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06-Joseph Andrew Garriott
Birth: 5 Dec 1844, Houston's Landing, Trimble Co, KY 35
Home: Trimble Co, KY
Death: 12 Jun 1931, near Wirt, Jefferson Co, IN- age 86
Burial: Macedonia Church Cemetery
Occupation: Farmer
Military: Confederate Army, Civil War: 4th Sargeant, Company G, 9th Regiment KY Cavalry 15
Father: Evan Madison Garriott
     According to Ruth Thayer Ravenscroft, Joseph was a judge in Kentucky. The information on Allie is from her granddaughter's application to the DAR.

Marriage: 20 Feb 1866, Trimble Co, KY @ Totten's, Marriage Bk/176
1st Spouse: Mollie J TOTTEN​ (or Mary)
Birth: 23 Feb 1847, Wise's Landing, Trimble Co, KY 35
Death: 9 Aug 1883, Wise's Landing, Trimble Co, KY- age 36
Burial: Macedonia Church Cemetery
Father: John Totten Dr (1821-1898)
Mother: Sofia Mildred Black (1822-1882)

     1ST MARRIAGE: Joseph and Mollie had six children:
07----JOHN THOMAS GARRIOTT [b. 1868, listed below];
07----MILDRED ELIZABETH "Millie" GARRIOTT [b. 1870, listed below];
07----BERTHA "Bertie" LINDEN GARRIOTT [b. 1871, listed below];
-WILLIAM LOVE "Will" GARRIOTT [b. 1872, listed below];
07----HALLIE? GARRIOTT [b. 4 Dec 1878, Trimble Co, KY]; and
07----ALMA "Allie" TOTTEN GARRIOTT [b. 1882, listed below].

Marriage: 5 Dec 1886, Trimble Co, KY 38
2nd Spouse: Elizabeth Jane "Lizzie" SMITH Settle
Birth: 7 Jul 1840, Jefferson Co, IN
Death: 7 Jun 1923, Trimble Co, KY- age 82
Burial: Bedford Cemetery 
Father: Wm M Smith

     MILITARY: 37 Joseph enlisted as a private in Co. G, 9th Regt Kentucky Cavalry on 10 Sep 1862 for three years at Lexington, KY, by Captain Smith.  Breckinridge's Battalion Kentucky Cavalry and Stoner's Battalion Kentucky Cavalry were consolidated in December, 1862, and formed the 4th Regiment Kentucky Mounted Rifles which subsequently became the 9th Regiment Kentucky Cavalry.
     Joseph was reported "Absent without leave" in Sep and Oct of 1863 and appeared on roll of deserters from the Rebel Army on 18 Mar 1864, reported at Louisville, KY. He was discharged from the Confederate Army by General Breckinridge on 18 Mar 1864, citing "Louisville Amnesty Oath." The endorsement shows "Roll of 107 Rebel Deserters released from the Military Prison at Louisville, KY, during the month of March, 1864."
     Joseph had been captured in Trimble Co, KY, and incarcerated at a military prison in Louisville, KY, where he signed an "Oath of Allegiance" to the United States, subscribed and sworn to at Louisville, KY, on 20 Mar 1864. His place of residence was Trimble Co, KY. He was described as of fair complexion, light hair, grey eyes, and 5'-7" tall.

     1883 OBITUARY: Garriott -- Wednesday, August 8th, 1883, at 10 o'clock PM of consumption, Mary E, wife of Jos E Garriott and eldest daughter of Dr John Totten. She leaves a husband and five children and many relatives and friends to mourn her early death.
[Madison Courier, 9 August 1883]

     1931 OBITUARY: Joseph A Garriott, 87, near Wirt, [Jefferson Co] IN, buried Macedonia Cemetery, a native of Trimble Co, survived by two children, Mrs Lee Abbott and Will Garriott. [A Lee Abbott 58, died 12 Apr 1939, Campbell Co, KY: Vol.19/9241, a resident of Newport, Campbell Co, KY]

[Trimble Democrat]

     1931 PROBATE: [Trimble Co, KY-- Court Order Book 11, dated 27 Jun 1931]
     Court convened at the Court House, Bedford, KY, Hon Judge WC Morgan, presiding-- 27 Jun 1931:
   JA Garriott, deceased, Administrator appointed. On motion of WL Garriott it is ordered that he be and he is hereby appointed Administrator of the estate of JA Garriott ..... bond of $5,000 was approved by the court....
     JA Garriott, deceased, Appraisers appointed. On motion of WL Garriott, Administrator ..., it is ordered that JW Davis, CG Carson and Frank Morgan, any two of whom.... are hereby appointed appraisers.....
     Trimble County Court... orders-- 18 Oct 1932: Court ordered that a Liberty Bond, No. 131876 in the amount of $100, be cashed in to settle estate.
     Trimble County Court... orders--Settlement confirmed, and now ordered to be recorded.
     Trimble County Court, Hon. Judge WO Baxter presiding-- 8 Feb 1935:
    WL Garriott, Administrator of the estate of JA Garriott, deceased, having made his settlement of said personal estate on the 24th day of July, 1933, and the children of
--HF Andrew and Mamie Andrew, deceased,
     .....being heirs of the said JA Garriott were entitled to one twentieth each of a share of said estate, said share being $282.81 and the said WL Garriott having paid each of the heirs their proportionate part except .....
--Russell Andrew,
--Warren Andrew,
--LaVerne Andrew,
--Elsworth Andrew,
--Wynona Andrew, and
--Lillian Andrew
     .....whose part together amount to $84.87 and it appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that H F Andrew has qualified and made bond as guardian of [same minors], it is therefore ordered that WL Garriott pay to HF Andrew the sum of $84.87 for said wards and that he the said WL Garriott be dismissed as Administrator of JA Garriott, deceased, and relieved of any further obligations to said wards.
     Received of WL Garriott, Administrator of JA Garriott, deceased, the sum of $84.87, that being the interest of the above named wards in the estate of JA Garriott, deceased......... [signed] HF Andrew, guardian.

     1870 Bedford, Trimble Co, KY census: 
has (all b. KY) Joseph Garriott 25, Farmer w/ $3,000 RE; Mollie Garriott 23, Housekeeping; John Garriott 2; and Mollie E Garriott 4/12 [born Jan].
     1880 Bedford, Trimble Co, KY census:
 has Joseph A Garrett 35, Farming; Mollie Garriott 33, Keeping House; John T Garrett 12; Millie E Garrett 10; Bertie S Garrett 9; and William Garrett 8.
     1900 Bedford, Trimble Co, KY census: 
has (all but Elisabeth b. KY) Joseph A Garriott 55, Farmer; Elisabeth J Garriott 59 (no children); Allie T Swisher 18 (1 child-1 living); Arthur H Swisher 19, Farmer (Son-in-Law); and Raymond I Swisher 7/12 (Grandson).
     1910 Bedford, Trimble Co, KY census:
 has Joe A Garriott 65, b. KY, Farmer-General Farm; Elizabeth Garriott 69, b. IN; and Ray Swisher 10, b. KY (Grandson). This was the 2nd marriage for both.
     1920 Barebone, Trimble Co, KY census:
 has Joseph A Garriott 75, b. KY; and Elizabeth J Garriott 79, b. IN.
     1930 Bedford, Trimble Co, KY census:
 has (all b. KY) Birdie Yeager 58 w/ $6,000 RE (Widow); Ivin Abbott 53, Farmer-Gen Farm (Brother); Joseph Garriott 85 (Uncle/Widow); Clifford Stone 25, Farmer-Gen Farm (Lodger); and Walter Jackson 15, Laborer-Farm (Lodger).