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06-Jarvis Hazelton Collins
Birth: 24 Feb 1858, Little York, Wash Co, IN
Death: 13 Apr 1931- age 73
Burial: Mt Carmel Cemetery
Occupation: Teacher, Farmer
Mother: Mary J "Polly" Garriott

Marriage: 19 Dec 1884, IN

1st Spouse: Rebecca Alice RICHEY
Birth: 24 Nov 1863, Scott Co, IN
Death: 1 Jun 1894, Wash Co, IN- age 30
Burial: Mt Carmel Cemetery

Father: Isaac Richey [1831-1913]

​Mother: Polly Jane Rutherford [1830-1875]

    HIS 1ST MARRIAGE: Jarvis and Rebecca Alice had four children:
07----MARY A COLLINS [b. Oct 1885];
07----WILKIE COLLINS [b. 27 Nov 1887, IN; d. 7 Aug 1905, Gibson Twp, Wash Co, IN- age 17, bur. Mt Carmel Cemetery]; and
07----WEBSTER CLAUDE COLLINS [b. 1890, listed below].

07----EMMA ELVA COLLINS [b. 21 Jun 1892, IN; d. 30 Apr 1974, Marion Co, IN- age 71, bur. Washington Park East Cemetery], m. Garriott Lee GAMBLE [b. 21 Jun 1889, Wash Co, IN; d. 23 May 1976, Marion Co, IN- age 87, bur. Washington Park East Cemetery], son of George Woodford Gamble [1848-1916] and Matilda "Tillie" Jane Garriott [1852-1937]t;

     08----MILTON EARNEST GAMBLE [b. 9 May 1916, Kremlin, OK; d. 11 Feb 2001- age 84], SSN: 317-03-8650/IN, m. Juanita Harriet FALL [b. about 1918, IN; daughter of Howard Alexander Fall [1892-1920] and Lillian Truemper [1886-1955], had children:

          09----MICHAEL ROBERT GAMBLE [b. 11 Aug 1941, Marion Co, IN];

          09----PAMALA ANN GAMBLE [b. 16 Nov 1944, Marion Co, IN], m. Philip Dale RETCHLESS [b. 28 Nov1941, IN], son of Howard Retchless and Clara Boss, on 22 Jun 1968, Allen Co, IN; and

          09----PATRICIA "Patti" L GAMBLE [b. about 1949, IN];

Marriage: 23 Sep 1908, Wash Co, IN 
2nd Spouse: Rebecca Jane SCIFRES House
Birth: 8 Nov 1873, Wash Co, IN
Death: 26 Feb 1964, Scott Co, IN- age 90, of Coronary occulsion (death cert)
Burial: Little York Cemetery

Father: William Jacob Scifres [1846-1923]

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Munden [1850-1932]

     CHILDREN: Jarvis and Rebecca Jane had a daughter:   

07----KATE MARGARET COLLINS [b. 30 Apr 1910, Little York, Wash Co, IN; d. 26 Mar 2004, Little York, Wash Co, IN- age 93, bur. Mount Hebron Cemetery], m. Ellis W HUDSON [b. 27 May 1898; d. 22 Dec 1997- age 99, bur. Mt Hebron Cemetery], son of Lycurgus H Hudson [1842-1913] and Ella Maude Garriott [1864-1953].    

     HER 1ST MARRIAGE: Rebecca 1st m.
William A House [b. 30 Dec 1872; d. Aug 1967- age 94], had two children, Jarvis and Rebecca had daughter: [census]
07----Clifton Wallace House [b. 20 Jul 1899; d. 17 Dec 1966- age 67, bur. Wash Co, IN]; 

07----Emma Collins [b. June 1892, IN].and

07----Gladys Eileen House [b. about 1901, IN]; 

     1900 Wash Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) James H Collins 42; Mary A Collins 14; Wilkie Collins 12; Webster C Collins 10; Emma E Collins 7; and Mary Collins 78, Mother, Widowed (7 children, 3 living).
     1910 Wash Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) Jarvis H Collins 52, Farm-General Farm; Rebecca J Collins 36 (2 children-2 living); Webster C Collins 20, Farm Laborer-Home Farm; Emma E Collins 17; Clifton House 10 (Stepson); and Gladys House 9 (Stepdaughter).
     On the same page were Asbury G and Mary E Collins with a bunch of children and Mary J Fleenor (Mother-in-Law).
     1920 Wash Co, IN census: has: (all b. IN) Jarvis H Collins 61; Rebecca Collins 46; Kate M Collins 9; and Gladys Collins 18 (Stepdaughter), Teacher.
     1930 Wash Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) Jarvis H Collins 72, Farmer-General Farm; Rebecca J Collins 56; and John Helms 64, Laborer-Farm, Lodger.
     Noble H and Blanche Thompson were on the same page with their children.

     1950 Gibson Twp, Wash Co, IN, census: has (all b. IN) Rebecca J Collins 76, b. IN (Widowed).

     1950 Marion Co, IN census has: (all but Milton b. IN) Milton E Gamble 33, b. OK, Chief Engineer-Electrical Paarts Mfgr; Juanita F Gamble 32; Michael R Gamble 8; Pamala A Gamble 5; and Patricia L Gamble 1.

     1950 Little York, Wash Co, IN census: has Ellis W Hudson 50, Grade School Teacher-7th & 8th; Katie M Hudson 39, Grade School Teacher- Second; Henry C Hudson 9; and 
Jarvis E Hudson 4.

Marriage: 1884, IN