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06-John Freeman Garriott
Birth: 10 May 1838, Clark Co, IN
Death: 23 Mar 1906, Union Twp, Jasper Co, IN: Bk H-9/73- age 67
Home: Moved to Jasper Co, IN in 1888
Burial: Weston Cemetery: Bk 3/69
Occupation: Farmer
Father: James Madison Garriott
[photo courtesy of Douglas Dale Sr Garriott]

Marriage: 6 Oct 1859, Jackson Co, IN: Bk D/273
1st Spouse: Elizabeth Jane HAMACHER
Birth: 3 May 1841, Scott Co, Indiana
Death: 24 Aug 1883, Crothersville, Jackson Co, IN- age 42
Burial: Uniontown Baptist Cemetery
Father: John Riley Hamacher (1814-1874)
Mother: Nancy Noakes (1818-1900)

     1ST MARRIAGE: John Freeman and Elizabeth had the following children according to Jasper County cemetery records:
07----OLIVER MILTON GARRIOTT [b. 1861, Retreat, Jackson Co, IN; bur. 14 Dec 1933- age 71, Weston Cemetery: Bk 3/69], 2nd m. Lola COCHRAN [b. 1867, Austin, Scott Co, IN] (also a Widow) on 2 Sep 1916, Missoula Co, MT, lived in Lone Pine, MT, had daughter:
     08----PEARL GARRIOTT;
07----EMERY ELMER GARRIOTT [b. 1863, listed below];
07----CHARLES ULYSSES GARRIOTT [b. 15 Mar 1865, Jackson Co, IN; d. 13 May 1923, Jasper Co, IN: Bk D-10/212- age 58, bur. Weston Cemetery: Bk 3/69]. "Crippled Charley" had curvature of the spine, but was Parr Postmaster for eight years, arriving in Jasper Co, IN when he was 21. Jasper Co, IN cemetery records for Charles V Garriott indicate siblings: Emory, OM (Oliver Milton), DH (David H), AO (Alvin Orville), Dr JP (John Preston), Mrs MO Gant (Lillie Ann), and Mrs JL Dansford (Minnie "Binella");
07----LILLIE ANN GARRIOTT [b. 1867, IN; d. 1943- age 76, bur. Weston Cemetery], m. Marion O GANT [b. 16 Jun 1865, Jasper Co, IN: Bk 3/216; d. 1941-age 46, bur. Weston Cemetery] on 16 Jun1895, Jasper Co, IN, lived in Attica, Fountain Co, IN, had 3 children:
     08----BINELLA MARIE GANT [b. 1899];
     08----ESTHER E GANT [b. 1904];
     28----JOHN H GANT [b. 1907];
07----DAVID H GARRIOTT [b. 1869, IN; d. 26 Dec 1935, Jefferson Co, IN- age 66], lived in Wyoming and in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co, OH;
07----MINNIE "Binella" GARRIOTT [b. 1871, listed below];
07----MARTHA E GARRIOTT [b. 28 Oct 1873; d. 25 Oct 1875- age 2, bur. Uniontown Baptist Cemetery];
07----Infant GARRIOTT [b. 25 Jan 1874; d. 5 Mar 1874- age 2 mo, bur. Uniontown Baptist Cemetery];
07----Infant GARRIOTT [b. & d. 1875, bur. Uniontown Baptist Cemetery];
07----ALVIN ORVILLE GARRIOTT [b. 1876, listed below];
07----JOHN PRESTON "PRESS" GARRIOTT [b. 31 Mar 1881, Crothersville, Jackson Co, IN; d. 15 Jan 1936- age 54, East Troy, Walworth Co, WI- age 54, bur. Oak Ridge Cemetery], Dentist in Dental Corps, WW1, m. Edna PRUSSING [b. 20 Mar 1889, IL; d. 27 Dec 1916, Chicago, Cook Co, IL- age 27, bur. Tomonauk?], Chicago, Cook Co, IL, daughter of William Ferdinand Prussing (1853-1931 and Amelia Schafmann (1856-1924);
     John 2nd m. Nellie Zae GOODENOW [b. about 1885, IL] on 9 Sep 1909, Chicago, Cook Co, IL [Film 1030464];
     John 3rd married Edith Onita "Edie" SPARR [b. about 1889, WI, bur. Oak Ridge Cemetery], daughter of William Sparr (1867-) and Emma ___ (1866), had one son:
     08----JOHN PRESTON JR "BUD" GARRIOTT [b. 25 May 1920, Cook Co, IL; d. 8 Aug 1973- age

53, bur. Oak Ridge Cemetery], was Colonel, US Marine Corps, WW2-- Aviator, lived in Chicago,

Cook Co, IL, m. Mae M FROBASA on 15 Jan 1945, Coo Co, IL [File 1840182]; and
[photo of John Preston Garriott Jr courtesy of Paul Garriott III]

Marriage: 16 Oct 1884 Brownstown, Jackson Co, IN: Bk I/191
2nd Spouse: Sarah Margaret "Sallie" HAMACHER
Birth: 3 Jul 1846, Lexington, Scott Co, IN
Death: 6 Jan 1925, Cleveland Heights, Cuyahoga Co, OH, 8108/871- age 78
Buried: 8 Jan 1925, Weston Cemetery: Bk 3/69
Father: John Riley Hamacher [1814-1874]
Mother: Nancy Noakes [1818-1900].

     Her 1st Marriage: Sarah Margaret Hamacher 1st married David Mitchell HUDSON

[b. 23 Jan 1837, Jennings Co, OH; d. 28 Aug 1864, Chattanooga, TN -age 32, bur. Chattanooga

National Military Cemetery, serving in the Civil War], a teacher, farmer, and tanner, the son of

William Hudson and Elizabeth Davies, on 17 Feb 1862, IN. FHL # 001314625/457. They had two sons and she and John Freeman had a son:
07----WILEY VICTOR HUDSON [b. 7 Dec 1862, Jennings Co, OH; d. 29 Nov 1900- age 38], m. Mary Esta STEWART [b. 15 Aug 1863; d. 24 Feb 1933- age 69];
07----DAVID EDWIN HUDSON [b. 9 Jul 1864, Jennings Co, IN; d. 2 Nov 1950- age 86], m. 1st Martha Ann JONES [b. 13 Dec 1865, Jackson Co, IN; d. 25 Feb 1933, Marion Co, IN- age 67] on 26 Apr 1885, Jackson Co, IN, had three sons:
     08----RALPH TILFORD HUDSON [b. 3 Nov 1887];
     08----RAY NEWTON HUDSON [b. 22 May 1890];
     08----ROY DAVID HUDSON [b. 17 Apr 1893, Jasper Co, IN; d. 9 Jan 1982, Daytona Beach, FL- age 88], m. Florence BROWN [b. 13 Aug 1892; d. 21 Jul 1979], had two children:
          09----MARGARET "MIKKI" HUDSON [b. 16 Nov 1918; d. 18 May 1988- age 69];
          09----___ HUDSON.
     David Edwin Hudson 2nd married Rose Etta SMITH [b. 14 May 1884] on 14 Feb 1934.

     1870 Jackson Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) John Garriott 30, Farmer w/ $3000 RE; Elizabeth Garriott 28; Oliver Garriott 9; Emry Garriott 7; Charles Garriott 5; Lilly Ann Garriott 3; David Garriott 1; and Caroline Deal 15, Domestic Servant.
     On the previous census page has Sarah M Hudson 33, b. VA, a Widow, Keeping House; Willie B Hudson 7, b. IN; David E Hudson 15, b. IN; and Elizabeth Hudson 61, b. KY (Mother).
     1880 Jackson Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) John F Garriott 42, Farmer; Elizabeth J Garriott 39, Keeping Home; Oliver M Garriott 19, Working on Farm; Emery E Garriott 17; Charles W Garriott 15; Lillie A Garriott 13; David H Garriott 11; Bennellie Garriott 8; and Alvin O Garriott 3. 

     1880 Vernon Twp, Jackson Co, IN census: has (all but Nancy b. IN) Sarah M. Hudson 33, Keeping House (Widow); Willie B. Hudson 17; David E. Hudson 15; and Nancy Hamacher 61, b. KY (Mother, Widow).​
     1900 Jasper Co, IN census: has John F Garriot 61, b. IN, Merchant-Gen; Sarah Garriot 53, b. IN (2 children-2 living); Charles U Garriot 34, b. IN; David H Garriot 30, b. IN, Day Laborer; Orville Garriot 23, b. IN (Widow), Peddler; and Nancy Hammacher 81, b. KY (Mother-in-Law) (Widow).
     1910 Union Twp, Jasper Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) Marion Gant 46, Keeper-General Store; Lillie Gant 42 (3 children-3 living); Marie Gant 11; Esther Gant 7; and John Gant 4.
     Next door on this census page is Sandusky Porter 28; and Etta Porter 25.
     1920 Union Twp, Jasper Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) Charles A Garriott 53 (Boarder); in the household of William H Meyers 43, Hackdriver-School; Etta Meyers 26; and their 3 children.
     1920 Chicago Ward 5, Cook Co, IL census: has John P Garriott 37, b. IN, Dentist-Own Shop; Edith Garriott 22, b. WI.
     1920 Washington Twp, Marion Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) David E Hudson 55, Operator-Railroad; Martha Hudson 54; and Sarah Garriott 73 (Mother).
     1930 Attica, Fountain Co, IN census: has O Marion Gant 66, Merchant-Grocer w/ $3,500 RE; A Lilly Gant 63; and Oliver Garriott 69 (Widow, Brother-in-Law).
     1930 Chicago, Cook Co, IL census: has John P Garriott 45, b. IN, Dentist-Dentist Office; Edith Garriott 35, b. WI, Teacher-School; and John Jr Garriott 10, b. IL.
     1940 Kendallville City Ward 2, Noble Co, IN census: has (all b. IN) James Williams 45, Service Co-Refrigerator Co; Marie Williams 41; Suzanna Williams 7; Susan Williams 64 (Mother); Marion Gant 76 (Father-in-Law); and Lillie A Gant 73 (Mother-in-Law).
     1940 Chicago, Cook Co, IL census: has Edith Garriott 42, b. WI, Teacher-High School (Widow); and John Garriott 19, b. IL, New Worker.

     1888 MOVE TO JASPER CO, IN: John and Sarah moved to Jasper Co, IN in 1888, four years after their marriage in Jackson Co, IN. They lived on a farm, later moving to Parr.

     1925 BIOGRAPHY: Sarah (Margaret HAMACHER Hudson) was the daughter of John Riley Hamacher & Nancy Noakes. She married first David Mitchell Hudson who was a teacher, farmer and tanner by whom she had two sons, Wiley Victor and David Edwin Hudson. Mr Mitchell died 28 Aug 1864 in Chattanooga, TN while serving in the Civil War. He is buried there in the National Military Cemetery. Her second husband was John F Garriott, the surviving spouse of her sister Elizabeth.