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06-Delwin Ray Garriott
Birth: 26 Feb 1882, IN
Home: Strathmore, Alberta, CAN
Death: 1974- age 92
Occupation: Farmer
Military: Registered for US WW1 Draft as resident of Canada
Father: Francis Marion "Frank" Garriott

Marriage: 20 Jun 1907, Wash Co, IN: Bk M/524
Spouse: Hattie FLEENOR
Birth: about 1884
Father: Leander Green Fleenor (1850-)
Mother: Amada "Mandy" Trueblood (1851-)

     CHILDREN: Delwin and Hattie had two children:
07----PAULINE EDNA GARRIOTT [b. 27 Aug 1915; d. 6 Jan 1996, age 80], m. George SLOBODZIAN  [b. 16 Dec 1910] on 4 Jan 1935, had five daughters:
     08----NORMA J SLOBODZIAN [b. 4 Aug 1935];
     08----IRIS MARGARET SLOBODZIAN [b. 28 Oct 1938];
     08----LOUISE ELLEN SLOBODZIAN [b. 1942]; 
     08----GEORGINA ETHYL SLOBODZIAN [b. 1947]; and
     08----CAROLE EDNA [b. 1951];
07----CLIFFORD M "BUSTER" GARRIOTT [b. 11 Jan 1922], lived in Crowfoot Community, m. Alexandra Elizabeth "Allie" FRASER [b. 12 Feb 1926] on 3 Dec 1946, had four children.

     1900 Gibson, Wash Co, IN census: has Leander G Fleenor 50, Amanda Fleenor 51; Carry B Hattbough 21; Hattie M Fleenor 16; Osa H Fleenor 14; and Raymond Hattabough 3.

     1909 MOVE TO CANADA: Delwin and his brother, Simeon Francis, went to Canada in 1909 and each purchased a section of land in the wheat belt of Alberta. Thomas Franklin Hull 39 claims that Delwin was an adopted son of Francis and Mary Emile Taylor Garriott.

     BIOGRAPHY: The following article is by CM Garriott:
     It was in 1909 that Delwin Garriott decided to come to Canada to look at land the CPR was advertising. His brother Sim had already been up to buy land and encouraged Delwin to come up and have a look. As the farm in Indiana was to go to another brother, Delwin and Hattie, his bride of two years, decided to leave their home and try Canada. In the spring of 1910 they loaded onto a train all their belongings which included a tractor, four-bottom plow, machinery, livestock, household effects, and even a dog called Toby. They lived in one of the boxcars, arriving finally in Strathmore.
     Sim Garriott had built a house and barn in 1909 when he was up to buy land, so they all lived together until Delwin could get a shack of his own built.
     Times were very hard. Delwin often remarked that they did not know what they would have done if they had not been able to go near Standard and dig their own coal, as there were no trees to cut for wood. Delwin and Sim broke many acres of land with the IHC tractor and John Deere plow that they brought from the States, and it was not long before they owned a fair chunk of land.
     1917 saw a new house, barn and out buildings complete with water and electricity. The community grew and prospered, the Crowfoot School being the main gathering place for church, school and social activities. Times were good, even the depression was not as bad for them as it was for some people. Hattie always had a big garden, raised chickens, and milked four or five cows, so there was always plenty of fresh produce on hand.
     Delwin and Hattie raised two children, Pauline and Clifford. Pauline married George Slobodzin and had five children. She is now living at Lagdon. Clifford married Allie Fraser of Port Alberni, BC and they have four children.
     Hattie passed away of a heart attack in July, 1943.
     In 1945 Delwin bought the Henderson farm near Langdon. He rented the home farm to Clifford and Allie.
     Delwin passed away in 1974 at the age of ninety-two.

[This biography is from "The Ancestry and Descendants of Francis Marion Garriott and Mary Emily Taylor," compiled by Gregory L Robbins, July 1977]