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     1900 Prestonville, Carroll Co, KY census: 
has (all but 1 b. KY) Larence Garriott 27, Farmer (Brother-in-Law); in the household of Frank A Unker 36, Farmer; Alice Unker 31; Hellen H Garrott 3 (Niece); Juineta Garrott 6 (Niece); Samuel S Carlile 70, Farmer (Father-in-Law); and 4 other Carliles.
     1910 Prestonville Precinct, Carroll Co, KY census:
 has (all b. KY) Lawrence M Garriott 37, Farmer-General Farm; Catherine Garriott 28 (3 children- 3 living); Wayne Garriott 5; Margaret Garriott 2; and Goldie Garriott 9/12.
     1920 Civil District 2, Carroll Co, KY census:
 has (all b. KY) Forest Blackburn 26, Farmer-General Farm; Helen Blackburn 23; and Forest H Blackburn 2/12.
     1920 Civil District 2, Carroll Co, KY census: 
has (all b. KY) Laurence Garriot 47, Farmer-General Farm; Wayne Garriot 14; Margaret Garriot 11; Goldie Garriot 9; Luke Garriot 7.
     1930 District 2, Carroll Co, KY census:
 has Forest Blackburn 36, Insurance Agt; Helen H Blackburn 33; Forest Blackburn 10; Virvinia Blackburn 7; and Edith O Blackburn 61 (Mother, Widow).
     1930 District 2, Carroll Co, KY census:
 has (all b. KY) Lawrence Garriott 55 (Widow); Goldie Garriott 20; and Luke Garriott 18, Assistant-Farmer.
     1940 District 2, Carroll Co, KY census: 
has (all b. KY) Forest H Blackburn 47, Agent-Life Insurance; Helen Blackburn 43; Forest Blackburn 20, Presser-Dry Cleaners; and Helen V Blackburn 17.
     1940 Prestonville Precinct, Carroll Co, KY census: 
has (all b. KY) Wayne Garriott 33, Farmer-Farm; Clara M Garriott 21; Freddie Garriott 4; Mary Garriott 2; and Lawrence Garriott 67, Laborer-Farm (Father, Widow).
     1940 Carrollton, Carroll Co, KY census:
 has (all b. KY) Noble Carter 38, Laborer-Road Const; Margaret Carter 31; Otis Carter 6; and Lyter 0/12.

     1950  Carroll Co, KY census: has (all b. KY) Forest Backburn 30, Armed Forces; Mary J Blackburn 28; Stephen Blackburn 3; and Barbara Blackburn 1.

     Next door is  (all b. KY) Helen Blackburn 53, Clerk-Retail Dry Goods Store; James W Cauley 33, Lineman-Electrical Co (Son-in-Law); Helen V Cauley 27, Clerk-Dry Cleaners (Daughter). 

07-Lawrence Mead Garriott
Birth: 3 Aug 1871, Carroll Co, KY (listed as Dora on census)
Death: 1 Apr 1950, Carroll Co, KY: Vol: 14/6727- age 78
Burial: IOOF-Carrollton Cemetery
Father: John Rowland Garriott

Marriage: 28 Nov 1894, Jefferson Co, KY: Bk E/432
1st Spouse:  Lillian "Lilly" CARLISLE
Birth: 23 Sep 1879
Death:  27 May 1900- age 20

Burial: Carrollton IOOF Cemetery
Father: Samuel Stebbins Carlisle (1830-1915)

Mother: Elizabeth Mendenhall (1843-1844)

     1ST MARRIAGE: Lawrence and Lillie had daughter:
08----HELEN HOWARD GARRIOTT [b. 8 Jun 1896, Carroll Co, KY; d. 9 Apr 1959, Carroll Co, KY- age 62, bur. Carrollton IOOF Cemetery], m.
Forest Howard BLACKBURN [b. 18 Apr 1893, Carroll Co, KY; d. 9 Mar 1941, Jefferson Co, KY- age 48, bur. Carrollton IOOF Cemetery], worked at MET Life Insurance Co, the son of John Price Blackburn (1866-1924) and Edith O Tharp [1870-], had two children:
     09----FOREST HOWARD "RED" BLACKBURN [b. 24 Nov 1919, Carroll Co, KY; d. 18 Sep 1993, Louisville, Jefferson Co, KY- age 73, bur. Saint Johns Cemetery], SSN: 401-07-8368/KY, m.
Mary Jo ROHMANN [b. 16 Apr 1922; d. 13 Oct 2004, Carrollton, Carroll Co, KY- age 82, bur. Saint Johns Cemetery]; and
     09----HELEN VIRGINIA BLACKBURN [b. 8 Feb 1923, Carroll, Co, KY; d. 26 Jul 2012, Carroll Co, KY- age 89, bur. Carrollton IOOF Cemetery], m.
James Wesley CAULEY, [b. about 1918], had three children:
          10----TERRY CAULEY;
          10----JIM CAULEY; and
          10----FOREST ALLEN CAULEY.

Marriage: 28 Sep 1904, Jefferson Co, IN: Bk G/601
2nd Spouse: Edna CatherIne "Caddie" HANLON
Birth: 30 Nov 1882
Death: 3 Mar 1916- age 33
Father: James John Hanlon
Mother: Mary Jane Coghill 

     2ND MARRIAGE: Lawrence and Kathryn had five children: (Refer to findagrave.com  for death certificate by Genealogy Girl)
08----WAYNE GARRIOTT [b. 3 Dec 1903, Carroll Co, KY (SSI date) (1903-obit) (1910- marr appl); d. 23 Jan 1988, Jefferson Co, IN - (SSI has 25 Jul 1980)- age 83, bur. IOOF-Bedford Cemetery]; lived in Trimble Co, KY & Jefferson Co, IN, a Farmer, SSN: 401-32-4738/KY, m.
Clara Margaret SULLIVAN [b. 6 May 1917, Kentucky (SSI date); d. 20 Mar 1981, Madison, Jefferson Co, IN- age 63, bur. IOOF-Bedford Cemetery, SSN: 401-30-9444/KY, daughter of Charles SULLIVAN and Maude TRINKLE (-<1935) on 25 Jan 1935, Jefferson Co, IN: Bk 11/172, had eight children:
     09----FREDDIE GARRIOTT [b. about 1936, KY], lived in Madison, Jefferson Co, IN;
     09----PAUL M GARRIOTT, lived in Heber Springs, AR;
     09----GARRY GARRIOTT, lived in Carrollton, Carroll Co, KY;
     09----RICHARD ALLEN GARRIOTT [b. 1952, Carroll Co, KY], a factory worker, m.
Barbara Faye WEBSTER [b. 1955, Owenton, Owen Co, KY] on 7 Apr 1974, Jefferson Co, IN: Bk 27/528, she the daughter of Ray Webster and Barbara Bickers. They lived in Carrollton, Carroll Co, KY;
     09----MARY RUTH GARRIOTT [b. about 1938, KY], m.
___ JACKSON, lived in Hanover, Jefferson Co, IN;
___ CRAIG, lived in Bedford, Trimble Co, KY;
     09----WILLIAM RAY GARRIOTT [b. 22 Oct 1955, Madison, Jefferson Co, IN; d. 27 May 1994, Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co, TX- age 38], lived in Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co, TX, an Asst. Deli Manager, SSN: 406-78-4418/?, see obit below;
     09----JOYCE ANN GARRIOTT [b. 23 Mar 1957, Jefferson Co, KY], m.
Dennis Leroy OWEN [b. 14 Sep 1958, Jefferson Co, IN] on 4 Mar 1986, Jefferson Co, IN: Bk 33/295, he the son of Ernest Leroy Owen and Bonita Lee Rigsby.
     Joyce 2nd married
___ CALDWELL, lived in Hanover, Jefferson Co, IN.

08----MARGARET GARRIOTT [b. 26 Apr 1908, Carroll Co, KY;  d. 1 Jan 1983- age 75, bur. IOOF Carrollton Cemetery], m.
Noble L Sr CARTER [b. 4 Sep 1901, Henry Co, KY; d. 3 May 1983- age 81, bur. IOOF Carrollton Cemetery], a Farmer, on 11 Jan 1929, Carroll Co, KY: Bk 11/167, he the son of Gibson Taylor "Gip" Carter & Amanda Jane May, had nine children: [Teresa L Skaggs]
     09----LAWRENCE G CARTER [b. 23 Oct 1929, Carroll Co, KY; d. 12 Nov 1929, Carroll Co, KY- age two weeks, bur. IOOF Carrollton Cemetery];
     09----NOBLE L Jr CARTER [b. 9 Dec 1930, Carroll Co, KY; d. 6 Sep 1931, Carroll Co, KY- age 10 months, bur. IOOF Carrollton Cemetery];
     09----DAVID CARTER [b. 29 Jan 1932, Carroll Co, KY; d. 21 Apr 1933, Carroll Co, KY- age 1, bur. IOOF Carrollton Cemetery];
     09----OTIS CARTER [b. about 1934, KY];
     09----AMANDA CARTER [b. & d. 22 Feb 1935, Carroll Co, KY, bur. IOOF Carrollton Cemetery];     
     09----MANDY M CARTER;
     09----DOUGLAS H CARTER;
     09----RAYMOND RALPH CARTER [b. 13 Feb 1944, Carrollton, Carroll Co, KY; d. 5 Aug 2004, New Albany, Floyd Co, IN- age 60, bur. IOOF Carrollton Cemetery].

08----GOLDIE GARRIOTT [b. 30 Aug 1909, Carroll Co, KY], m.
John LITTLE [b. 1898, Carroll Co, KY], farmer, on 8 Jun 1933, Jefferson Co, KY: Microfilm 7009489, he the son of Oakly Little and Elizabeth Landers?;

08----LAWRENCE "LUKE" GARRIOTT [b. 1912, listed below]; and
08----WALTON B GARRIOTT [b. 3 Nov 1914; d. 15 May 1915- age 6 mo].

     1938 GUARDIANSHIP: [Carroll Co, KY, Deed Book 43, page 60, dated 2 Mar 1938]  LM Garriott, unmarried, as guardian of Clara Margaret Garriott, sold to Luke Garriott of Carrollton, Carroll Co, KY a 65 acre farm in Prestonville Precinct, Carroll Co, KY, bordered by the land of JA Donaldson, Lawrence Adams, Logeman Heirs, and a farm on the east of MJ Hanlon (containing 65 acres purchased by LM Garriott on18 Dec 1937, Deed Book 42/416) 

     1940 INHERITANCE: [Carroll Co, KY, Deed Bk 44, page 234, dated 24 Dec 1940] Wayne and Clara Garriott inherited (along with Goldie Garriott and John Little; and Luke Garriott and Aileen Garriott), 87 acres in Carroll Co, KY from TJ Hanlon and RJ Hanlon and sold to Clifford Hanlon. 
     Also mentioned were:
Ferd Hanlon and Ollie Hanlon, his wife, of Madison, Jefferson Co, IN (inherited from TJ Hanlon); 
Elmer Hanlon and Annie Hanlon, his wife, of Madison, Jefferson Co, IN (inherited from TJ Hanlon); 
Leslie Hanlon and May Hanlon, his wife, of Louisville, Jefferson Co, KY (inherited from TJ Hanlon); 
Roy T Hanlon, his wife Melvina Hanlon of St Louis, MO (inherited from T J Hanlon); 
Isaac Hanlon and Artie Hanlon, his wife, of Carroll Co, KY (inherited from TJ Hanlon) ; 
Obie Hanlon, unmarried-- of Carrollton, Carroll Co, KY (inherited from TJ Hanlon); 
Maude H Long, widow, of Milton, Trimble Co, KY (inherited from TJ Hanlon); 
Ruby Adams and OM Adams, her husband (Ruby's father was AJ Hanlon); 
Buford Hanlon and Aileen Hanlon, his wife (Buford's father was AJ Hanlon); 
Parker Hanlon and Alma Hanlon, his wife, of Carrollton, Carroll Co, KY (inherited from TJ Hanlon); 
Andrew Hanlon, widower; 
Wayne Garriott and Clara Garriott, his wife (inherited from TJ Hanlon); 
Goldie Garriott Little and John Little, her husband (inherited from TJ Hanlon); 
Luke Garriott and Aileen Garriott, his wife (inherited from TJ Hanlon); 
Lawrence Hanlon and Bae (sic) Hanlon, his wife; 
Margaret Carter and Noble Carter, her husband, of Carrollton, Carroll Co, KY; 
Gladys Vestal and Ross Vestal, her husband (inherited from mother Else O'Neal); 
Bessie Wolf and Lewis Wolf, her husband (inherited from mother Else O'Neal); 
Floyd O'Neal and Agnes Ralston O'Neal, his wife (inherited from mother Else O'Neal); 
Wilson O'Neal, single; and Gail O'Neal, single of Canaan, Jefferson Co, IN; 
Hazel O'Neal Cole and Howard Cole, her husband (inherited from mother Else O'Neal); 
Mary Helen Bodem and Raymond Bodem, her husband, of Marion Co, IN (inherited from mother Else O'Neal); 
Edward Hanlon and Helen Hanlon, his wife, of Texas (Edward's father was AJ Hanlon);  and
Clifford Hanlon of Ludlow of Ludlow, Kenton Co, KY.

     1941 LAND TRANSFER: [Carroll Co, KY, Deed Book 43, page 60, dated 6 Feb 1941] Luke and Allene Garriott and LM Garriott, single, sold for $1 and other consideration to Clara Margaret Garriott a 65 acre farm in Prestonville Precinct of Carroll Co, KY, bordered by the land of JA Donaldson, Lawrence Adams, Logeman Heirs, and MJ Hanlon. This property was the same land conveyed to LM Garriott as Guardian for Clara Margaret Garriott and Luke Garriott by deed of trust on 2 Mar 1938.

     1945 LAND SALE: [Carroll Co, KY Deed Book 47, page 240, dated 14 Jul 1945]  Wayne Garriott and Clara M Garriott, residents of Carroll Co, KY, sold to Frank Long, of Carroll Co, KY a tract of land (size not noted) on the Ohio River at Locust Creek. Wayne and Clara inherited this land from TJ Hanlon [Carroll Co, KY Deed Book 40, page 156]. TJ Hanlon purchased this land from George Conway [Carroll Co, KY Deed Book 31, page 352] and by deed of date [Carroll Co, KY Deed Book 35, page 410, dated 25 Oct 1920]. 

     1981 OBITUARY: GARRIOTT: Clara M 61, Madison, IN died 20 Mar 1981, bur. IOOF-Bedford. Born KY, survived by husband Wayne, five sons: Freddie, Paul, and Gary,all of Madison; William, Carrollton; and Richard Bedford; three daughters: Mrs Mary Ruth Jackson, Hanover; Mrs Barbara Craig, Bedford, KY; and Mrs Joyce Caldwell, Carrollton; two brothers: Louis Sullivan, Chicago; and Frank Sullivan, Columbus; 19 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.
      Services will be at the Bedford Mortuary, Bedford, KY at 2 pm Monday. Friends may call there after 7 pm. Burial will be in the IOOF Bedford Cemetery.

[Trimble Democrat] 

     1983 OBITUARY: Noble L Carter, 81, 613 Highland Ave, Carrollton, died Tuesday at his residence.
     He was a native of Gratz, KY, and was a member of the Baptist Church. Surviving are four sons: Otis, Campbellsburg (KY); Lytle, Lexington (KY); Douglas, Jeffersonville (IN); and Raymond, Louisville (KY); two brothers: Gaines and Irvin, both of Carrollton (KY); two sisters: Annabelle Leising, Covington (KY), Lucy Harmon, Milton (KY), and five grandchildren.
     He was preceded in death by his wife, Margaret, on 1 Jan of this year (1983).
     Service will be at 2 PM EDT tomorrow at the Graham-Dunn Funeral Home, with burial at the IOOF Carrollton Cemetery. 

[The Madison Courier, 4 May 1983]

     1994 OBITUARY: William R Garriott died May 27 at a Fort Worth hospital. He was 38. Memorial service will be private. Metrocrest Funeral Home in Carrollton is in charge of arrangements. Survivors: Four brothers, Freddie Garriott of Madison, IN, Paul Garriott of Heber Springs, AR, and Gary Garriott and Richard Garriott, both of Carrollton; three sisters, Mary Jackson and Joyce Owen, both of Hanover, IN and Barbara Craig of Bedford, KY, and companion, Victor Pena of Fort Worth.

[Fort Worth Star Telegram]

     2011 OBITUARY: Mr Joseph Allen "Joe" Garriott, age 73, of Madison, Indiana, entered this life on Christmas Day in 1937 in Carroll County, Kentucky, the son of the late Luke and Aline McDole Garriott. He was a 1956 graduate of Carroll County High School and was first united in marriage to Martha Ann Welch on May 29, 1959 in Carrollton, Kentucky and to this union came a son and a daughter to bless their home. He began a 50 plus year career with the Kroger Company, starting in the Carrollton store working his way up to Head Stock Clerk, retiring in 1999 and he later began working in the Madison Store in 2005 as a Stocker. He was later united in marriage to Nancy Carol Oak Ray at Calvary Baptist Church in Madison, Indiana on October 4, 1999. He liked shuffleboard, fishing, and baseball. Joe was an avid fan of the University of Kentucky Wildcats and enjoyed the basketball program and was a season ticket holder for the football program. Joe was a loving husband and an awesome grandfather. Joe died Monday, April 25, 2011 at 10:31 pm at the University of Louisville Hospital in Louisville Kentucky.