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     1850 Trimble Co, KY census: 
has (all b. KY) EM [Evan] Garriott 34, Merchant w/ $3,500 RE; LH [Lucy M.?] Garriott 31; WL [William L.?] Garriott 11; FE [Fannie ?] Garriott 9; EM [Margaret?] Garriott 7; and J A [Joseph?] Garriott 5; J Shirley [male] 29, a Clerk; L Shirley 22; E Shirley 3; E Shirley 1; and H Evans 21 (male), Laborer.
     1860 Trimble Co, KY census: 
has (all b. KY) Evan Garrett 44, Farmer w/ $7,000 RE, personal worth of $12,000; Lucy Garrett 41; WV Garrett 21; Frances Garrett 19; Elisabeth Garrett 17; Joseph Garrett 15; Thomas Garrett 9; John Garrett 7; Nancy Garrett 3; James Rolston 27, Farmer; and John Vest 15, Farmer.
    1870 Trimble Co, KY census:
 has (all b. KY) Even Garriott 53, Steamboat Captain w/ $7,500 RE; no wife mentioned; William L Garriott 31, Farmer; Thomas E Garriott 19, Store Clerk; Andrew Garriott 15; and Nannie F Garriott 13;
     Emma D Garriott 27; is listed next door with Amelia Mountjoy 29; Cook; three minor children; and Napoleon Arrington 23, Farm Home.
     1880 Bedford, Trimble Co, KY census: 
has Evan M Garrett 64 (Widow), Farming; Lucinda Eveling 38, b. OH, (Widow) Servant-House Keeper; Carrie Eveling 2, b. KY; an unnamed daughter Eveling 1, b. KY; Richard Sampson 28, b. KY, Laborer-Farm Hand; and Charles Dayton 19, b. IN, Laborer-Farm Hand.
    This 1880 census also has a household of Thomas E Garrett 29, Merchant; Jane E Garrett 32; Huston S Garrett 4; Thomas Garrett 2; John C Garrett 26, a brother and tobacco agent; and Elizabeth 24, a black female servant.
     This 1880 census has WL Garriott 42, b. KY, Merchant; Emma Garriott 38, b. KY, Keeping House; Evan Garriott 12, b. KY; Senatt Garriott 12, b. KY; WL Garriott 4, b. IN; and Maggie E Guyton 18, b. IN, Servant. 
     This 1880 census also has Robert W Abbott 45; Elizabeth Garrett 38; Joseph Garrett 14; Samuel Garrett 12; Bertie Garrett 10; Gheens R Garrett 6; Evan M Garrett 4; and Pearl Garrett 2.
     1900 Trimble Co, KY census:
 has (all but 1 b. KY) Evan M Garriott 84, Farmer; Cindrilla Garriott 60, b. OH (4 children-4 living); Andrew J Garriott 17 [b. Apr 1883, KY]; Carrie E Wise 24 (4 children-4 living); William B Wise 35 (Son-in-Law), Farmer; Lottie M Wise 7 (G-daughter); Hattie M Wise 5 (G-daughter); William S Wise 3 (G-son); and Grace L Wise 1 (G-daughter).
     The subsequent 1990 census has Sinn* A Garriott 29, b. Jun 1870; with mother Emma Garriott 57, b. Oct 1842; both born KY, lived together in rented home in Pocotello, Bannack Co, ID in 1900.
     1910 South Ellensburg, Kittitas Co, WA census:
 has Sinnett Garriott 39, KY, Contractor-Railroad; Myrtla Garriott 31b. KS; Dorothy Garriott 2-7/12, b. WA; and Laura Garriott 1-3/12, b. WA.
     1920 South Ellensburg, Kittitas Co, WA census: 
has Winifred Garriot 41, b. KS, Widow; Dorothy Garriot 12, b. WA; Laura Garriot 11, b. WA; and John Wilbur 73, b. PA, Father, Widower.
     1930 Seattle, King Co, WA census: 
has Dorothy Garriott 22, b. WA, Secretary-General Merchant, a Boarder in a hotel at 1000 6th Avenue.

05-Evan Madison Garriott
Birth: 14 Mar 1816, near Sulphur, Henry/Trimble Co, KY
Home: Trimble Co, KY
Death: 1906, Houstons Landing, Trimble Co, KY- age 89
Burial: probably Trimble Co, KY
Occupation: Merchant, Farmer, Steamboat Captain, State Legislator, Postmaster, Judge
Father: Loven Garriott

Marriage: 12 Oct 1837, Oldham Co, KY: Bk ?/53
1st Spouse: Lucy M SHIRLEY
Birth: 20 Jun 1819, Jefferson Co, KY
Death: 16 Jun 1861, Houstons Landing, Trimble Co, KY- age 42
Burial: Shirley Cemetery
Father: William Shirley (1772-1854) William is the son of Judith Garriott, Grandson of Moses Garriott    
Mother: Elizabeth 'Betsy" Clore (1779-1875)

     1ST MARRIAGE: On 12 October 1837, at age 21, he first married Lucy [or Lucie-- Evan's will calls her Nannie] M SHIRLEY (or Shelby) of Oldham County, KY. Oldham Co. KY marriage records lists an, "Evan Garnett (sic) married to Lucy Shurley, father William, on 10/10/1837. To this union were born three daughters and six sons" (listed are 4 daughters and 5 sons):
06----WILLIAM L (or Loving G) GARRIOTT [b. 1839, Trimble Co, KY; d. 3 Aug 1897, Trimble Co, KY- age 58]-- 1870 Trimble Co, KY census, lived in Campbellsburg, Henry Co, KY.33 [pg 56]. He served in Buckner's Guard in the Confederate Army of the American Civil War. [Lori Wallbridge], m.
Emma Davis WALKER [b. Oct 1842], had three children: [1880 census]
     07----EVAN GARRIOTT [b. 1868];
     07----SINNETT DUNCAN GARRIOTT [b. Jun 1870, Westport, Oldham Co, KY; d. 31 May 1914, Seattle, King Co, WA- age 43, bur. IOOF Cemetery-Ellensburg], lived in rented house at 600 S Pine, Ellensburg, Kittitas Co, WA 1919-1949, at 505 S Pine in 1911, was Conductor with the Railroad, m.
Myrtilla Winifred WILBUR [b. 22 Apr 1879, KS; d. 19 Mar 1957, Seattle, King Co, WA- age 77, bur. IOOF Cemetery-Ellensburg], daughter of John B Wilbur, b. PA, and Naomi A Story, b. IA, had two daughters: [1910 census] [Lori Wallbridge]
         08----DOROTHY WINIFRED GARRIOTT [b. 23 Oct 1907; d. Feb 1983- age 75], SSN: 534-05-6610/WA, m.
John Philip PALAMARCHUK [b. about 1908, Saglywood, Manitoba, CAN], in Yakima Co, WA on 22 Apr 1939; John, a Ruthenian?, was pre-examined in Canada for immigration to the United States; and [Lori Wallbridge]
         08---- LAURA EMMA GARRIOTT [b. 8 Jan 1909, Kittitas Co, WA; d. 18 Aug 1988, Seattle, King Co, WA- age 79, bur. IOOF Cemetery-Ellensburg], m. 1st
James Edward Wallbridge (1908-1973), son of John G Wallbridge and Jenny Van Dusen, had son;
          Laura m 2nd
George C McLaughlin (1922-1991) [Lori Wallbridge]
              09----GARRIOTT VAN WALLBRIDGE [b. 29 Aug 1929; d. 15 Dec 2009, Cottonwood, Yavapai Co, AZ], served in US Air Force (Marine Corps) from 24 Sep 1946 to 1 Oct 1966;
     Myrtilla W GARRIOTT applied for a pension as the widow of Ralph POTTER on 12 Jul 1926 [application 1.546.938], filed in WA, Roll 288_377, from service A1 Idaho Infantry, XC 2.647.701; [Civil War Pension Index]
     07----WL GARRIOTT [b. 1876], was listed in 1910 census, Los Angeles Co, CA as 30, with Catherine L Garriott 30, wife; Emma W Garriott 66, mother; and Dorothy C Garriott 9, niece--- although on ancestry.com the surname is spelled Garreath.

06----MARGARET ELIZABETH GARRIOTT [b. 1840, listed below];

06----FRANCES E "FANNIE" GARRIOTT [b. 1841, Trimble Co, KY], m. Daniel Hampton SULLIVAN [d. about 1869, bur. Port Royal Cemetery-- no stone] of Port Royal, Henry Co, KY, on 21 Oct 1857, Trimble Co, KY. Sullivan was a doctor who moved his practice to Louisville. He died of pneumonia after attending a patient in a thunderstorm. Fannie (called Fanny Secorely in Evan's will), had a daughter;
     07----NANCY B SULLIVAN [b. 1859];
06----JOSEPH ANDREW GARRIOTT [b. 1844, listed below];
06----THOMAS EVAN GARRIOTT [b. 1851, listed below];
06----Female GARRIOTT [b. 20 Oct 1852, Trimble Co, KY];
06----JAMES A GARRIOTT [b. 1853, Trimble Co, KY; d. 28 Jul 1854 of flux, bur. Trimble Co, KY- age 1];
06----JOHN CARROLL "Jack" GARRIOTT [b. 1854, listed below];

06----NANCY F "Nannie" [or S] GARRIOTT [b. 3 Oct 1856, Trimble Co, KY; d. before Dec 1900]-- 1870 Trimble Co, KY census, m.
John C TOTTEN [b. 1852, Trimble Co, KY; d. 11 Mar 1914, Tampa, Hillsborough Co, FL- age 61, bur. Springdale Cemetery] on 5 May 1874, Trimble Co, KY. (Is Totten perhaps the younger brother of Joseph's wife, Mollie?), had son:
     07----EVAN CHURCHILL TOTTEN [b. 20 Feb 1875, Trimble Co, KY; d. 2 Jun 1952, Madison, Jefferson Co, IN- age 77, bur. Springdale Cemetery], m.
Charlotte Burge WHITE [b. 21 May 1878, Madison, Jefferson Co, IN; d. 25 Apr 1956, Madison, Jefferson Co, IN- age 77, bur. Springdale Cemetery], the daughter of James K White (1842-1932) and Margaret Jane Kellaway (1845-1903).

     HER 2ND MARRIAGE: A Lucy Shirley Garriott 2nd married
SL MANFIELD on 7 Nov 1908, Jefferson Co, KY: Bk 24/250, witnessed by Edmonia Shirley and Mrs Sherley Clark. How can that be?????

Marriage: Sep 1898??, Trimble Co, KY.
2nd Spouse: Lucinda "Cinderella" LUCAS
Birth: Apr 1840, OH
Death: 1914, Milton, Trimble Co, KY- age 74
Burial: IOOF-Bedford Cemetery
Father: Asahel Lucas (abt 1806-)
Mother: Jane ___ (abt 1811-)
     Cinderella was listed as a servant in Evan's household in the 1880 census as Lucinda Eveling, a widow. They had four children-- all born prior to the marriage listed-- marriage date suspect????:
-- refer to Hulda M Garriott for Georgia Belle.

     CHILDREN: Evan and Cinderilla had four children:
06----CARRIE EVAN GARRIOTT [b. 1875, listed below];
06----CLARA (CLARINDA) P GARRIOTT [b. 1875, listed below];
06----HULDA M GARRIOTT [b. 1881, listed below];  and
06----ANDREW JACKSON GARRIOTT [b. 1883, listed below].

     LANDINGS: Perrin's History claims that Evan was engaged in the mercantile business from 1849-1863 and local tradition claims his store was at Houston's Landing. Others claim that Evan Garriott's family's general merchandise store was at Wise's Landing on the Ohio River, which drew trade from the surrounding territories-- from Corn Creek a mile to the north-- to Middle Creek and it's valleys three miles to the south.35
     Evan's property extended from Patton's Creek to Barebone Creek, edging the Fix property, where a post office named Corn Creek was established in 1878 in the town of Wise's Landing. About halfway up Middle Creek Valley, most of which was part of the Garriott estate, Mr Lazarus McDonald Scott managed about 500 acres of the farm of Mrs Thomas (Edmonia Shirley) Garriott, a widow for over 30 years.35
     Holloway, or Garriott's Landing was, in the late 1900's, still part of a farm owned by Mrs Edmonia Garriott. The flood of 1937 destroyed this house on the riverbank, then owned by Herman Brown.35
    At Abbott's Landing, in Trimble County, was a two-story brick house owned by Mrs Mitty Abbott [Margaret Elizabeth?], daughter of Evan M Garriott. It is said he probably gave her this farm as he gave all his children a farm.35

     PUBLIC SERVICE: Evan Garriott was elected judge in Trimble Co, KY in 1854 and elected to the Kentucky State Legislature in 1861.36

     1898 BIOGRAPHY: "Evan M Garriott was born near Sulphur, in Trimble County, Kentucky, on 14 March 1816, the fourth of eight children born to Loving and Margaret Wilhoit Garriott. Loving was born in Kentucky, a son of Ambrose Garriott, one of the first settlers of Kentucky. Margaret Wilhoit was the daughter of Jesse Wilhoit, a native of Virginia, a Revolutionary veteran,"1 and an early settler of Kentucky, and Mildred Stone. Evan M has followed agricultural pursuits all his life, and owned upward of 400 acres of land. About 1840 he engaged in the merchantile business and which he continued until 1863." 35
     "About 1854 he was elected judge of (the) Trimble County Court. He was then elected State senator from Trimble, Carroll, and Owen Counties, and held the office for four years. He was a captain on steamboats on the Ohio River before and since the (Civil) War." 35

     1900 WILL: [Trimble Co, KY Will Bk 2/213, dated 18 Dec 1900] 37
     I, EM Garriott of Trimble County, Kentucky, being of Sound mind and disposing memory, and desiring to dispose of my property among my children, in a just and equitable manner, do make and publish this as my last will and testament revoking and annulling all other will or wills, that I may have heretofore made.
    1st: I first desire that my just debts and funeral expenses be paid;
    2nd: I will and devise all the property of whatsoever kind I may own at my death to my four children by my last wife, Cinderella Garriott, Nanny, Carrie Evan, wife of Bradley Wise, Clara, wife of Charles Ralston, Hulda, wife of Columbus Garriott and Andrew Jackson Garriott, share and share alike; (he wrote four children but listed five)
    3rd: The _____ of my ___ ___ ___ go to my three daughters viz: Carrie, Clara and Hulda, shall be for their separate use and benefit, free from the debts of their present husbands or any husband they may hereafter marry, nor shall any part of this respective ___ , either personal, real or ___ be sold or bound or the proceeds be used or applied to the payment of any debts of their respective husband;
     4th: The statute laws of Kentucky, having wisely and equitably provided for ___ women, I make no provisions for my beloved wife Cinderella, desiring that she take ___ the statute with all rights guaranteed, and with the limitations this said statute provided;
     5th: Having made advancements to my children by my first wife Nancy, --Fannie Secorely (?) Two Thousand ($2,000) Dollars, --ME (Margaret Elizabeth) Abbott Twenty Five Hundred ($2,500) Dollars, --Thomas E Garriott Thirty Two Hundred ($3,200) Dollars, --JC (John Carroll) Garriott Twenty Six Hundred ($2,600) Dollars, --Joseph Garriott Twenty Two Hundred Dollars, --Loving G (William L?) Garriott (now deceased) Three Thousand ($3,000) Dollars and --Nannie Totten (now deceased) two thousand ($2,000) Dollars,      .....which several sums I desire that they shall be respectively charged and the remainder of my estate being wholey ___ to make my four children, Carrie, Clara, Hulda and Andrew Jackson equal to those to whom advancements have been made and being unable to make those to whom advanced to equal to the advancement to Thomas E Garriott and ___ justice to the four deviceas [?] herein named, I ___ to ___ the said Thomas E Garriott, JC Garriott, Joseph Garriott, Fannie ___ ME Abbott......;
     6th: Being endebted to ___ ___ Adams of Bedford Ky, in the sum of fifteen hundred Dollars secured by a mortgage on the farm on which I now reside on the Ohio River which I desire .....-- and if one pays none [?] than the other the one is paying shall have ..... lien on she'd mortgaged ___ to secure the excess they or she or he may so pay;
     7th: I hereby name and appoint Claude B Terrell my sole executor of this my last will and testament and empower him to rent or sell my home farm to pay any debts, I may owe if it be necessary and to sell all my personal estate not set aside to my wife Cinderella and after passing...... will the proceeds of property if any left.....    and he is authorized to divide the ___ ___ allowing the devices herein designated to Nanny, Carrie, Clara, Hulda and Andrew Jackson. He may sell any part of the home place at private or public sale if necessary to pay debts and convey same to have the ___ ___ ___ .
     8th: I desire that my executor shall offer first giving to my wife Cinderella all the time she is entitled to under the statute if practicable to secure an extension of time on all the debts that I may owe at the time of my death using his discretion therefore and he shall if he can practicably do so keep all my property and real estate together and ___ __ secure an extension of time of my creditors on my debts, ...... then I desire that he shall take an inventory of my property and shall then give to my son-in-law, Bradley Wise and my son Andrew Jackson Garriott control of my real estate for a period of three (3) years and give them a chance to discharge the debts against my estate by charging them one half of all they may make off of the real estate and property and he shall apply the proceeds thereof towards paying off the indebtedness-- but as soon as the indebtedness is paid off then he will divide the entire estate among the ___ herein.
     But should Bradley and Andrew fail to do anything towards paying off the debts then he should proceed to settle up my estate and divide the remainder among my four children as above directed.
     In witness whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name this 18th of Dec 1900. (signed) EM Garriott

     1903 CODICIL NO. 1: [Trimble Co, KY Will Bk 2/216, dated 5 Nov 1903]37
     I, EM Garriott hereby add the following codicile to my last will and testament. The appointment of CB Terrell of my said will was made because I recognized him as one learned in the law and in every way qualified to settle up my estate.     
     When my said will was made I was in debt to such an extent that it would have required an experienced man to have settled my estate but since the signing of said will I have been enabled to pay many of my debts [lent] to someone to a great exten___ the encumbrance against my estate and desiring the settlement of said estate to be made by one in my own family,
     I hereby revoke sections 7 and 8 of said will appointing said CB Terrell as my executor and naming his powers and appoint and nominate Bradley Wise as executor of my said office and desire that the court permit him to qualify as such with out Bond or Surety, and he is to have only such authority and powers in the settlement of my estate as is now allowed executor under the law. That portion of my will empowering my executor to rent ___ being hereby revoked, in other words this codicil and sections 1-2, 3-4-5 & 6 of my last will constitutes my last will and testament.
     Witness my hand this 5th day of November 1903. (signed) EM Garriott

     1906 WILL PROBATED: [Trimble Co, KY Court, 27 Sep 1906] I, WC Morgan clerk of the Trimble County Court certify that at the Regular August term, 1906, of said court, a Writing purporting to be the last will and testament and codicil ___ of EM Garriott, deceased, was produced in open court and proven by the ___ of DL Bell one of subscribing witness thereof who has testified to the hand writing of WW Logan, the other subscribing witness to said will, and by the oath of WC Morgan and DL Bell the subscribing witnesses to Codicil No. 1 of said will to be the last will and testament and codicil thereto of EM Garriott, deceased, whereupon the same was ordered to ___ ___ ___ for exceptions, at the Regular September term 1906, of said court. No exceptions having been filed the same was probated and ordered to be recorded as the last will and testament of said EM Garriott, deceased, which is now done accordingly.
     Witness my hand this 27th day of Sept, 1906. (signed) WC Morgan, clerk, 13, HC Black Des...[?]

     1897 OBITUARY: Capt Love Garriott, so well known as an Ex-Confederate, died at the home of his father, Evan Garriott, on the Ohio River, Tuesday afternoon. Capt Garriott was for a time Captain of the Buckner Guards. He was afterwards with Col George Jessee, and later joined the Kentucky Cavalry. At Frankfort, KY he received a wound which affected his spine, and from his waist down he was paralyzed. He had been a cripple since the war.

[Journal Courier, Louisville, KY, 9 Aug 1897, from Bedford Banner, courtesy of Paul Garriott III]