​​​​​​​​Garriott Family Genealogy

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05-Zacharias S Garriott
Birth: 1829, Wash Co, IN
Home: Wash Co, IN
Death: after 1860- age 30
Burial: [a ZS Garriott was buried in Crown Hill Cemetery-- no dates]
Occupation: Engineer
Father: Simeon F Garriott

Marriage: 18 Jun 1855, Wash Co, IN: Bk F/364
Spouse: Caroline J MALOTT
Birth: about 1833, IN
Mother: Melinda P ___ (1795-)

     CHILDREN: Zacharias and Caroline had three daughters:
06----ELLA GARRIOTT [b. about 1856, Wash Co, IN];
06----KATE GARRIOTT [b. about 1858, IN]; and
06----SEMMIE GARRIOTT [b. about 1860, IN].

     1850 Salem, Wash Co, IN census: has (all but Malinda b. IN) Malinda P Malott 55, b. KY w/ $3,600 RE; Eli Malott 17, Merchant w/ $1,100 RE; Gabarella e M Malott 15; and Caroline J Malott 19.
     1860 Salem, Wash Co, IN census: has ( all b. IN) ZS Garriott 29, Writing at Laws w/ $2,000 RE; Caroline J Garriott 27; Ella Garriott 4; Kate Garriott 2; and Semmie Garriott 2/12 (Female).

     1852 NEGRO REGISTER: In 1852 the Indiana State Legislature enacted a law to enforce the 13th article of the State Constitution, which stated that, "It shall not be lawful for any negro or mulatto to come into, settle in, or become an inhabitant of the State." Any negro or mulatto already living in the state was required to register and prove they had lived in the state prior to 1 Nov 1851. Each county was charged with registering all such persons with penalties for them and anyone who assisted them. Prior contracts with negros or mulattos were declared null and void. This edict remained in effect until the Civil War ended, by which time this law was in conflict with the United States Constitution. A legislative act repealing this law was approved in 1867.48

     1855 COMMISSIONER: Zacharias Garriott was County School Commissioner in 1854 and 1856. He was editor of the "Washington Democrat" newspaper from 1855 to 1859; and proprietor from Jan 1858 to August 1859. 7

     1859 CONTRACTOR: In 1859, the Washington County Commissioners required fireproofing of the second floor of the county building. ZS Garriott was contractor for this work and was paid the sum of $1,176.94.42

     1860 WITNESS: Zacharias S Garriott, Engineer, witnessed, on 25 May 1860, for one Harvey Weaver, stating that Weaver was born and lived in Washington County, Indiana. Weaver was described as "A 20-year-old, light complected [?] negro man, five feet eight inches in height, of somewhat slender build, kinky hair- but inclining to strait [?], [with] two small scars on the back of the left hand, one near the thumb & one near the wrist." 48

     BIOGRAPHY STATEMENT: "Garriott was a young man of very promising talent, a talent, which, unimpaired, would have rendered him, had he lived, one of the powerful men of the state" 42 No date or cause of death has been determined for this man.

     2ND MARRIAGE? A Zachariah Garrott (sic) married Elizabeth BANKS on 14 Dec 1856, Jackson Co, IN: Bk D-C/53.