​​​Garriott Family Genealogy

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08-Clarence Victor Sr Garriott
Birth: 2 Nov 1892, Milton, Trimble Co, KY
Home: Indianapolis, Marion Co, IN
Death: 21 Mar 1961, Greensburg, Decatur Co, IN- age 68
Burial: Floral Park Cemetery
Occupation: Real Estate Broker, Use Store Owner [marr appls]
Father: William L Garriott

Marriage: 3 Mar 1915, Trimble Co, KY: Marriage Bk_/281
Divorce: Sep 1928, Indianapolis, Marion Co, IN
1st Spouse: Mabel Catherine WATSON
Birth: 7 Aug 1900, Bedford, Trimble Co, KY
Father: Samuel Austin Watson (1850-1935)
Mother: Melvina LaRue McClanahan (1862-1944), both b. Bracken, KY

     1ST MARRIAGE: Clarence and Mabel had a son:
09----DEHREM DOUGLAS GARRIOTT [b. 9 Sep 1920, Bedford, Trimble Co, KY; d. 15 Nov 1991, Indianapolis, Marion Co, IN- age 71, bur. Washington Park East Cemetery], Soldier [marr appl], SSN: 303-01-0749/IN, m. Thelma Jean HAWKINS [b. 27 Apr 1921, Oalsland? City, IN; d. Sep 1984, Indianapolis, Marion Co, IN- age 63, bur. Washington Park East Cemetery], a Stenographer [marr appl], SSN: 307-12-7450/IN, the daughter of Lytle E HAWKINS and Ethel BEAUTTY on 29 Nov 1945, Marion Co, IN: Bk 170/702.
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2nd Spouse: Martha Susan DELANEY
Birth: about 1904, KY
Father: Samuel Andrew Delaney
Mother: Mary France Pollard (-1962)

     2ND MARRIAGE: Clarence and Martha Susan had four children:
09----MARY MARLENE GARRIOTT [b. 7 Sep 1938, Indianapolis, Marion Co, IN], a Waitress [marr appl], m. Foster Burns MILLER [b. 1 Jan 1937, Lookout, Pike Co, KY], a Mill Operator [marr appl], the son of Willie MILLER and Callie LITTLE on 29 May 1969, Indianapolis, Marion Co, IN: Bk 233/567;
09----CLARENCE VICTOR JR GARRIOTT [b. 1940, Indianapolis, Marion Co, IN; d. 14 Apr 1997- age 57], a Helper [marr appl], m. Anita Louise HUTCHINSON [b. 1944, Indianapolis, Marion Co, IN], daughter of Payton HUTCHINSON and Mary K PITTMAN on 11 May 1963, Indianapolis, Marion Co, IN: Bk 226/508;
09----MARILYN JOYCE GARRIOTT [b. 1945]; and
09----WILLIAM ANDREW GARRIOTT [b. 1947, Indianapolis, Marion Co, IN], m. Donna Elaine HOLLIDAY [b. 1948, Indianapolis, Marion Co, IN], a Telephone operator [marr appl], daughter of Charles Hubert HOLLIDAY and Mary Frances COLLINS on 29 Jul 1967, Indianapolis, Marion Co, IN: Bk 241/646.

     1900 Bedford, Trimble Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Ludville C Brown 57, Farmer; Mary E Brown 50 (5 children-3 living); Daisy W Brown 14; and Clarence D Garriott 8 (Grandson).
     1910 Bethlehem, Clark Co, IN census: has (all but 1 b. KY) James H Bray 48, b. IN, Farmer-General Farm;  Olive K Bray 44; Edith M Bray 18; Catherine V Bray 14; Willis L Bray 11; Beverly C Bray 8; Elvira L Bray 6; Thelma E Bray 3; and Clarance Garriott 19, Hired Man.
     1920 Trout, Trimble Co, KY census: has (both b.KY) Clarence V Garriott 27, Farmer-General Farm; and Mabel C Garriott 29.
     1940 Indianapolis, Marion Co, IN census:
has Clarence Garraitt 47, b. KY; Martha Garraitt 26, b. KY; Marylin Garraitt 1, b. IN; and Clarence Garraitt 0/12, b. IN.