factory; Dorothy Haelter 22, b. IL, Sales Clerk-Department Store; and Harry Haelter 22, b. IL, Postal Clerk-Post Office.

     BIOGRAPHY: James Knox Garriott was born in Clark Co?, IN on December 29, 1844. He was known as "Big Jim," lean and rugged, and normally wore a red bandanna. Malachi P Comer married James Knox's ex-wife. Rumor had it that they were dating on the sly. James Knox was 'mad' enough that he married Malachi's daughter.

[Douglas Dale Sr Garriott]

     MILITARY:16 James enrolled on 16 Jul 1862 as a private in Company L, 9th Regiment, Indiana Legion Volunteers. He was discharged on 26 Aug 1862, serving little over one month as a guard at Camp Morton, Indianapolis, Marion Co, IN. He was described as 5'-11", light complexion, light hair, and gray eyes, a farmer.

    PENSION:16 James, in his original pension [claim 1.154.956] on 23 Dec 1893, stated that, "While on guard duty [guarding prisoners [at what later became the Indiana State Fairgrounds] at Indianapolis, IN, he was drenched in heavy rainstorm which produced a deep cold that settled in his head and eyes producing disease of eyes and partial deafness from which he has suffered since." He was not treated in the hospital. He was 49 years old, a farmer, resident of Fair Oaks, Jasper Co, IN, described as 5'-11" in height, light complexion, light hair, and gray eyes. He was approved for disease of eyes on 13 Jul 1896.
     In a letter to the Pension Bureau on 11 Feb 1899, James stated that his claim was rejected on 11 Oct 1898 because, "The War Department failed to show the incurrence or treatment," that James claimed.
     In a letter to the Secretary of the Interior on 15 Jul 1899, James stated that this claim was rejected because, "The records of the War Department fail to show incurrence of or treatment for alleged disease of eyes and impaired hearing." He claimed to be, "Not responsible for any discrepancy in the records of War Department or failure on the part of my Regimental or company officers to properly report my case to the War Department."
     In a general affidavit on 13 Feb 1899, John M Hall stated, "The above named James K Garriott and I were boys together, hunted raccoons together and associated together at the time and before he went into the army in 1862. And I know he was a young man of good moral character and sound and free from disease when he came home from his army service he was badly afflicted with sore eyes. His eyes were red and swollen and watery and have been ever since when I have seen him. He had no disease of eyes before he went to the army and if he had I would certainly have known it because I was in his company every few days from about 1858 until the time he went to camp Morton Indianapolis Indiana with the Home guards to guard prisoners of war."
     General affidavits were provided by the following to support this pension application:
William H Warner, 53, of Crothersville, Jackson Co, IN, on 6 Jun 1894;
Henry C Pierson, 57, of Crothersville, Jackson Co, IN, on 5 Dec 1895;
Levin W Hudson, 71, of Paris Crossing, Jennings Co, IN, on 9 Feb 1899-- Capt of Co L, 9th Regiment
James H Phillips, 55, of Scott Co, IN, on 9 Feb 1899;
Lawrence Easum, 69, of Crothersville, Jackson Co, IN, on 11 Feb 1899;
John P Burger, 59, of Crothersville, Jackson Co, IN, on 11 Feb 1899;
John M Hall (above), 53, of Crothersville, Jackson Co, IN, on 13 Feb 1899.