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07-Gertrude Jane Garriott
Birth: 21 Feb 1868, Wash Co, IN
Death: 21 Dec 1946, Salem, Wash Co, IN- age 78
Burial: Mt Hebron Cemetery
Father: Augustus Simeon Garriott

Marriage: 8 Apr 1888, Wash Co, IN: Bk J/532, by FM DeMunbrun
Spouse: Davidson Lotus ZARING

Birth: 18 Sep 1857, Wash Co, IN
Death: 31 Mar 1909- age 51
Burial: Mt Hebron Cemetery
Occupation: Farmer
Father: James W Zaring (1824-1885)
Mother: Sarah A Carlisle (1822-1901)

Gertrude Jane and Davidson Lotus had the following six children:
08---- IVAN ARMON ZARING [b. 1891, listed below];
08----LYNN WARDER ZARING [b. 1 Feb 1893, Wash Co, IN: Bk H4/15; d. 5 Sep 1907, Gibson Twp, Wash Co, IN- age 14, bur. Mt Hebron Cemetery];
08----BERTHA BLANCH ZARING [b. 16 Jan 1895, Wash Co, IN; d. 1974, Greenwood, Johnson Co, IN- age 79, b. Crown Hill Cemetery
08----LUCILLE ZARING [b. 24 Jul 1897, Wash Co, IN: Bk H3/6; d. 3 Oct 1899, Wash Co, IN- age 2, bur. Mt Hebron Cemetery];
08----LOTUS DAVIDSON ZARING [b. 17 Dec 1899, Wash Co, IN; d. 21 Jul 1912, Wash Co, IN- age 12, bur. Mt Hebron Cemetery]; and
08----DOYLE ZARING [b. 4 Dec 1904, Wash Co, IN: Bk H6/6; d. Nov 1972, Carmel, Hamilton Co, IN- age 67], SSN: 304-03-8171/IN, married
Gladys ___, lived in Indianapolis, Marion Co, IN, had a daughter;
     09----ELAINE ZARING.

     1900 Gibson Twp, Wash Co, IN census:
has Lebert D Zaring 42, Farmer; Gertrude J Zaring 32 (5 children-4 living); Ivin Zaring; Lynn Zaring 7; Blanch Zaring 5; Lotus Zaring 5/12; and Ida D Fleener 19 (Servant).
     1910 Gibson Twp, Wash Co, IN census:
has (all b. IN) Gertrude Zaring 42 (Widow)(6 children-4 living); Ivan Zaring 19, Farmer-Home Farm; Blanch Zaring 15; Lotus Zaring 10; Doyle Zaring 5; and Frank Rutherford 23, Laborer-General Farm.
     Next door on this census page are Hager Garriott 23; and Estella Garriott 23.
     Next door to them are Augustus P Garriott 64; and Martha E Garriott 61.
     1920 Washington Twp, Wash Co, IN census:
has (all b. IN) Gertrude Garriott 51 (Widow); Ivan Zaring 28, Proprietor-Clothing Factory; Blanch Zaring 24, Teacher-High School, and Doyle Zaring 15.
     1930 Salem, Wash Co, IN census:
has Gertrude J Zaring 62, b. IN Nurse-Private Home w/ $5,000 RE (Widow).
     1940 Salem, Wash Co, IN census:
has Gertrude Zaring 72, b. IN.

     1899 WILL ABSTRACT:
[Wash Co, IN, Will Record G/353, dated 8 Jun 1899, probated 14 Jun 1899] James W Zaring and Sarah A Zaring: [Gertrude's inlaws] Children-- Eliza N Garriott, Mary E McCullough, Davidson L Zaring, James Alexander Zaring, Lydia I. Rippey; Executors-- Davidson L and James Alexander Zaring; Witnesses-- James W Heacock, James L Rippey, and WE Garriott.

     1901 WILL ABSTRACT:
[Wash Co, IN Will Record G/498, dated 15 Feb 1901, probated 30 Dec 1901]Sarah Zaring: Children-- Eliza N Garriott, Mary E McCullough, Davidson Zaring, James A Zaring, and Lydia I Rippey; Executors-- Davidson Zaring and James A Zaring; Witnesses-- George C Williams and John Boling. (children on both of these will abstracts differs with above information)