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05-Reuben Marion Garriott (Garrett)
Birth: 1804, Rockingham Co, VA
Home: to Fayette Co in 1815/1822; to Hancock Co in 1836
Death: 1867, Monroe Co, Iowa- age 63
Burial: Oakview Cemetery
Occupation: Minister, Church of Christ
Father: Samuel H Garrett

Marriage: 12 Dec 1822, Fayette Co, IN: Bk A/2
Spouse: Sarah J DARTER
Birth: 1801, Lee Co, Virginia
Death: 1875, Albia, Monroe Co, IA- age 74
Burial: Oakview Cemetery
Father: John Darter (1777-1844)
Mother: Mary Pridemore (1780-1844)

     CHILDREN: Reuben and Sarah had the following children:
06----WILLIAM 'WILL" SR LAIR GARRIOTT [b. 1823, listed below];
06----SARAH J GARRIOTT [b. Aug 1828, d. 1 Sep 1845- age 17, bur. Hays Cemetery];
06----NANCY HANNAH GARRIOTT [b. 15 Dec 1830, Hancock Co, IN; d. 31 Jul 1906, Monroe Co IA- age 75, bur. Oakview Cemetery], m. 
Samuel David IRELAND [b. 23 Apr 1828, KY; d. 26 Jul 1910, Albia, Monroe Co, IA- age 82, bur. Oakview Cemetery] in 1852, IN, had 7 children (4 listed): [from census]
     07----EMMA G IRELAND [b. about 1859, IA];
     07----SARAH E IRELAND [b. about 1861, IA];​
     07----ALVIN G IRELAND [b. 15 Mar 1868, Albia, Monroe Co, IA; d. 14 Sep 1959- age 91, bur. Mount Emblem Cemetery], Liveryman, SSN: 340-14-9707/IL, m.
Minnie B TAYLOR [b. Apr 1870, IA; d. 1961- age 90, bur. Mount Emblem Cemetery], daughter of Henry M Taylor, on 15 Jun 1892, Monroe Co, IA, had son:
          08----MERIDITH TAYLOR IRELAND [b. 15 Nov 1895, Chicago, Cook Co, IL; d. Oct 1963- age 67, bur. Mount Emblem Cemetery], SSN: 326-07-9485/IL, m.
Meriam GIESE [b. about 1900, IL], had daughter:
               09----MARILYN JEAN IRELAND [b. 11 Feb 1927, Geneva, Kane Co, IL; d. Dec 1995- age 68, bur. Friends Cemetery], SSN: 349-20-4183/IL, m. 
     07----MAUDE IRELAND [b. Jan 1874, IA];
06----RUHANNA GARRIOTT [b. about 1834, IN];
06----OLIVER J GARRIOTT [b. about 1835, Fayette Co, IN; d. 1871, Albia, Monroe Co, IA- age 36, bur. Oakview Cemetery], m.
Julia Ann RADER Shepard [b. 1838, OH; d. Jan 1898- age 60, bur. Oakview Cemetery], daughter of Philip Rader (1782-1853) and Catherine Sheets (1794-1852), had son:
     07----JOHN H GARRIOTT [b. about 1861, IA]; and
     07----OSCAR J GARRIOTT [b. 12 Oct 1859, Albia, IA; d. 4 Aug 1931, Battle Creek, Calhoun, Co, MI- age 71, bur. Memorial Park Cemetery], Timekeeper at Foundry, m.
Jennie L HULL [b. Apr 1865; d. 1945- age 90, bur. Memorial Park Cemetery], had three children:
          08----LOLA EMMA GARRIOTT [b. 13 Oct 1894, Ottumwa, Wapella Co, IA; d. 1970- age 76, bur. Memorial Park Cemetery], m.
Milford E PRATT [b. 22 Jan 1896, MI; d. 6 Nov 1966- age 70, bur. Memorial Park Cemetery], Pvt, US Marine Corps, WW1, had two children:
               09----ROBERT PRATT [b. about 1923, MI]; and
               09----VIRGINIA PRATT [b. about 1929, MI];
          08----JULIAN MANCHESTER GARRIOTT [b. 23 Nov 1901, Ottumwa, Wapello Co, IA; d. 7 May 1939, Kendallville, Noble Co, IN- age 38, bur. Memorial Park Cemetery], Auto Dealer, m.
Hazel Irene SHIELDS [b. Arlington, SD], daughter of Grant Shields and Alice Gager, on 15 Oct 1927, Battle Creek, Calhoun Co, MI, had 3 children:

               09----JAMES ALAN GARRIOTT [b. 20 Sep 1929; d. 24 Feb 1993- age 63, bur. Memorial Park Cemetery], SSN: 384-26-5563/MI, m. Joanne Elizabeth RICE on 17 Mar 1949, South Bend, IN; divorced 20 Jul 1951, 2nd m. Marion Charlene McCARTY [b. 25 May 1932, Lamb Co, TX], daughter of FT Davis and Altah Baker, on 31 Dec 1957, Lubbock Co, TX

               09----PATRICIA ANN GARRIOTT [b. 24 Jan 1931, Ft Wayne, Allen Co, IN];

               09----MARILYN ALLEN GARRIOTT [b. 15 May 1932, Ft Wayne, Allen Co, IN];
          08----LUCIA A GARRIOTT [b. about 1902, IA], m.
Willis A YUNT [b. about 1902, Batavia, MI], son of Frank Yunt and Carrie Sixberry, on 12 Oct 1927, Battle Creek, Calhoun Co, MI;
               09----RICHARD GARRIOTT YUNT [b. 22 Feb 1929, MI; d. 29 Dec 2012- age 83, bur. Memorial Park Cemetery]; and
               09----JANET LOU YUNT [b. about 1931, MI];
06----ELI VAN GARRIOTT [b. 1864, listed below].

     1830 Fayette Co, IN census: has Reuben Garrett (20-29); one male (5-9); therr females: one (< 5); one (15-19); and one (20-29).
     1850 Greensburg, Decatur Co, IN census: has Reuben Garrett 47, b. KY, Minister; Sarah Garrett 50, b. VA; Nancy H Garrett 19, b. IN; Ruhama Garrett 16, b. IN; and Oliver J Garrett 14, b. IN.
     1860 Albia, Monroe Co, IA census: has Oliver J Garritt 24, b. IN, Day Laborer; Julia Garriott 20, b. OH; and John H Garriott 8/12, b. IA.
     1870 Albia, Monroe Co, IA census: has Samuel D Ireland 42, b. KY, Liveryman; Nancy H Ireland 40, b. IN, Keeping House; Emma G Ireland 11, b. IA; Sarah E Ireland 9, b. IA; Alvin H Ireland 2, b. IA; and William G Curson 22, b. NC, Laborer.   
     1870 Albia, Monroe Co, IA census: has Oliver Garriott 34, b. IN, Bartender; and John Garriott 12, b. IA; in the household of John Hampson 25, b. PA, Saloon Keeper; and Kate Hampson 23, b. IN, Keeping House. No Julia.
     1880 Albia, Monroe Co, IA census: has SD Ireland 52, b. KY, Livery Man; NH Ireland 49, b. IN, Keeping House; Emma G Ireland 20, b. IA; SE Ireland 19, b. IA; Alvin G Ireland 12, b. IA; and Maude Ireland 6, b. IA.
     1900 Troy Twp, Monroe Co, IA census: has David Ireland 72, b. KY; Nancy H Ireland 69, b. IN (7 children-4 living); Ema G Ireland 40, b. IA; and Maud Ireland 26, b. IA.
     1900 Chicago Ward 32, Cook, IL census: has AG Ireland 32, b. IA, City RR Employee; Minnie B Ireland 30; and Meridith Ireland 4.
     1900 Center Twp, Wapella Co, IA census: has (all b. IA) Oscar J Garriott, 40, (b. Oct 1859), Clerk-Dist Court; Jennie Garriott, 35 (b. Apr 1865)(1 child-1 living); and Lola Garriott 5 (b. Oct 1894).
     1910 Chicago Ward 32, Cook, IL census: has Alvin C Ireland 64, b. IA, Supt-Stables; Minnie B Ireland 40, b. IA; and Bessie Kabben 14, b. IL.
     1910 Des Moines Ward 5, Polk Co, IA census: has Maude Ireland 36, b. IA, Teacher-Grade School (Boarder), in the household of Voltaire V and Chole A Twombley.
     1910 Ottumwa Ward 3, Wapella Co, IA census: has (all b. IA) Oscar J Garriott, 51, Livery-Business; Jennie Garriott, 45 (3 children-3 living); Lola Garriott 5; Julian M Garriott 8; and Lucia A Garriott 8. Eugene and Angeline Hill were also listed in this same household.

     1920 Chicago Ward 27, Cook, IL census: has Alvin G Ireland 51, b. IA, Manager-Paper Co; Minnie B Ireland 49, b. IA; and Meridith T Ireland 24, b. IL, Clerical Work-Con W Edison.
     1920 Battle Creek Ward 5, Calhoun Co, MI census: has (all b. IA) Oscar Garriott 60, Time Keeper-Store Company; Jennie Garriott 53; Lola Garriott 25, Stenographer-Store Company; Lucia Garriott 18; and Julian Garriott 18.
     1930 Batavia Twp, Kane Co, IL census: has (all b. IL) Merideth Ireland 34, Cost Man-Utilitity Co; Meriam Ireland 31, Marilyn J Ireland 3-2/12.
     1930 Des Moines, Polk Co, IA census: has Emma Ireland 70, b. IA; and Maude Ireland 56, b. IA, Teacher-Grade School.
     1930 Chicago, Cook Co, IL census: has Alvin C Ireland 62, b. IA, Salesman-Hotel Building; Minnie B Ireland 60, b. IA, Sales Lady-Real Estate; and Bessie Kabben 41, b. IL, Saleslady-Glass Dept, Dept Store.
     1930 Battle Creek City, Calhoun Co, MI census: has (both b. IA) Oscar Garriott 70, Time Keeper-Store Works; Jennie Garriott 64.
     1940 Batavia Twp, Kane Co, IL census: has (all b. IL) Merideth Ireland 44, Work Dispatcher-Utilities; Meriam Ireland 40, Marilyn Jean Ireland 13.
     1940 Chicago, Cook Co, IL census: has Alvin G Ireland 71, b. IA, Salesman-Hotel & Rooming House; and Minnie GT Ireland 69, b. IA, Sales Lady-Real Estate.
     1940 Battle Creek City, Calhoun Co, MI census: has (all but 3 b. MI) Jenny Garriott 77, b. IA; Lola E Pratt 45, b. IA (daughter); Lucia Yount 38, b. IA (daughter); Robert Pratt 13 (grandson); Virginia Pratt 11 (Granddaughter); Richard Yount 11 (Grandson); Janet Lou Yount 9 (Granddaughter); Milford Pratt 44 (Son-in-Law); and Willis Yount 37 (Son-in-Law).

     1940 Randalltown, Noble Co, IN census: has Hazel Garriott 38, b. SD, Bookkeeper- Auto Garage (Widow); James A Garriott 10, b. MI; Patricia A Garriott 9, b. IN; Marilyn A Garriott 7, b. MI; Alice Shields 61, b. MI (Mother).

     1906 OBITUARY: After many years an invalid release comes to death in another pioneer. After about ten years of physical suffering in which many times her life was dispaired of, Mrs SD Ireland succumbed and responded to the call "come up higher" last Tuesday evening, July 31, 1906, at 9:30 o'clock. She was surrounded by her family and friends who had been expecting the dread summons for several days, but who in the end, realized that they had only half anticipated the grief and pain it would cause in parting with a faithful wife and devoted mother.
     Mrs Ireland manifested undaunted courage and cheerfulness and lifted the weight of sorrow from her family many times by expressing hope of being ultimately cured. All that medical skill could devise was administered, and several years ago she was taken to a specialist in Chicago and since then has been in the hands of expert physicians and received the best of treatment and the tenderest care in the home. Gradually she lost her hold upon things of life and dwelled upon the prospects of a future home tilled the death angel sealed her lips and severed the spirit from its temperal house of clay and the struggle was at an end.
     While she is mourned only as a christian mother and companion of heart and purpose in life can be mourned, it is with an assurance that her crown will be brighter for having smoothed the troubled brow of many a sufferer on the earth and made the burden of life easier for many a traveler by her words of encouragement and example of christian fidelity. She was a devoted member of the Christian church here and had a............................ (incomplete)
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